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The Reputation of a Recruiter

  • Emma Lester

The clear reputation about the recruitment industry has been talked about for years. It is something like ‘Fee hungry recruiters working in a ‘cut throat’ industry, with no sense of team work.’ Here at BCL, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Let’s break this down. I appreciate that for a law firm, the cost of using an agency is high. Some agencies work on a lower fee rate than we do. This is...


Is the legal profession lagging behind others when it comes to focusing so heavily on school and university grades?

  • Mark Levine

Two articles caught my attention in the past couple of weeks. The first was on www.thelawyer.com and was titled “My career story: I left school at 16 – now I’m a partner” and tells the story of Donna McCarthy, a partner at Devonshires. From a working class family where no one went to university she ‘didn’t change that’. On seeing a card on her school’s career board for a trainee legal assistant at a...


Ireland V England 2017

  • Nick Fear

As an avid England rugby fan I sat down to watch last Saturday’s final match in the six nations with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Excitement that England could win the first back to back grand slam of the six nations era and excitement that they could push past New Zealand’s world record 18 wins in a row by a Tier 1 nation. Trepidation because in all honesty England hadn’t been playing that...


Leeds - The next UK city to win the European Capital of Culture?

  • Nick Aiyegbusi

On the 23rd February 2017 Leeds officially launched it bid to become the European Capital of Culture 2023. For those who aren’t familiar with the concept of the European competition, it’s an annual competition that is awarded to a new City in Europe each year in Europe. Each City that wins the competition will have exactly a year to put on a number of cultural events to showcase the City on a European...


Selling is a two way street!

  • Azara Roger

This week, I have been reminded in a couple of different ways, how important it is for firms to sell themselves to candidates at interview. It seems so obvious but when you are in the throws of interviewing the process can become trying to say the least. However selling yourself and positioning your firm correctly can make the difference between securing your preferred candidate and starting the process...

NQ’s CVs making the best of yours

  • bcl

BCL Legal is already registering and starting to arrange interviews for September qualifiers and so this years’ NQ season looks like it will be as competitive as ever. We are approaching the time when  internal processes begin and roles are released externally, now is the perfect time to review your CV in preparation for applications. As ever roles are very competitive and ensuring your CV is in working...


The ultimate interview curveball question: What are your salary expectations?

  • Liam Digan

Questions surrounding salary expectations can often be quite tricky to answer. From the perspective of the interviewer, the answer represents a benchmark figure to work from should things progress but it also can provide insight into an individual’s suitability for a role. On the other hand, it can be a difficult question for an interviewee to answer when put on the spot as an individual will want to...


Work-life balance – can lawyers now ‘have it all’?

  • Juliet Lawson

The legal profession has never had much of a reputation for being progressive when it comes to flexible working. When you signed up to being a solicitor, you pretty much knew you were staring down the barrel of long hours and 25 days holidays a year, with the promise of being able to buy a few more each year if you’re lucky and getting to work from home once in a while if the plumber was coming round to...


Thinking of moving away from Personal Injury? Think again!

  • Luqmaan Ayaz

According to the latest economic forecast, up to 35,000 jobs may be at risk as a result of the impending PI reforms. If the government proposals do come in law 4 out of 5 people directly employed in personal injury claims may be at risk of losing their job. To those of us who started this year full of hope, after what many are dubbing the worst year in recent history, this news doesn’t bode well....


Why interview prep can keep you ahead of the competition

  • Ria Karnik

So, we’ve sent your CV, it’s been viewed by hiring managers and they want to interview you! It’s all looking very positive and you’re now thinking about the interview process. How are you going to demonstrate to the interviewers that you’re the right choice for them? A large misconception of the recruitment market is that we “just send CVs”. Whilst there are many agencies that may work in this...