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Recruiting lawyers in Milton Keynes, particularly within the TMT sector

  • Craig Wilson

Milton Keynes is a growing UK town which has grown significantly over the years. It is home to a number of leading UK and international companies, many of which employ in-house lawyers, and it has some of the fastest population and job growth rates of any UK town/city. Milton Keynes based companies are strongly focused in the automotive, engineering, manufacturing, logistics and distribution sectors,...


What will you write?

  • Katherine Scarff

Have you ever sent your CV somewhere and not heard anything back? Perhaps you thought they have filled the vacancy or your experience just wasn’t quite what they were looking for. It is an interesting topic. What if you are right and are exactly what they are looking for? This lack of response could be for a number of reasons one being your CV. At school I was always taught a CV should be two pages,...


Real Estate Recruitment in London

  • Ria Karnik

The changing political landscape seems to have cast a slight shadow over real estate recently, and we have taken a number of calls from candidates who are concerned about the months ahead. As with all practice areas that are dependent upon market confidence, it is fair to say that the market has changed since the beginning of 2016. This being said, we at BCL Legal don’t feel that it is fair to say...


Calling all Legal Line Managers - How to make interview feedback work for you

  • Tom Fleet

Calling all Legal Line Managers - How to make interview feedback work for you A regular grumble I hear from candidates who have undertaken interviews concerns feedback from the prospective employer. These grumbles might be about the lack of feedback, its generic nature, ‘unfair’ feedback, or the length of time it has taken to be offered. If a person has taken time out of their day (and often...


Career Locums

  • Justyna Kucharska

There is a growing number of solicitors who choose to be ‘career locums’ but what does that phrase actually mean? In a nutshell, a locum is a lawyer who undertakes short-term assignments such as covering annual or sick leave of a permanent staff member. Locum assignments can last anything from a few hours, weeks or even months. More likely that not, a locum solicitor will be self-employed or work...


You Get What You Pay For

  • James Hitti

I love new business; I enjoy working with Law firms that I haven’t had the opportunity to collaborate with and marketing their business to candidates. Equally, I cherish my existing and long standing relationships and of course they too were once new clients. My job, as a legal recruitment consultant, is to bring you the right candidate for the opportunity your business is offering and to make your...


Dress to impress

  • Ria Cuming

Wearing the right interview outfit will not guarantee you the job of your dreams; what you say and do in the interview itself will ultimately determine your fate. However, first impressions in job interviews are key and as you walk into a room, your interviewer will base this opinion, whether positive or negative, on your appearance and demeanour as soon as they meet you, which is why dressing...


First Impressions Count… Even with your recruiter!

  • bcl

In recruitment, you definitely become thick skinned! When people don’t return your calls, hang up on you or just blatantly ignore you, you become unfazed, it’s like water off a duck’s back. However recently, I was faced with a candidate that wouldn’t return my calls; despite being invited to interview and despite (many) calls, emails and texts from me. This situation always throws me as by...


Document Review

  • Matthew Porter

The Interim team at BCL Legal supplies teams (big and small) of qualified lawyers and paralegals to law firms and Legal Process Outsourcing companies in London, Birmingham and Bristol. Those working in document review will understand the process and what is entailed but to many this is an area that is alien to them; it isn’t taught at law school and is kept relatively separate from fee earners...


Brexit: 100 days on

  • Liam Digan

So here we are, closing in on almost 100 days having passed since the majority of voters in the United Kingdom decided to leave the European Union (EU). With mayhem forecast from both the ‘leave’ and the ‘remain’ parties in terms of what the aftermath of the vote may bring, from an in-house legal recruitment perspective, things seemed to have remained relatively calm. Whilst we are not...