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How to tackle the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ phase at your new job

What are the most important things to do before you hand in your resignation?

Searching for your dream legal job - something out of a musical?

The fine line between arrogance and confidence during an interview

The ultimate pre-interview checklist: don't overlook these details

Recruitment and the rise of AI: a benefit or hindrance to candidates, hiring managers and recruiters?

What lawyers want: the top 5 changing needs of lawyers in 2018

Why sharing your post-interview feedback is critical if you want the job

Self-improvement during the ups and downs of a career in recruitment

The pros and cons of homeworking: how to work out if it's for you or not

Lawshare’s fourth annual conference: ‘Leadership’

Is making a counteroffer a wise move for my business?

A summer of highs and legal jobs for Birmingham and the wider Midlands region

What to do if you're interested in a legal job but don't have the experience

What to expect in the first few months as a newly qualified solicitor

Is there a legal job available even if there's no live vacancy?

'Slip! Slop! Slap!': a barometer of London's summer recruitment activity

Character versus credentials – what’s more important at interview stage?

Have millennial lawyers got the right idea?

How do you know if a lawyer - or law firm - is the right cultural fit?

Newly qualified solicitor? How to make sure your law firm is looking after you!

Attracting and hiring top lawyers: what you need to do now

Can a lawyer make a four-day working week work?

When is and isn't it OK to cancel a scheduled job interview

The questions you must ask yourself before you enter into the recruitment process

Why does ‘time fly’ so quickly when you’re working in legal recruitment?

I'm a newly qualified solicitor and I don't know what to do: stay put or move?

What should I do if my boss is leaving the law firm?

How your level of honesty with a recruiter contributes to the success of your job search

Can the choice of words used in a job ad affect the prospective employer’s performance and profitability?

I'll soon be an NQ lawyer, should I have a job backup plan?

Working with a legal recruiter? Why it’s important to pick up the phone rather than email

What’s your value - as a lawyer - in today’s market?

One lawyer's recruitment experience in making a move from private practice to in-house

What to do if you're going on holiday and no one can cover for you

Road Digging: An Associate’s Tale

Women lawyers are taking over, but is it as it seems?

Do you need to be qualified to be a conveyancer?

One of the most important elements of legal job satisfaction

The reality of flexible working for both lawyer and employer

BTSS events: the upcoming Secret Garden Party, and the stand out benefits from getting involved with industry networking groups

How to retain a full team in Manchester’s ‘lawyer short’ legal market

Are you a City lawyer considering a move to the regions?

How to hand in your notice and manage the pre-departure period

Reasons clients don’t advance lawyers to the 2nd stage interview/offer

Take the stress out of your first interview… and your first date?

How to answer: ‘Where do you see yourself in 5 years?’

The top reasons why your law firm is losing good lawyers

Taking the plunge - my journey into legal recruitment

Why you should build and continue a relationship with a recruiter for the longevity of your career

How can I secure an interview?

Top 5 things conveyancers love about conveyancing

What do I tell my recruiter if I’ve changed my mind after accepting a job offer?

The personal price of non-compliance

How to choose a good recruitment agency

Four interview hacks that'll help you at every interview

Should you accept a job offer whilst holding out for another?

Should I relocate for my new role or is commuting a better option?

‘Please reply by COP’… there are small tell-tale signs from lawyers looking to make a move in-house that make us question their suitability for the move to the ‘other side’

The bold new legal frontier: cryptocurrency/digital assets

I don’t understand my notice period, can you help?

Why is a good legal recruiter important in my job search?

Why is it important to have loyal employees?

I’m a trainee solicitor about to qualify, what do I do?

Should I ask for flexible working?

Property lawyers: the non-traditional model might be right up your street…

Essential tips on how to hand in your notice to ensure it's a smooth ride

How do I negotiate a job offer?

What can I do if my job role changes?

How to work with recruiters effectively – what to be mindful of

LinkedIn profile tips

Should I tell a recruiter my salary and benefits package?

Moving to London for work: should I become a ‘London lawyer?’

When should I start applying for a newly qualified (NQ) solicitor job?

Fake News Facebook - Time to move on?

Resigning from your job? How to navigate 'the break-up' conversation

The importance of maintaining momentum during the recruitment process

How do I network effectively? Top tips

Is it stressful being a lawyer?

Britain’s broken retail sector. Is the news as bad as it appears, particularly for those of us working in the Northwest?

Good recruiters are superheroes!

Do I need more money?

The major problem with staying too long in your job…

Do I need to leave the law or leave my firm?

As a conveyancer what roles are available to me if I don’t want to carry a caseload?

Law firm struggling to hire? How offering flexibility helps you stay competitive

Job title vs salary

Newly qualified solicitors – how effectively are you running your job search?

Should I use a recruiter or do I search for my own job?

Authority in silence – last GDPR thoughts before R-Day (Regulation)

Being an in-house temp has never been so lucrative! - Rising day rates and an abundance of contract work...

Should I apply for a new job?

Should I rearrange my interview?

Why being honest about your notice period is important

The most common interview question and how to answer it!

Salah, De Bruyne and how Mourinho has ruined my life

Alternative careers for solicitors – do you need one?

Why should I meet a recruiter in person?

For recruitment to work, recruiting client and recruiter need to work in partnership

One of the biggest barriers to finding a new job for some people is…

Should I start a new job?

I need to reschedule or cancel my interview - what do I need to do?

How do I become a document review lawyer?

How do I secure an NQ Solicitor job in Birmingham?

From legal practice to recruitment - how did I end up here?

NQ preparation 2018

Golden Handshakes on the rise – does the legal sector need to embrace this form of payment to attract top talent?

How to win the recruitment war

First time buyer?

BCL Legal holds its annual NQ seminar in conjunction with the Newcastle JLD

How long should I stay in my job?

How do I become an interim lawyer?

Words of wisdom for NQs (from an experienced top tier interviewer)

The accelerated degree plan, will future lawyers be behind the curve?

Two essential things you should do when applying for a job

Should I accept a job offer right away?

Are men and women paid equally?

What should I wear to a legal interview?

What can I do as a newly qualified solicitor if I don’t want to practice?

Make your own mind up

Using a recruitment consultant…?

What is the one key mistake most Solicitors make at interview?

How long does it take a conveyancer to secure a job?

How honest should I be at interview?

The Plight of Paul Pogba

Do I want a new job?

Routes to qualification

Your first day at a new job

When’s the best time to move in-house? Look before you leap.

CV Tips: Personal Injury and Other Target Driven Industries

The NQ season is ready to go….

Fixed Term Contract Roles

Three is the magic number – Why BCL Legal is one of the best companies to work for in the UK

Bigger Isn’t Always Better

Returning to work after maternity leave: do you have the flexibility you need?

