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Quality matching: our people to yours

Intelligent legal recruiting starts with an established and trusted agency and consultants who have discipline and location-specific expertise. 

Powered by technology to propel quality, accuracy and delivery time

97% of BCL-placed lawyers stay with the business for over a year

12,500 lawyers placed since 2003

Making the right choice is critical

Finding the best legal talent starts with finding the UK's most established and trusted legal recruitment agency

Why choose BCL?

  • Timely and accurate delivery: we work hard to deliver quality canididates fast
  • 16 yrs of established and trusted expertise in the UK – renowned as the toughest and most saturated legal recruitment market in the world
  • Concentrated expertise: each legal discipline and region has its own team of specialist consultants
  • We blend highly-developed consulting skills with powerful machine-learning technology to deliver exceptional results for our clients
  • If we can be the market leader in the highly competitive UK legal sector, why can’t we replicate this for our US clients?

Investment in technology

Our investment in technology starts with a strong foundation: our people who inform it.

The scale and integrity of our database are down to our established relationships and a high level of knowledge and expertise, which enables the success of integrated technologies.

We use patent-pending machine learning to propel quality, accuracy and delivery time.

Not only does it facilitate our success, it guarantees yours.

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