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The DNA of a Champion

BCL Legal holds its annual NQ seminar in conjunction with the Newcastle JLD

Earlier last month BCL Legal held its annual NQ seminar in conjunction with the Newcastle JLD at Bealim House in Newcastle City Centre. Not only was this a hugely successful event, it was also held in a gin bar. What more do you need?! First

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Routes to Qualification

As a student it’s always a big decision to make on which is the right route for you to take in order to qualify. I know it can be a minefield of uncertainty and so I’ve put together a few things which might help you

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NQ Careers Roadshow Hits Leeds

The NQ season is ready to go….

We’re rapidly approaching that time of year when second year trainee solicitors turn their attentions in earnest to their post-qualified careers, thinking about which practice area/s they want to qualify into, whether they want to stay in the same city or move, what kind of

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NQ Careers Seminar – Birmingham

Which area of law should I qualify into?

 When you first decided to pursue a career in law, you probably wouldn’t have thought as far down the line as which specific area of law you wanted to qualify into (as an ex-solicitor I know I didn’t!).  It was probably enough to focus on

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Why changing your job isn’t as daunting as you might think

When should you start exploring the market leading up to qualification?

If you’re now in the second year of your training contract then you may have already started thinking about exploring the market. As always timing is important with these things and you may not be too sure about when to commence your job search. Hopefully

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Solicitors Journal

The long walk to qualification

It seems such a long road to qualification and reaping the fruits of your labour. GCSEs, A Levels, LL.Bs, LPCs, training contracts….years of academia before the money starts rolling in. The road to becoming a solicitor can be long and arduous. Trainee solicitor salaries have

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New Year New Start!

How portable is your personal following?

Once you have reached a certain level of qualification, if you have ever considered a new job, you are more than likely going to have come up against positions that require you to ‘bring a following’. Firms often expect this at a certain level of

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Nick Fear

Its decision time for NQ’s

As we role into June the vast majority of September qualifiers will now know if they are staying or leaving their training firm. At BCL Legal we have already placed a number of candidates into roles for September. Several have moved the end of their

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Paralegals - Should I stay or should I go?

Paralegals seeking a training contract – is there an alternative route to qualification?

That elusive training contract can seem so far away especially when you’ve spent years studying to fulfil your ambition to qualify as a solicitor to then wait for what seems like a disproportionate amount of time to finally qualify into your chosen profession. There have

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Alternative Steps to Qualification

Alternative Steps to Qualification

As a graduate of Law it’s always really daunting the prospect of that next step in your legal career and choosing the best path to qualification. For many years it has always been the very traditional route of LLB, LPC then through to a training

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