Who are you trying to fool… just be honest… everything can be sorted except lies

‘New year, new job’ – Investors in People (IIP) research suggests this sentiment has declined.

Things to consider when you resign

North-South Divide

Which area of law should I qualify into?

The importance of meeting your recruiter

Specialist legal recruiters in Birmingham

When is it OK to ask for a pay rise?

Why are my employees leaving?

What Questions will you be asked in an interview?

Should I call my recruiter?

CV Tips for Recruiters

Interview Preparation

Greed, Ignorance and Recruitment Consultants

Following up after a job offer


Do I stay or do I go?

How much do British workers like their jobs and pay?

What not to do at an interview!

A great year for Birmingham

New job

What is the East Midlands' Legal Market Like?

Budget 2017 Stamp Duty!

Pay rises and the commercial legal sector. Is it time you asked for a raise?

Philippe Coutinho

How to benefit from using a recruitment consultant

Should I be offering Agile/ Flexible working? The answer might surprise you!

Questions to expect in an interview

The month of turned down job offers

The Apprentice – Zelda from Terrahawks, Girl Bands and Ice Cream

Star Wars

So what does 2018 look like for employment lawyers?

Top Tips for Job Seekers in the New Year

Good news for first time buyers

‘Tis the Season…

Meghan Markle

What I have learnt this year

Data Privacy – The next big thing

Should I leave my job?

Is Christmas the right time to move?

Don’t discredit more expensive experience over cheap youth…experience is worth its weight in gold

Burn the banks, it’s time for PSD2!

How much information should I give my recruiter?

Why training at a high street/smaller firm could be a bonus

Week 10: The Value of a Great Selection Process

Try not to bring your negative experiences to interview

Where do I fit in?

Is it time for a new challenge?

My first 4 months in recruitment

How to prepare a legal CV

My top reasons why lawyers don’t accept job offers: (in no particular order)

Corporate Social Responsibility Cup

The Apprentice Week 9 – Donald Trump, Bushra and Stand up Comedy

Eddie Jones – World Rugby Coach of the Year

How a Great Recruitment Consultancy is a like a Top Restaurant

How much should I tell the recruitment consultant?

Apprentice Week 8 – It’s a Dog’s Life

What time of year is best to secure a new job?

How do I remain calm?

Hot Property

How long should you stay in one job?

You can’t judge a book by its cover

Can I leave work without notice?

Why should you work with a recruiter exclusively? What are the benefits to you?

Why should I stay in my current job?

Apprentice Week 7 – We Need to Talk about Elizabeth

How to make a good first impression

The Apprentice, Purgatory and Bruges

Reading, UK

Does a recruiter's gut-feel still have a role to play in today's modern assessment process?

Manchester Sleepout

The Do's and Don'ts of legal recruitment...

Helping the homeless – BCL Legal Sleepout

2 updates on Linked In highlight the ‘problem’ recruiters/ recruiting clients face right now

Pride of Britain Awards

The Apprentice Week 5 – Chimney Sweeps and Google

How to increase office productivity?

The Apprentice Week 4 – Frank Sinatra, Northerners and Sushi

Offered the job at the interview!

How do I manage the interview process?

Preparation is Key

Should I lie about my salary?

It’s good to talk

Top tips for success at your NQ interview

Hot Property – who’s hot this week?

Interim Lawyer Opportunities

When is a good time to change jobs?

The Apprentice Week 3 – Siimon? Jeffrii? Make you’re (sic) mind up!

The Apprentice Week 2: “Fur Trees”, Breakdancing and Keeping Score

Juggling Motherhood and a Career in Law

Senior In-house Counsel - does your employer value your role?

Why should I be a recruitment consultant?

What I will teach my Sons

Three years in Legal Recruitment – What I’ve learnt!

Should I look for a new job?

Don’t worry, be happy

Uber, Deliveroo and Being a Recruiter

A recruiting story – client feedback

The Apprentice Week 1: On the Buses, West Ham and Radical Feminism

Holidays Are Coming

Stressed about starting your new job?

Raising Money for Birmingham Children’s Hospital

Should I accept my job offer?

Why are my employees leaving?

Why honesty is always the best policy

Should I move to London?

Litigation roles in a thriving market

Real Estate Solicitor Jobs in Birmingham!

Can you compare The Football Transfer Market to the NQ Market?

When Training Contracts Are Like Hens Teeth…Qualifying by Equivalent Means

Why is a photo on your CV seen as creepy? - Should you include a photo on your CV

Recruitment: It’s just Matching the Right Person with the Right Job, Right?

Working mum - Are you one?

What to expect from an interview process

My BCL Journey

Can women really have it all?

What I will teach my Daughter

Let’s fly away lets fly away

Wedding dress nightmare story

What is the most important soft skill to succeed in an in-house legal career?

How do I handle rejection?

Should I accept the counter offer?

Last Chance U, Extreme Recruitment Strategies and Lawyers

Avoiding counter offers

Leeds Legal Sector Continues to Impress – Is now the right time to look for a move?

Game of Thrones

Can I decline a job offer after signing the contract?

Offer declined! Another warning about slow recruitment processes

What to wear to an interview

Where is the solicitors’ profession today - where will it be tomorrow?

Leasehold Property Crackdown

Recruiting right now? How your internal recruitment team can make or break the process for you

Why are Recruiters so bad?

Leasehold Reforms - not before time

How do I attract better quality candidates to my law firm?

How to find a new job

No feedback on a job application?

Making time for an interview

Legal staff – delivered to you for free!

Is it the right time to change jobs? Book in a legal career review with us

How to quit smoking

Be warned: this is what your overly wordy CV tells me about you

Honesty is the best policy

Why is it important to keep in contact with your recruiter?

How do I become a Paralegal?

Moving desks in the office!

How to Cancel an Interview

The BBC, Gender Pay Gaps and Recruitment

Should I leave the law?

How do I get a promotion at work?

My First Year at BCL!

Real Estate – A Thriving Market

Do you know what you really want out of your career?

What to wear to an interview

The robots are coming!

Employee engagement and the legal sector

Interview preparation... Solicitors, do your research!

Why do recruiters ask about other interviews?

Preparation is the Key

More than ever recruitment consultants should be viewed as allies of HR/ Resourcing and not the enemy

Do I love my job?

Should I stay or should I go

The Yorkshire Real Estate Market

I need a new job and don’t know what to do?

How to best prepare for an interview… and one mistake that you will never recover from!

NQ Solicitor jobs

How does communication impact my law firm?

10 reasons to choose Birmingham over London

How do I answer what my biggest weaknesses are in an interview?

How can I make the most of a recruitment agency?

Solicitors - why relocate to Birmingham?

How soon after an interview do I need to provide my feedback?

When is the right time to hire your first in-house lawyer?

North-Shore Document Review

Why did you leave your last job?

