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Why big is best

  • Louisa Phillips

The legal market in 2014 has so far been incredibly busy. With more work around, particularly in transactional areas, solicitors have been increasingly busy and with greater work loads this means often working longer hours. Lawyers in corporate and real estate in particular, are undoubtedly much busier than they have been in recent years. The recession forced many law firms to freeze their pay scales...


Don't wait until you have an offer to decide if this is the right role for you!

  • Mark Levine

A recent experience with a lawyer looking for a new job has led me to 'put pen to paper' for this blog. An individual that we had been working with to find a new role had given us some clear and understandable reasons for wishing to look for a new role. The main issue was the current sector that she was in didn't resonate well with her. Apart from that the brief was fairly straight forward - 'a similar...


Fixed Term Contract Roles

  • Matthew Porter

It is widely acknowledged that many private practice lawyers reach a stage in their careers when they no longer want to work in practice, but instead want to change direction slightly and work as in in-house lawyer. We have found that lawyers who want to move in-house fall into two camps: the first being the ‘reactive camp’ and the second the ‘proactive camp’. The reactive lawyers are trying to...


Career Options Post Maternity

  • Raj Sidhu

Returning to work following maternity leave can be a difficult decision to make. Weighing up the pros and cons and dealing with feelings of guilt about leaving your baby and throwing yourself back into your career is a tough decision for any new mum. Traditionally those in the legal profession work long hours and sometimes weekends too, so the decision to return to the law for a new mum is a big one....


The resurgence of the Yorkshire in house recruitment market

  • Tom Fleet

I recently read an interesting article in The Lawyer magazine, commenting on Leeds ‘taking a harder knock from the slump than its regional peers’ (http://www.thelawyer.com/analysis/market-analysis/regions/uk-analysis/leeds-ridings-of-the-storm/3023069.article). The article looks at the falling headcount in Yorkshire law firms, observing “staff numbers have decreased markedly in the past 5 years”. I...


The ‘economy is gathering momentum says ONS’ – has this benefited the in-house legal market in 2014?

  • Mark Levine

2014 is flying by (the year seems to go faster and faster these days!!) and thankfully we have been incredibly busy in the first 6 months of the year – so this in itself probably answers the question above! On the company side we have worked with a range of businesses from Newcastle Building Society in the North (East) to Marlin Financial Services on the South Coast and quite a lot in...


Rising Employment, unfilled vacancies and the average wage. A Legal perspective.

  • Craig Wilson

Office of National Statistics (ONS) figures comparing March to May 2014 with December 2013 to February 2014 show that there was a large increase in employment and a large fall in unemployment. The number of people in employment increased by 254,000 (to reach 30.64 million), the number of unemployed people fell by 121,000 (to reach 2.12 million) and the number of people not in the labour force...


Are the Mitchell Reforms clogging up the Courts?

  • Sharan Kokri

I have just returned from lunch with an old colleague from my personal injury fee earning days, having discussed the fact that whilst the Woolf Reforms were a positive step in the personal injury world, the effects of the Mitchell judgment (Mitchell v News Group Newspapers Ltd [2013] EWCA Civ 1537, [2014] 2 All ER 430), have been almost a step back! The courts are being inundated with applications as...


Boom and Bust

  • Joanna Marklove

Over the past week we have seen yet another spate of personal injury redundancies in the North West. Hill Dickinson have decided to put at risk 40 people across their insurance fraud teams in Manchester and Liverpool. As a recruitment consultant at BCL Legal entirely focused on the personal injury and insurance sector this is latest round of these cuts we have seen in the past six months. DAC...


BCL Legal provides work experience for a trio of school leavers this summer

  • Vicky Clark

This week BCL Legal showed three students what it’s like to work in legal recruitment. Millie Lawson from St Patrick's RC school, Lauren Jackson from All Saints Catholic College and Catherine Fitzgerald from Lymm Grammar School all joined the team of experienced legal recruiters in Manchester to learn what it’s like to find jobs for candidates and to fill opportunities with the firm’s clients across the...