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How do you know if it’s the right time to move jobs?

When’s the right time if you don’t have any time in the first place? You want a new job but you’re mega busy! There’s the day-to-day grind where you barely find a minute to yourself. Then there’s the kids and family; you need to sort

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Should I stop looking for a job during the Christmas period?

The Black Friday craziness has been and gone, Christmas is around the corner and I’m asked by lawyer candidates left, right and centre: should I stop looking for a job during the Christmas period or should I keep looking? Obviously, the Christmas period is a

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‘Moneyball’ and recruitment: the search for undervalued talent

A recent article in Quartz Online: ‘How to recruit for hard to fill positions’, proposed employers should ‘learn from Moneyball and search for undervalued talent’. Whilst the topic of the article is rather US-centric, and not specifically focused on the legal sector, it raises a

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Trust your instincts and question ulterior motives: thoughts on the ‘buyback’

A short while ago I assisted a global business seeking a junior lawyer to develop. The business is impressive, the legal team even more so; with a recruiting Head of Legal who has a genuine passion for facilitating employee development. The package on offer was

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How to pinpoint, attract and acquire the right leaders for your legal business

Following Lawshare’s annual conference on leadership*, I’m writing a series of blogs centred on this important topic; concerned with any law firm’s stability and growth. The relevance of leadership for UK law firms today You might be in a state of expansion at the moment,

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How to tackle the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ phase at your new job

I, like a lot of people who are ambitious and career driven, am a bit of a ‘perfectionist’. I used to avoid situations where I didn’t know what I was doing or things I wasn’t sure I’d be good at (avoiding ‘constructive criticism’ due to

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Searching for your dream legal job – something out of a musical?

One thing people find surprising about me is my love of musicals. I think the looks of confusion and surprise stem from my penchant for music that’s mostly made of up of power chords and distortion, and while it’s very true I’m quite stubborn when

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Five things to be wary of if you change your mind after accepting a job offer

The best way to describe the lead up to this predicament is the waiting for a bus analogy. You’re in a rush, you’re late for work (or to meet friends) and there are no buses to be seen – absolute nightmare! The next day, you’re

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Can a lawyer make a four-day working week work?

The age-old question, do part-time hours in the legal profession actually work? It’s quite the quandary as I hear you ask yourself: “Will I be fitting the same amount of work into a shorter amount of time whilst getting paid 20% less? … “Will I

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What should I do if my boss is leaving the law firm?

Specialising in the North West legal market, I see partners move all the time. Everybody knows everybody and a slight grievance at the partnership level can quickly result in a coffee catch-up with a competitor. Sometimes these coffee catch-ups arise incidentally; they’re arranged innocently (without

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Can the choice of words used in a job ad affect the prospective employer’s performance and profitability?

According to a recent BBC article, the answer is yes. Why? Because the way a job advert is written determines who applies. If a job advert excludes a certain demographic or deters lawyers of a certain age, gender, or level, then a pool of talent is potentially

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What’s your value – as a lawyer – in today’s market?

Most of the client presentations I’ve recently been to, emphasise how “tight” the current market is (when it comes to obtaining top talent).  Firms are increasingly clued up on the business cost of losing good people: the time it takes to refill the job, along

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