Why BCL Legal over another recruitment agency?

What is the future of the legal profession? Does Artificial Intelligence (AI) signal the end of the lawyer?

What I didn’t Expect to Learn as a Judge at the Solicitors Journal Awards 2017

What do you do when your new role isn’t working out for you??


UK Recruitment Activity – strong demand and a lack of talent drives growth in temporary hires

Best companies to work for – why not join BCL Legal?

Resignation and the Counter Offer

Do employers look at my Linked In?

Why move to Manchester?

Money talks

Should you accept the counter offer?

Private Client Lawyers - the unsung heroes of the legal world?

Do Lawyers have to carry out Business Development?

Maternity Leave, see you in spring 2018!

Location, location, location!

Recent developments in Personal Injury law and the effect on Claimant PI

Why should I use a recruitment consultant?

What does good customer service in residential conveyancing mean to you?

How to appear confident but not arrogant or cocky in an interview

Should I qualify as a Legal Executive?

Are dads pulling their weight?

Does racism still exist in Law firms?

General Election 2017

The Private Client market, Yorkshire

If your move meant accepting a lower basic salary but higher overall potential would you accept it?

Should I ever lie on my CV?

Is my job making me ill?

Do you know what you want?

Booking a locum for the summer

Why a critical eye is important when applying for jobs

Are there real estate solicitor jobs in London?

Is the legal profession lagging behind others when it comes to focusing so heavily on school and university grades?

The Reputation of a Recruiter

It’s who you know not what you know

In the current generational war, does Generation X have the best characteristics of the Baby boomers and the millennials with none of the downsides?

NQ’s CVs making the best of yours

Selling is a two way street!

Leeds - The next UK city to win the European Capital of Culture?

Ireland V England 2017

Why interview prep can keep you ahead of the competition

Thinking of moving away from Personal Injury? Think again!

Work-life balance – can lawyers now ‘have it all’?

The ultimate interview curveball question: What are your salary expectations?

Weather the storm and hope for the best?

Locum work - does it really stack up?

Calling all NQs!!

Am I being paid enough?

Social Media – don’t get stung!

Don’t let your job search get you down

NQ Careers Seminar – Birmingham

Are you a client recruiting? Your silence during the process speaks volumes

BCL Legal ranked in the Sunday Times Best Companies List for successive year

Trainee Solicitors, think Newcastle - a vibrant and inclusive legal scene

The importance of keeping in contact with your recruiter

The Surge in Commercial Property

R&D spending and investment in innovation - how might this impact legal?

Returning to work post maternity leave...make it a win/win for you and your employer

Paralegal recruitment

Interview preparation

Birmingham Property Hype… speeds up!

Is not taking risks, the biggest risk of all?

When interviewing for a new role don’t make these mistakes...

A disappointing offer?

Greater Manchester Law Centre tackling access to justice for GM residents

The Perfect Match!

Near Year new you?

A busy January sets the bar high for 2017

Becoming a dad – how work can help

The importance of keeping in contact with your recruiter

Flexible working as an in-house lawyer: Myth or reality?

What’s the right firm for you?

The 5 year plan…

The importance of objectivity in your job search

Birmingham Trainee Solicitors – calling all 2017 qualifiers

Beat the January blues by kick-starting your career

The GDPR and your business…

Communication is key…

London and the South-East – a legal recruiters take on the UK Powerhouse Report by Irwin Mitchell and Cibr

How to know it's time to leave your job

If you want to be happy, embrace the change

Just accepted an in-house role? Read this before marking up the contract of employment!

Thinking of an alternative career whilst still utilising your legal skills?

What you can’t control, don’t worry about

Is it too soon to blog about the 2017?

The greatest gift you can give is feedback

Are you happy?

A time to reflect

Exit Interviews

Hi Ho Hi Ho – its off on maternity I go…


Is it all about the money?

Unusual and revealing interview questions…

Leeds takes the Lead!

The personal injury market

Something to think about

On a mission...

What happens when you don’t accept an in-house job offer immediately..

The Unemployed NQ…is that YOU?

Social job hunting

Can you juggle your offers/interviews? Should you?

The old with the new – the ever changing skyline of Manchester

Taking time out of the office

Hygge - Have the Danes found the key to happiness?

Take the stepping stones to where you want to go

Group Thinking and Juries

It’s good time to be a private client lawyer!

A change is as good as a rest

Why do you want to move in-house?

Personal Injury Changes

Autumn Highs – A plot conveyancing career is waiting for you

BCL Legal Recruitment 2005 - 2016 Salary Report

What gets you out of bed in the morning?

“Anchoring” – use this technique to get a better deal during your salary negotiations!

Beat the rush

The personal injury market is on the up!

I’m an overworked lawyer…get me out of here!

Why lawyers love Manchester…

How does the Autumn Statement affect the Personal Injury market?

The long walk to qualification

The importance of a challenging probation period

So what happened to Armageddon?

The Brexit Conundrum – Is Brexit holding back job creation and spending?

An interview classic: Why do you want to be an in-house lawyer?

It is you, not me. Listen up all you Managers!

Autumn rises… Not so much autumn falls

‘Why you SHOULD use a recruitment consultant to secure your next role…’

Christmas is Closing in – Does this mean firms aren’t recruiting?

Tis’ the season to be jolly

First day nerves

New Year, New You!

Falling Pound Sterling + growth of the manufacturing industry = A great new job?

Should you ever accept a counteroffer after you have resigned?

Writing your CV

Feedback is key!

The biggest surprise of 2016 and what it means for recruitment

How to recruit the best candidate for the job

These boots…

The importance of interview questions

Boost the working blues

Gender equality, or inequality…

The Recruitment Process

Is your CV working for you?

Preparing for your new job!

Competition – Good or Bad?

Sometimes the only choice can be the best choice – recruitment in a buoyant legal market

Have you considered what opportunities are on offer commutable out of London, in the Thames Valley?

Fit not fat at 40

Autumn is here…

Too little too late?

The sun shines on new horizons

The regions? You couldn’t pay me to move there!

How to prepare yourself for a counter-offer situation

What do recruitment and dating have in common?

What is your biggest weakness?

It’s a marathon, not a sprint…

How important are academics In 2016?

A perfect CV gets you noticed…

Get out of town!

Joining the right firm can make all the difference

Is property the way forward?

Should you include hobbies on your CV?

Reputation v Reality

Why work for the rest, when you can work for the best

To do or not to do…?

The Circle of Life

How come 95% of the lawyers that register with us are happy in their current role?

Being the new guy

Ever heard of Nottingham?

Interview questions YOU can ask to help find out more about your possible new role/ company!

The Best Way to Give Feedback

Fight or Flight – Why would you stick at a job you do not love?

CVs and the “Two Page Myth”

Back to School

Concentrate on Culture

New Trainees - Top Tips, Take them or Leave Them!

