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Hot Property

  • Henry Bain

Having only been in the recruitment business for about a month it has struck me how many firms are looking for that perfect candidate with “at least 4 years of post qualification experience.” Particularly guilty of this are firms currently looking to fill their real estate vacancies, holding out for their perfect candidate to arise and meet their “business needs.” Why is this? Candidates who have...


How to make a good first impression

  • Gishan Abeyratne

It’s true what they say, first impressions last and it’s a shame that you only get one because they really do count. It can be incredibly difficult to make a good first impression but that might depend on the situation. Equally so, it might be really easy, but again this would also depend on the situation. Let’s consider a few examples of when one might consider it prudent to make a good first...


Apprentice Week 7 – We Need to Talk about Elizabeth

  • Rob Barklamb

I’m a keen hillwalker and so get drawn to films and documentaries about mountaineering and the like. Two very good examples of this genre are K2: The Killer Summit which concerns a disastrous 2008 attempt to climb K2 which saw 11 people lose their lives, and then there’s the 2015 film Everest, which tells the story of a similarly disastrous 1996 attempt to reach the summit of Everest, which saw 12...


Why should I stay in my current job?

  • Ria Karnik

I suppose it’s a strange question for a recruitment consultant to ask really. According to general perception, we recruiters are all about convincing you to make a move – after all, it’s what our business is based upon. That being said, it is a question that we at BCL ask our candidates. It’s not that we don’t want you to move – but we feel that by asking this question we can get a really solid...


Why should you work with a recruiter exclusively? What are the benefits to you?

  • Mike Huggins

Caution: Vested interest to declare, I`m a legal recruiter! I`m going to tell you my thought process when recruiting in different situations and so by the end of this short blog you can determine what version of, recruiter/me, you would prefer to work with. The simple path to legal recruitment looks like this: job vacancy; get recruiters involved; interview lawyers; make offer; fill vacancy. At...


Questions to ask in a legal interview

  • Angharad Warren

A two-way street; questions to ask and points to avoid in a legal interview An interview should be viewed as a two-way street - traffic should flow in both directions. Too often candidates feel that the interviewer holds all the power but in a thriving legal market, it is as much about a firm impressing you as you impressing them. As a legal recruiter, I regularly find that my candidates are in...


Does a recruiter's gut-feel still have a role to play in today's modern assessment process?

  • Craig Wilson

A recent feature in LinkedIn’s Recruiting & Hiring section featured an interesting article by Jack Villiers, Talent Acquisition Partner – Technology at Just Eat. Jack’s article covers the change in the way that companies recruit staff and it poses an interesting question for employers, employees and recruiters alike. Just Eat is a major technology / e-commerce company with access to significant...


Reading, UK

  • Nick Fear

I’ve always enjoyed a challenge. Since January 2017, I have been responsible for our coverage for private practice clients and candidates in Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Guildford. After 6 years’ spent exclusively covering the East and West Midlands, it is fair to say that I have had a fair bit to learn about the new locations I would be covering. Places like Oxford (everyone has heard of the...


The Apprentice, Purgatory and Bruges

  • Rob Barklamb

I found it impossible to watch this week’s Apprentice without thinking back to that wonderful film of 2008, In Bruges. If you haven’t seen it, make a date to do so as it is excellent. There is a lot of swearing in it. And I mean A LOT. It’s not politically correct, but it is very, very funny. The central conceit of In Bruges is that our protagonists, Ken (Brendan Gleeson) and Ray (Colin Farrell)...


2 updates on Linked In highlight the ‘problem’ recruiters/ recruiting clients face right now

  • Mark Levine

Update 1: “After nearly 4 fun filled years... today I say good-bye to Clarks! It's been a blast!!! Will miss everyone hugely- but excited for the new adventure!” Update 2: “As I walk out the door of my office this evening I'll be leaving behind some good friends who also happen to be great lawyers. I'm sad to be leaving but the next chapter starts in 10 days' time for me, and I'm excited about...