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Juliet qualified as a solicitor with Halliwells in 1994 before making the transition to legal recruitment. She has over 15 years’ experience working with regional and national recruitment companies. Juliet also set up and ran her own recruitment consultancy for four years which specialised in placing lawyers across a range of legal disciplines.  

Juliet joined BCL Legal in 2015 and places legal professionals across all levels into commercial practice areas within private practice law firms in Yorkshire. 

My recent blog posts


The 10 exit interview questions you must ask if you’re losing staff

Some law firms undertake exit interviews as a matter of routine, some don’t. For the firms that do, there's a real focus on what could've been done to persuade the employee to stay. Frankly, this is a bit ‘shutting the stable door after the horse has bolted.’

Why exit interviews are so important

Exit interviews are a crucial form of self-reflection for employers and if conducted properly, can lead to...


Have millennial lawyers got the right idea?

Recently, there’ve been a lot of articles reporting a rise in millennials who are ‘quitting’ their lucrative careers to live life differently. Headlines include: ‘Why more millennials are quitting lucrative jobs to travel’ and ‘43 per cent of millennials plan to quit their job within 2 years’. I often hear the ready response amongst partners and directors at law firms: millennials are the ‘snowflake...


Women lawyers are taking over, but is it as it seems?

It’s official. For the first time ever there are more women practising as solicitors than men. Over the years I’ve observed a rise in women entering the profession (last year the figure sat at just over 60%), so it was only a matter of time before this resulted in a takeover!  

The stats

But let’s look at this in more detail. Whilst there are more women than men holding practising certificates, the...

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