10,000 Hours

Welcome Drinks with the Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire Junior Lawyers Division

Attracting and retaining talent in a competitive market

Christmas is coming…

Bank of Mom and Dad

What will you write?

Recruiting lawyers in Milton Keynes, particularly within the TMT sector

Personal Injury – Never the bottom rung of the ladder!

Why using more than one recruitment agency is the worst move you can make

Did you hear me?

First Impressions Count… Even with your recruiter!

You Get What You Pay For

Career Locums

Calling all Legal Line Managers - How to make interview feedback work for you

Real Estate Recruitment in London

Back to school blues

Is it time Plan B became your Plan A?

Creative Clusters in the UK and the demand for in-house lawyers

Brexit: 100 days on

Document Review

I would do anything for an in-house role… but I won’t do that!

Should I take my engagement ring off for an interview? What?!

BCL Legal is proud to be sponsoring the 2016 LFS Conveyancing Awards for the 4th year running.

The way ahead for commercial property solicitors

UK vs. Middle East: Working Relationships

The Job search: what do lawyers really care about?

What do you do at the weekend?

Standing out from the crowd

A New Job to Beat the Post Holiday Blues?

Personal injury market

Sending it twice

Keeping tabs on your CV

Follow the Recipe!

All the fun of the circus

Personable Yet Professional

Have you heard the one about the Englishwomen, Scotswomen and German woman?

What not to say in an interview

Work anniversaries – how do they make you feel?

Dreaming of holidays and cocktails on the beach……

Living the Paralegal Dream

Another year another dollar

Failures during an interview process can be costly – a real world example.

Brexit - what now, legally and constitutionally?

Set out one’s stall

Bore out – the new burn out…..

Offer negotiation – the role of a great intermediary

Why working with a bunch of foodies is a good thing!

Too much information?

Drafting a perfect CV

Women ruling the world…

Do you suffer from Monday blues? It doesn’t have to be this way...

Loyalty- is it enough to make you stay at your current firm?

The Only Way is Birmingham

Careers Fair

Is Conveyancing due a facelift?

Interview Success lies in…Research, Preparation and Personality!

Ramadan and Recruitment

Why such a long commute?

BREXIT – an early look at its potential impact on a manufacturing client

Compromise is the best way to hot up your NQ solicitor job search

It’s a conveyancers world

Assessing your options

A Route to Success

Should I leave my permanent role to give contracting a go?

Bristol – Quality Not Quantity

Don’t believe everything you hear

Difficult Conversations

Candidate rich market for Commercial Property

Big brother is watching you…

Processes aren’t boring…. Honest!

Sometimes The Things We Can’t Change, End Up Changing Us

Why Use a Recruitment Consultant When You Can Do It Yourself?

Shocking behaviour in the recruitment process, you might be surprised by who!

Solicitors Journal

Qualification quandaries?

How to prepare for an interview

The DNA of a Champion

The benefits of team work

Should you take an interim role, which might entail compromise around salary or level of responsibility, or should you stay on the golf course / gym whilst waiting for that perfect permanent job to arise

Worst interview ever?

Much Ado About a Brexit?

NQ solicitors – where do you see yourself in ten years?

Panama Papers….NQ’s know all about it!

The importance of ensuring that the information on your CV is correct

Great Britain's Cycling Team's Chimp Within

Career Plans

Don’t be a mouse – Stand out.

BCL Graduates supports BPP Birmingham Spring Careers Fair

Continued Demand for Real Estate Lawyers.

Can I delay my start date?

Home is where the heart is!

Going back is not always a bad thing!

South East vacancy trends, a summary of a recent Vacancysoft and APSCo report

Been there…. Done that….

Probationary Review

Why flexibility can be key

BCL Graduates

The best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be!

Combat The Competition

UK productivity gap

A marathon or a sprint?

Collaborative Hiring – the effective way to recruit

Are you serious??

Out of your comfort zone?

A bike commuter’s thoughts on the next generation of lawyers

Is it Time for Change?

My First Month at BCL Legal

NQ Careers Roadshow Hits Leeds

Maternity Leave – Does this mean career suicide?!

NQ careers roadshow – Sheffield and Newcastle

Counter offers - Deal-breakers?

Brexit - Where are the facts?

The Future of Conveyancing?

Spoilt for choice….

How does the shipping market impact shipping law recruitment?

The Law and the Economy

Working as a locum post maternity

Interview tips to help you be ‘the one’!

BCL Legal Supports Manchester BPP Law School’s ‘Career Ready Day’

You have 45 days to recruit or lose your hiring budget!

Working from home – benefits for the employee


April kicked off with…. April fools!

Are you afraid to read this blog?

Are you looking to recruit? Here are some top tips to consider before you do…

Social Media and its impact on your job prospects

It is the Time of Year for Fresh Starts!

What does it take to be successful in the City?

To leave, or not to leave: That is the question

Commitment to the process

BCL Legal held it’s first national careers roadshow in Sheffield

Burning bridges

Any saddle will do

Considering all your options is vital when accepting a job offer!

Flexible working

Residential Property Locums

The importance of networking

New Year, New Career…from Courtroom Drama to BCL Legal.

Agile Working on a Global Scale…

Reasonable and unreasonable demands in the recruitment process

What does 2016 have in store for residential property lawyers?

It's not what you said, it's the way you said it!

Litigate litigate litigate…..

Getting ‘onboard’ with BCL Legal

BCL Graduates Talks to Students at Leeds Beckett University Law School, Thursday 11 February 2016

A successful recruitment process is determined by you the client

“Work in Progress” What about Work and Progress? (Part 2)

A Fairy tale

Calling all recruitment consultants. - Why would you want to work anywhere else except BCL Legal?

Your wish is my command…

Here's what a hiring manager scans for when reviewing résumés

Let's all say ‘Welcome’ to January!

Stepping into management

Chinese New Year

Do you Love Your Job?

Unsuccessful interview?  5 top tips to get the result you are looking for

So tell me what you want what you really really want

BCL legal Trainee Solicitor Roadshow

It’s all in the detail

FELT Breakout Event

“Work in Progress” What about Work and Progress? (Part 1)

Corporate Law is back.

How can you go from being the best candidate a recruiter is representing to the worst

Job searching vs flat pack furniture

How are oil prices affecting the shipping industry?

Battle Royal

Acquisition/mergers and threat of redundancy

Calling all 2016 qualifiers. Are you ready for the race?

The Future of PI

Look Before You Leap

Happy New Year – Happy New Career

The improving job market in the UK

What should you expect from your recruitment consultant?

Happy New Year! Happy New You! Happy New Job!

Happy New Year – Happy New Career

First Impressions - how to create a bad one!

What would your gift job look like?

