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It’s good to talk

  • Emma Fielding

I remember that old BT advert with Bob Hoskins from the early 90’s - ‘It’s good to talk’, at that time we were in an era where the ability to communicate with each other was nothing like it is today. Most people had a land line house phone and although early models of the mobile phone were around from as early as the mid 80’s it wasn’t until the late 90’s when having a mobile telephone was an actual...


Should I lie about my salary?

  • Emma Delli-Bovi

I recently read an article on LinkedIn written by someone in America which out and out branded the personal questions that each job seeker is asked during the recruitment process, with a particular emphasis on current or previous salary, as “overly personal” and “ridiculous”. Apparently an interviewer, or be it recruitment consultant, asking these questions and then a job seeker answering them is...


The Apprentice Week 3 – Siimon? Jeffrii? Make you’re (sic) mind up!

  • Rob Barklamb

I watched this week’s episode on catch up, having spent Wednesday evening watching the Chelsea v Roma game. Strange game. Chelsea were being outplayed, but went two nil ahead. The better team was losing. And so reality TV decided imitate sport with this week’s Apprentice, where the Ladies were a shambles and yet they won by a margin of 11:1. Oh, sorry, this report contains spoilers. Should have...


What challenges face the in-house Lawyer? How do I progress my career within the company?

  • Mark Levine

Even the largest of In-house legal teams are small compared to the overall size of the business and as the first main contact for legal queries from all angles; you are likely to have a constant flow of queries that require immediate attention. In private practice, you probably specialised in a particular field and passed work to different departments if it fell outside your area of expertise. This is...


When is a good time to change jobs?

  • Chloe Jones

As a specialist legal recruiter, this is a question that comes up pretty often when I speak to candidates. I suppose most people would expect me to say “right now” and “I actually have the perfect job for you!” Cringe cringe cringe! At BCL Legal we pride ourselves on taking a more consultative approach. The answer to this question is therefore a bit more complex than this! Making the decision to...


Interim Lawyer Opportunities

  • Matthew Porter

Are you one of the many lawyers seeking to leave private practice for an in-house role? Yes, there are lots of you and some of you quit your jobs without one to go to; it’s all become too much for you working at that law firm. You disliked it that much that now you are job-less and it hasn’t been that easy securing your first in-house role. Oh no, have you made a big mistake? Fear not, we can...


Why should I be a recruitment consultant?

  • Grace Homer

So, you have been thinking about becoming a recruitment consultant? Us ‘rec cons’ can get a bad press, alongside estate agents, window sales people, car salesmen, and ‘white van drivers’, almost any general sales roles… the list could go on! Is all the hot air and criticism fair? I read a fair amount of posts on LinkedIn daily where our industry is knocked by ‘cowboy’ recruiting, but I also see vast...


Senior In-house Counsel - does your employer value your role?

  • Craig Wilson

The roles and responsibilities of an in-house lawyer vary wildly from company to company and consequently the value that legal can add to a business, or it is expected to add, is often determined by what has gone before, by budget and/or the vision and direction of the company directors, stakeholders and shareholders. Unlike a finance department, a legal department is typically not a prerequisite and so...


Juggling Motherhood and a Career in Law

  • Raj Sidhu

I have recently returned to work following maternity leave and it is from first hand experience that I have realised just how tough it can be to juggle the needs of a young family, with a demanding job, all whilst trying to do a good job of both. Returning to work following maternity leave can be a difficult decision to make. Weighing up the pros and cons and dealing with feelings of guilt about...


The Apprentice Week 2: “Fur Trees”, Breakdancing and Keeping Score

  • Rob Barklamb

And so we come to week two. I went to see Blade Runner 2049 at the weekend. Amongst other things, the film throws up some big existential questions: what is a soul? What is it to be human? Isn’t Ryan Gosling’s hair nice? But none of the questions quite compare to that posed by Jeff this week: “How many bankers do you know who can breakdance?”. Well, I once hung with some bad asses from the Lehman Boyz...