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Can you compare The Football Transfer Market to the NQ Market?

  • Nick Aiyegbusi

As September is nearly over, it marks the end of the football transfer market which as usual gets more bizarre each year. However, September also marks the beginning of the end for the NQ season with most newly qualified solicitors starting in September. My colleague Juliet asked if it was possible to compare the transfer market to the NQ market so I thought I’d give it my best shot and actually came...


Real Estate Solicitor Jobs in Birmingham!

  • Angharad Warren

Real estate solicitors... don't assume you won't be of interest to the leading national/international firms because you’re training or experience is from a smaller firm, we can help! As a legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal, I work in a very specific market; my primary focus being real estate in Birmingham city centre. With such a specific focus, I have full coverage of the real estate roles...


Litigation roles in a thriving market

  • Louisa Phillips

Commercial litigation has always been a highly sought after practice area when qualifying. It offers the ability for a breadth of work and pick of a huge range of firms, with those from the top tier to large nationals, regional and boutique practices generally having commercial litigation teams. For candidates who enjoy contentious work, commercial litigation is often seen as the pinnacle of the...


Can I delay my start date?

  • Emma Lester

You’ve done it! You have secured a new role that ticks most, if not all, of your boxes. You have received your contract and are happy with the content. You’ve scribbled your name in agreement to the terms. Now what?! Your start date is probably the thing that needs to confirmed ASAP. If you deliberating a start date its probably because you are wondering whether you are able to delay it, perhaps you...


Am I being paid enough?

  • James Grayston

If you’re anything like me then apart from the August bank holiday and the 2-3 days (or should I say hours!) of summer we experience, one of the best days of August is transfer deadline day. Whether it’s the big clubs paying an extortionate amount for an 18 year old wonder kid (who’s probably played a handful of games) or it’s the mighty Preston North End making a splash (more like a ripple) it’s a good...


What to expect from an interview process

  • Ria Karnik

Interviews. Some people genuinely love them (I imagine that these are the people who enjoyed tests when they were at school). Other people can find them quite daunting – and in some instances it can make the job search suddenly seem frightfully real. The reality is that interviews are a very exciting part of the process. It’s at this point of the process that the firm have made it clear that your...


Working mum - Are you one?

  • Bhavisha Duggal

I have recently returned to work after 12 months of maternity leave having enjoyed a whole year off so that I could have quality time with my twins. Thinking back, as my return date loomed closer, the more I was filled with that horrible sinking feeling! Leaving the house the first morning back and saying bye to my babies was probably one of the hardest things I have had to do (bar childbirth of...


Recruitment: It’s just Matching the Right Person with the Right Job, Right?

  • Rob Barklamb

We welcome applications to work at BCL from those who are not in recruitment. We have many successful consultants here who have come from the Law or backgrounds other than recruitment. As such, if you are reading this as a non recruiter considering working for us, please don’t take this wrong way, but… I always ask non recruiters what they think recruitment is, what it involves. The answer I get nine...


Why is a photo on your CV seen as creepy? - Should you include a photo on your CV

  • Craig Wilson

A recent article from the online news site Quartz picked up on the topic of photos attached to your resumé (CV). With the fabulous headline, ‘your social media profile makes you human. Why is it creepy on resumés?’, the article seeks to highlight some of the potential pitfalls (and benefits) of including a photo on your CV. The article highlights that ‘LinkedIn profiles with photos get 21 times more...


Wedding dress nightmare story

  • Chloe Jones

So what exactly do wedding dresses and legal recruitment have in common? Well if you would be so kind as to read on, then all will be revealed… I am due to get married later this year (whoop whoop!) and whilst it is a wonderful and exciting time, those of you out there who have been through this before will probably agree that it can also be a bit stressful. I like to think I am pretty organised, I...