Misconceptions about the recruitment industry

May the force be with you

Career Break Doesn’t Mean Career Suicide

Love at first sight

New Year, New Job – 9 reasons that good employees quit

Why you should always accept the right job, even if the salary is lower than you would like.

Swiping right for your career

December is finally here!

A time for reflection on the residential property market in 2015 and what 2016 will bring

Why use a specialist recruitment agency?

BCL Graduates attend BPP University

The New Year Recruitment Drive Starts NOW!

Calling all Commercial Litigators!!

One of the most important questions at interview, is often the final one, “Do you have any questions?”

Are you making the most of your career in law?

Team management – Lessons all managers learn from the demise of Stuart Lancaster.

Female lawyers –focus on what you can do, not what you can’t!

Don’t forget to take your holidays!

How can employee’s best add value to an employer?

Chateauneuf de pap

Video Interviews

How do you get through an interview when the interviewer doesn’t know what they want?

Returning to Work After a Career Break

First impressions count

The wonderful West Midlands

BCL Legal meets the Newcastle JLD Committee  

Questions every lawyer should avoid during an interview

Dear Santa

Do difficult interviews lead to better job matches? In summary, yes.

Understanding local cultures and business methods when recruiting

What’s in a name?

Survival of the Employment lawyer

Hello recruitment, my old friend

Part Time Power Partners!

Get the basics right to help your interview succeed.

Tis the season to be…… sick???

Does size matter?

New Year, New Start!

And the winners are?

Working 9-5? Has that ship sailed?

Getting Started

Strong Autumn retention rates for newly qualified solicitors….. Paralegals is it time to plan ahead?

Four Wheels Bad, Two Wheels Good

Making The Move

Contingent Legal Recruitment v Search Legal Recruitment – Myths dispelled

Why you should register with BCL Legal (if you are looking for a new job)!


Training Contracts – the only route to qualification ???

Wage growth reaches six year-high, but unemployment rate remains unchanged

How can you answer the very wide interview question “tell me about yourself” without boring to death the interviewer?

Crime Really Doesn’t Pay

Stamp Duty Reforms saves buyers almost £2 billion!

East is East….

Landmark Victory For Irwin Mitchell

Why Use a Recruitment Agent if you can Apply Directly or Know Someone at the Firm?! – Part 2

BCL Legal Sponsors Thomson Reuters & Practical Law’s Leading Small and Medium Legal Teams Forum.

You are the perfect hire, but sorry, the tests say “no”.

5 things to consider in a counter-offer situation

BCL Legal Sponsors FELT Launch Party in Manchester

A guide to working as a temporary document review lawyer.

Does your in-house legal team contribute to the success of a company?

Keep the Faith

Document Review Lawyers


Interviewers want to recruit you, not reject you

What does the ideal Paralegal profile look like?

North West Commerce and Industry Group In-house Awards Dinner 2015

Farewell BCL Legal!

Back to school, back to law, back to reality! BCL help make that reality work for you.

"Generation Y” lawyers are moving away from the partnership track. But for different reasons than some law firm partners might think.

BCL Legal- Conveyancing awards

Life as a Commuter….

Skype interviews and how to prepare

Why choose a career in private practice?

Proposed Fixed Fees For Clinical Negligence

Fewer opportunities to move up, so workers are choosing to move on

The average CV is read for between 60 and 180 seconds. Make sure yours makes a good impression!

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”

Conveyancing Awards….Winners announced

Joining Forces

Trainee Retention

BCL Legal to sponsor the conveyancing awards 2015

Erotic Fiction

A View of London

Going back to work for your old boss? No, seriously? Really?

Is my CV too long, does size really matter?

Very British problems - small talk and networking

Stressed at work? Become a locum

Just what is a 'following'? - and, contrary to popular belief, you might actually have one after all!

You know you’re a law student when…

Pitfalls of lengthy notice periods

‘North-Shoring’ – Get ready for a renaissance of the regions!

NQ’s decision time… pave the rest of your legal career by making the right choice now

Are there enough hours in the day?

Don’t take your foot off the gas!

Blurred lines…

NQ Solicitors - Time to think outside the box

Will we be replaced by robots?

Career paralegal or trainee solicitor?

Property Boom

2015 – The year of the newly qualified solicitor

September NQs... We want you! 


First impressions count

Competition for in house positions at the paralegal level - ensure you turn up

Career Paralegal or Trainee Solicitor?

Transactional Talent Search

Caffeine and the workplace, are we really helping ourselves?

London Calling

CV spelling mistakes

Languages, Languages, Languages

The recruitment process

NQ season comes to a close

Why an effective recruitment process is (always) key and even more so now!

I'll do it tomorrow

Why a rising economy has a negative impact on recruitment

The importance of updating changes of circumstances

No let up in the demand for residential property lawyers

Talent deficit and HR – the biggest challenge to company growth and success!

Candidate generation in a buoyant market

Why use a legal recruitment agency?

How portable is your personal following?

Spend a little, get a lot

Please stay in touch!

Redundancies Planned For National PI Firm

Why use a recruitment agent if you can apply directly or know someone at the firm?! – Part 1

Happy Hopping

Government flash sale could mean the property divide is wider than ever

Interview to the end

Document Review – Is it a smart move?

One year in….

How to get the most out of your Vacation scheme

Interviewing in a competitive market

Talk to your clients

Will you be affected by the proposed changes to clinical negligence?

Looking after your own

LFS Conveyancing awards 2015!!

Why do in-house lawyers look for a new job?

Interviews are a Two Way Process

Working hard 'behind the scenes'

Tips at Interview

Is shared parental leave the way forward?

Lawyers from overseas to the UK…

The 24 hour divorce

If you are considering a move, now’s the time to take the plunge!

Lawyers hire people they feel they can have fun with!

A View of the Midlands In House Interim Scene

Growth in the number of interim assignments

Your CV is your song

Paralegals - The new route to qualification?

Growing Pains

Summer lull, is it a myth that recruitment slows down?

The rise of private client law

House prices continue to rise despite pre election fear

Business is mad not to embrace flexible working*

Have in house interviews become more intense over the years?

What makes a good candidate?

Conveyancing News in South East – Boom or Bust!

The importance of not checking your e-mails when on holiday

How to Secure that all important Newly-Qualified Position

How important is networking?

Ignorance isn’t always bliss

Flexible Firms

Quit to win

What's in store for clinical negligence practitioners?

Chin up, better luck next time

Million pound properties

Why choose recruitment?

Training Contracts: Is it worth it?

The race to the finish line

Moving In House as a NQ Solicitor – 4 Myths to Dispel

Its decision time for NQ’s

Yorkshire V’s London

Showcasing the right attitude at interview

Problems need solutions, don't ignore them!

Got that Friday feeling??

