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April kicked off with…. April fools!

Should I apply for a new job?

There are various factors to take into account when deciding to apply for a new role but with the market being as competitive as it is, bear in mind, prospective employers are now more likely to be inclusive rather than exclusive when considering applications for

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Salah, De Bruyne and How Mourinho has Ruined My Life

I’m a lifelong Chelsea fan. I have to say lifelong, so I can underline that I am not some Johnny Come Lately glory hunter.  And we all know they all support City now, in any case. It’s been a hard and disappointing season for Chelsea,

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Why being honest about your notice period is important

Have you ever had a bad day at work and thought about walking out the door and never coming back? Or, you might have had a more considered approach and contacted a recruiter to help you with your job search. Whichever action you have decided

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One of the biggest barriers to finding a new job for some people is…

  I work across all levels of the market and with lawyers who work in a variety of environments.  Some of these environments are more flexible than others and never is this more evident than when it comes to arranging interviews. Having discussed your motivations,

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For recruitment to work, recruiting client and recruiter need to work in partnership.

BCL Legal has just been dis-instructed on a role. Why? Read on… After trying to recruit directly the organisation accepted our offer of assistance – on a ‘no placement, no fee’ basis. We got to work immediately with a time line that looked like this:

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Why interview prep can keep you ahead of the competition

Why should I speak to my recruiter?

Some people view the relationship between candidate and recruitment consultant as purely transactional – you tell us to send your CV, we help you get an interview and we tell you about any offers that you may get. You may find it frustrating when your

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Alternative careers for solicitors – do you need one?

Work-life balance is a phrase that is discussed so much in the legal industry it has almost become a cliché. Solicitors talk about it, stress its importance and sometimes joke about their failure to achieve it. Working in the law can take its toll, potentially

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What do I do if I can’t make an interview?

There are a number of reasons why you might have to cancel or reschedule an interview. We as recruiters understand this and so do our clients. The key is to communicate any delays or problems as soon as possible. This allows for two things, firstly

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Should I be looking for a new job?

You’ve spent a considerable amount of time with your current employer and are unsure as to whether now would be a good time for you to look for a new role. Which factors should you be re-assessing before making this decision? Imagine the ‘ideal’ role

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From law to recruitment – how did I end up here?

I can picture myself in 2010, bright eyed and bushy tailed (or if we are being realistic, a bit worse for wear after a fresher’s night out) at a university careers talk. If you had approached me then and asked what I would be doing

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It’s a conveyancers world

First time buyer?

My completion date has finally arrived to say that I am excited is an understatement, this is something I have been working towards for the last 4 years and it’s my first house and feeling very proud.  Am I scared? Yes, will I eat beans

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How to win the recruitment war

I am working with five different businesses, all based in Manchester, who are looking for the same qualities in their next legal hire. • 2-5 years PQE • Strong academics • Reputable training • Some industry experience (ideally) These businesses range from a FTSE250 technology business to a well

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