Life always begins with one step outside of your comfort zone

Generation Dinosaur

Lawyer Salaries in the UK – Throwing light on a recent misleading Telegraph article

MTSG & MYSG quiz at Ark

2015 – ‘The Year of the Buy Back’?

Going round in circles

You can’t put a price on team spirit

What is the point?

Starting work


So what does a recruitment consultant actually do?

Preparing for a Skype interview

Conflict in the work place and when is it the end of the road?

Does your recruiter’s brand affect your job search?

It’s a wonderful World (Wide Web)

How does a 4 year PQE pensions lawyer get offered 3 in-house commercial jobs?

Candidates Key Motivation for a Move in a Post Recession Market

5 essential considerations to make before accepting a new position

ABS – The breaks are off

UK Housing market waking up after a subdued first quarter!

The bigger picture...don't be swayed by the numbers!

What’s in a name? Keeping your maiden name in the workplace.

Alternative Steps to Qualification

Half term chaos!

Whether you are a politician looking for re-election or in business 'Trust' is what matters

What's the deal with Europe?

Kissing frogs

Mind The Gap

A Guide to Using Social Media

Is the air-con on?

How do you know if you are really looking for a new job?

Beating the competition

First impressions

Clients – a guide to getting value

Paralegals - Should I stay or should I go?

The benefits of taking a holiday from work

What are some of the benefits to a company in hiring an In-house lawyer?

How to decide which discipline to qualify into...

When it comes to residential property recruitment, think outside the box

Is it better to grow organically or through lateral hires?

Success – a shoe-in

How important is location?

Top 10 tips for preparing an effective ‘in-house budget’

Lawyers are amazing… here's why!

The Apprentice

Is Document Review for you?

Change in direction

What do candidates want from recruiters?

Interview Tips – Not so tricky questions…

London - Corporate trends

A day in the life of a Team Assistant

Transition to legal recruitment

Changes in criminal legal aid

Is there any flexibility… in relation to your perfect candidate?

Top Questions to ask at an interview

Changing job sectors

Out with the old and in with the new

The memory of a poor result, lingers long after the delight of a low price…

Insurance and PI Update 2015

Is it time to Reconsider Your Future as a Sole Practitioner?

Every dog has its day

A question of quality

Do the maths…then things will add up and fall into place.

Workplace Culture

Should I stay or should I go? Handling a counter offer.

The difficulties of recruiting from the Generation Y talent pool

BCL Legal host first career talks of the season with the Leeds Junior Lawyer Division

Why are certain clients unable to fill their vacancies?

Could you work with your sister?

Have you considered becoming a 'NED?'

Promotion – Isn’t it time you had one?

Flexible Working…

8 Common Body Language Mistakes

Happy Birthday to Us!

Do’s and Don’ts at interview…

I'm leaving on a jet plane

In house legal vacancies and automated testing procedures

I’ve had mine, have you had yours?

Why does the role of legal now incorporate compliance and risk management?

Claimant PI on the demise? I don’t think so!

Clients be warned: Candidates have a choice so make sure your recruitment process is a good one!

Calling all Commercial Property lawyers!!!

Qualification comes early this year

The continued power shift from legal service provider to general counsel

A guide to working as a temporary document review lawyer

Change of circumstances? Need to request flexible working?

General Counsel influence continues to grow in part due to global regulation

Is it time for a CV MOT?

Do you love your job?

A strong kick off to 2015 for Private Practice Paralegal recruitment..

Time for a change?

50 shades of legal recruitment

BCL Legal’s 2015 Careers Talks confirmed in conjunction with the Leeds JLD

Does an in house legal career beckon?...don’t let you legal discipline put you off

Life After Maternity Leave

Counter offers – “too little, too late”?

Is there something missing…?

What we really do...

Offensive interviewers

What are Partners looking for?

Don’t be afraid to compromise

BCL Legal – What it’s like on the inside…

How experienced is too experienced in the Legal World

Fitting in fitness

New Year, new job and the first 100 days…..

So you have hired somebody new – what do you do now?

Should I stay or should I go?

In the office all hours? Find a firm that works for you...

The road not taken (as much) the path back into private practice…

Help to buy supports 73,000 home sales

How do in-house lawyers grow their ‘value’?

2015 – The best year ever, again?

Seeking a new Legal Role up to two years PQE

‘Major moment in the British recovery’ according to George Osborne.

Why private practice isn’t so bad

New Year New Start!

How very rude…

A killer question at interview

How to land a GC role- what options are available

Do you still need a law degree to be a lawyer?

Stamp Duty Changes….Will this have a knock on effect in the recruitment of residential property professionals?

Don’t believe the hype

A corporate Christmas tale

It’s the most wonderful time of the year

All I want for Christmas is…. a new job… as an in house lawyer?

Time for a festive break

Happy New Year – Happy New Career

It’s official: “HR Directors forced to change recruitment strategy for top talent”

Will we ever see a perfect CV…?

“Teamwork makes the dream work”

Jingle & Mingle Event

Feedback is knowledge…..why it’s important to provide feedback as part of the interview process.

Things not gone to plan?

Emerging market for second career lawyers

Recruiting PSLs

The Killer End Question….

2014, the year of the Conveyancer.

When can an interview go wrong?

Shared leave

To include or not to include, that is the question….

Is working in the law the best way to make your career recession-proof?

In the words of The Beautiful South… “I need a little time, to think it over…”

How has the job search landscape changed over the past two decades?

Charity begins at home

Why the most costly and ‘involved' recruitment processes actually mean company’s lose out in the race for talent!

Because you’re worth it

Highest paid jobs in 2014

Looking for a fresh start in 2015?

The apprentice- you're hired!

Recruitment and online dating; what’s the difference?

BCL Legal sponsors the Leeds JLD Black and White Ball

Technicality vs Personality – Is one more important than the other?

The impact of going AWOL following your job application

When companies pay too much…

North West Dealmaker Awards 2014

Management – a poisoned chalice or the best job in the world?

And the winners are...

You train - you gain. Why is training so important?

Retraining into industrial disease

Conundrum of a paralegal

United States of London

Christmas is closing in – does this mean recruitment is quieter?

Travel/Relocation For That Golden Opportunity – Is it all worth it?

Why you should always keep track of your CV

What motivates you?

The importance of giving candidates feedback

Relocation relocation relocation

How best to use a recruiter to find your dream in-house legal job!

CVs and the 30 second test – how does your CV compare?

BCL Graduates attends University of Northampton careers in Law day

Why use recruitment agencies?

When will 2014’s NQ season end?

There’s no time like the (Christmas) present…

BCL Legal – Why wouldn’t you work here?

It’s not true!

Focus on the positives

The Evolving Role of the General Counsel

Business confidence and Legal Recruitment

Have you considered your career aspirations recently… I recently did and look where I ended up!!

Celebrating Conveyancing

Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail

I posted a picture of my new tattoo on Twitter and my boss saw it on Facebook

Work for Construction Lawyers is set to increase

Back to BCL Legal, the right role?

If at first you don't succeed try, try again... When looking to make the move in-house!!

Why being flexible in your job search for an in-house legal role is appropriate but having no parameters is not!

Just call me Mrs Clooney...

The Importance of seeing the interview process out

Bristol is Best!

With the Jackson reforms having been in place for well over a year, which section of the legal profession has emerged as a winner?

"Flexibility" - the great taboo

Handling pressure and stress

The Art and Wisdom of the Blog

CV inaccuracies – thoughts to consider

Stress in the City

A Positive Attitude

Think about your ‘status’ before updating your status!

NQ’s choices…choices…. make the right choices…. So what choice should I make?

Commercial Property – The Rise, Growth and Opportunities Available

The rise of the “Extreme Commuter”

BCL Legal sees a 56% increase in conveyancing jobs year on year

Countless questions of varying levels of importance.

Where have all the lawyers gone?

How To Solve The Residential Conveyancing Skills Shortage!

Demand for Staff Outstripping Supply

The technical test at interview – What it takes to Pass!

Find a new job, take the pain away

Conveyancing awards highlight a bright future

Can you be too honest in recruitment...

"Thank you for your application, but..." - the frustration of being a law graduate

Conveyancing Awards….Winners announced

To be or not to be part of the CLC

Dressing for the occasion

Boost for new builds...

Should you be able to decide your own annual leave allowance?

BCL vs 3 well known legal recruitment jobs boards

Will you always get the best quality if you push for cheaper fees? Why BCL Legal is worth every penny.

Skilled talent, an improving economy and the increase in ‘passive’ candidates – the relationship between recruitment partners and employers

How committed are you to moving jobs?

Lack of Conveyancers…..Are we at a crisis point?

Honesty really is the best policy when it comes to your next career move, in particular with “Location, Location, Location.”

It is September and you don’t have an NQ position – what to do next.

People people people

Know what you want

Holiday Emails

Work Experience

A celebration of hard work – Manchester TSG Committee Handover

The bell tolls for the training contract?

The growing demand for language skills

Seeking…commercial property lawyers looking for a move in-house

Video technology and the Candidate Interview – Business wasting time and money on face-to-face interviews

Property Lawyers take advantage of market conditions

What you assume to be easier, ends up being harder – why is that?

Strong First Six Months for BCL Legal’s In-house Team

5 reasons you should use a recruitment specialist

Feels something like summertime

The Yorkshire Legal Awards: putting Leeds firmly on the legal map

Investment in the North promises to increase opportunities for lawyers across a range of sectors

There is more to recruitment than you might well first think!

Recognition for the North West’s most influential business women

Never bluff an interview again! Questions to think about and answers to use!

Is the race for the top worth the scars on the way up?

Big Up to the East Midlands!

Chasing the elusive work-life balance

Why do all Corporate/ Commercial Solicitors want to move in-house?

Calling all in house lawyers to 'Lean-In'

The Lawyer Awards 2014

Recruitment and the Digital Age

What to do when you’re counter offered…

Renaissance of the UK car industry and its positive impact on the in-house legal sector

Paralegal to Partner in the world of Clinical Negligence

Buyer demand continues to boom…

ID growth

Career progression through the eyes of the recently promoted

Career Options Post Maternity

Fixed Term Contract Roles

Don't wait until you have an offer to decide if this is the right role for you!

Why big is best

Employers seek to increase permanent workforce, says REC survey

BCL Legal provides work experience for a trio of school leavers this summer

Boom and Bust

Who do we act for: “Client business” or “Candidate Lawyer”

9 Months In Legal Recruitment – Similar to 9 months of pregnancy - The trials and tribulations!

Choices choices choices

BCL Legal: Proud Sponsors of the 2014 Law Firm Services Conveyancing Awards for the second year running

What makes people leave their jobs, and what makes them stay?

World cup fever

BCL Legal attends the University of Law London Leavers’ Fair

Are the Mitchell Reforms clogging up the Courts?

Defendant PI/Insurance market – Thriving or Defunct?

A recent survey of lawyers made bleak reading for women in the profession...

What a difference a year makes

Resignation; what to do if you get cold feet

Working as a Paralegal

Buzz words in CVs – clichés or a clever way to get you noticed?

Hello Mr FD, can I have another lawyer please...

The In-house Legal sector is looking bright this summer

Breaking down barriers

May-hem for job seekers across the UK

Housing market slows down……

The first 6 months of 2014

US company investment in the North West

Demand for Commercial Property Solicitors across Yorkshire

The resurgence of the Yorkshire in house recruitment market

Rising Employment, unfilled vacancies and the average wage. A Legal perspective.

Number of chartered legal executives to grow 17% in next 10 years

Q&A with Vicky Clark, Director and Co-Founder of legal recruitment business BCL Legal and

Stay at home Mum… or Dad?

Why is now the right time to make the move in-house

I love real estate, amongst other things

Calling all commercial paralegals

The ‘economy is gathering momentum says ONS’ – has this benefited the in-house legal market in 2014?

Birmingham is booming!

Another NW company listing, another opportunity for an in-house lawyer?

Birmingham - the land of opportunity!

Yorkshire and the North East In house legal salary survey

First time buyers and demand for residential conveyancers

Why Manchester now offers a real alternative to London for your next legal move...

Can you really grow your own?

Returning to work after maternity leave – placing legal professionals in Liverpool and Merseyside

Legal Professionals with Language Skills

BCL Graduates confirms its support at the Leavers’ Fair for the Second Year Running

Is London still the land of milk and honey? Not for insurance litigation.

So what do you do if you cannot find the “perfect” candidate to fill your vacancy, Part 1

Added value recruitment service

The importance of being Earnest

North West in-house lawyer salaries

The benefits of making a Will

Commercial Property and other near death experiences

The benefits of choosing one recruiter

Green shoots from the City and beyond

Are ABSs the future of legal services in the UK?

The increase in specialist In-house Legal roles in 2014

2014. How is it shaping up so far for in-house lawyers?

The growth in legal temps, legal resourcing and legal recruitment

A Day in the Life of an Interim Recruiter

BCL Legal seeks conveyancers or legal professionals looking to re-train into conveyancing across Leicester, Northampton and Manchester.

New directions in your legal career

The long road from chambers to recruitment

The rise of the ABS

Woolf Reforms In Action With Clinical Negligence Cases

Counter offers and why not to accept them

Conveyancing is booming – how do you set your business apart so you can attract fantastic staff?

Focus on In House Legal Privilege

Qualifying as a Solicitor in 2014

UK employment given boost by the wet weather, says ManpowerGroup

The state of the UK legal recruitment market. Things to think about whilst your on the beach this summer…or maybe not!

The Art of Conversation

'Top tips' to help plan your in-house legal career

Why don't (sought after) lawyers respond to direct company job adverts?

Mitchell - Revenge of the Plebs

A brave new world or just another great idea that won’t stick?

With more in-house vacancies available clients are often competing for the same talent. To ‘win’, their recruitment process had better be effective!

“CV Blind” interviews – removing bias or enforcing the status quo?

Document Review – Smart Gap Filling or Career Killing?

Just when you thought it was safe….

Is this the end for High Street conveyancing departments??

Prep like a boss!

The Rise of a Legal Centre in Southampton

MJLD Rio Carnival Ball

So what do you do if you cannot find the “perfect” candidate to fill your vacancy, Part 2

Conveyancing Boom

The intrinsically beautiful relationship between pay and performance

Locums; Holiday Cover

In-house Interview Tips

Thinking of using a recruiter?

Would you recommend a career as an in-house lawyer to others?

A growth in confidence in the North West legal market brings a new era of non fee earning roles.

Recruiting and Retaining Top Legal Talent

Want to work for an NHSLA Panel Member firm?

Winter Working Struggles……

Return of the claimant PI market...

How quickly the market changes…

What do you value in a manager?

The nominations at The Lawyer awards for In-house C&I team of the year 2014 are...

Newly Qualified season starts early!

On the up - in-house interim recruitment

Hiring an interim lawyer

Should you move in house as a newly qualified solicitor?

Pitfalls of lengthy notice periods

2014 In-house Recruitment Market Update – Job seekers gaining a stronger bargaining position

Flexible working patterns and the in house lawyer

Conveyancing boom exposes skills “gap” which has a knock on affect on the turn around time for qualified conveyancers versus non qualified conveyancers.

The number of in-house solicitors has doubled since 2000!

Notice Period Pitfalls

Enthusiasm – the great divider?

Why am I unhappy in my job?

Why Making A Compromise Doesn’t Have To Be A Negative

BCL Legal proud to be working with the Birmingham Trainee Solicitor Society for 2013 - 2014

A bird in the hand...

BCL Legal welcomes in the new Leeds JLD Committee at the annual handover

2013 LFS Conveyancing Conference & Awards

The impact of Article 50 in property

Calling all newly qualified solicitors

What do you expect from job interviews?

New Year – New Job?

Rise in house sales and how it has affected residential conveyancing recruitment

Motivation + Recognition = Dedication??

Committed to the cause. Why being thoughtful and honest will make all the difference.

What is an Exit Interview?

Interview do’s and don’ts

Calling to speak about your next career move?

All hail the rise of the Private Client Lawyer

Calling all in-house commercial lawyers…

Why recruitment? Why me?

Administration Support – The Backbone Of Any Successful Office

The Cheshire Life

The return of Corporate Solicitors

Will my LinkedIn photo have an impact on my chances of getting a job?

First interview, or first interview in years? A brief refresher

The next step – stick, twist or no choice?

Leeds continues to dominate as the leading legal centre outside of London

Should I use a recruitment agency?

Personal Injury Vacancies – The PI Jobs Market Lives On Despite Jackson

Should I stay or should I go now…

Always "follow through"

JLD's and TSG's - to join or not to join.

Yorkshire isn’t all about Leeds


The best way to give feedback

Paralegal Recruitment

Dealing with clients can be tough

Slips, trips and Justice

Highs and lows of the current conveyancing market

Newly Qualified Lawyer's FAQs

London Locums

NQ Interviews – The Secret to Success.

The Fraud Boom

What’s the difference between high street and volume conveyancing firms?

Corporate Law – the deals are back on!

When you are recruiting, it is best to remember that "life is a two way street"

Have you ever fancied a career in recruitment?

The Road to Riches

Educating Clients...

Appraisals in the work place.

Qualifying as a Solicitor in 2013

Networking Tips

How to Succeed at Interview - Interview Tips

Improving property market means residential conveyancing lawyers are in demand!

BCL Legal Careers Talks 2013

I’m a solicitor in a busy legal market – can I achieve a pay rise?

Managing a counter offer during resignation

Taking Your First Step on the Legal Career Ladder

Re-training into insurance fraud

Stay-cations, Work-cations, pre-cations, what is going on?

Putting together a CV - advice for NQ Solicitors

C&I Group Re-launch event

Wine tasting evening with the Leeds JLD

BCL celebrate 10 years at Rosso Manchester

Rise of the Residential Conveyancing Market in Yorkshire and the North East

Monday Blues

How to boost the working blues

HELP its June and I don’t have an NQ position yet

Is property the new personal injury?

Inch wide, mile deep mentality: Why specialising is a good move for your legal career?

Life begins at...

Why not to criticise your current firm or competitors during an interview

Leeds Careers Talks Thursday 6th March, Central Bar Leeds.

Perfect Storm and the Commercially sensible life raft

The central tenet of 21st century western philosophy seems to be I tweet therefore I am

Signs of a strong Yorkshire NQ market in 2017

A guide to working as a temporary document review lawyer…

Preparing for an In-house interview: some subtle differences you should consider

New year, new opportunities for personal injury solicitors to cross over into the realm of clinical negligence

Crime Really Doesn’t Pay

2014 – The year of the Private Client lawyer?

To go or not to go….that is the question

A day in the life of a legal recruitment consultant - Claire Blackburn

Is there such a thing as a work/life balance?

2014 – The best year ever?

Securing your NQ job in Leeds and West Yorkshire - now is the time to act!

Criminal Defence - the latest victim of reform

Money, Money, Money

The shifting landscape in the Midlands legal market.

The changing legal landscape

Merseyside Junior Lawyers Division Charity ‘Espionage’ Ball

Graduates: How important is work experience? [Infographic]

Why BCL Legal?

'Character' needed for young people to get top jobs

The Rise of the Operations Manager within Defendant Insurance Departments

First foot forward into Spring..

Working with your recruiter

How to handle job rejection

Why a long interview process is a turn off for lawyers

Sign of the times

How to ensure you secure the best solicitors for your firm

The Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group celebrate Christmas in style at the Palace Hotel

Technical Testing at Interview

Not just a postbox

How to grab the attention of the reader!

BCL Legal NQ Seminar

Are you a trainee solicitor still looking for an NQ job?

Bright Lights, Big City…………Birmingham?

Is 2013 the year of the property/construction solicitor?

Is the new year a good time to be looking for a new legal job?

The Benefits Of Fixed Term Contract Jobs In London

2013 sees a huge increase in demand for solicitors in Leeds and West Yorkshire

The importance of knowing why at interview

Interview do's and don'ts

If You Don’t Know The Answer – Please Ask Somebody Who Does!

Top 3 characteristics employers look for at interview

NQ Interviews – How to make an impression

Commercial Property – An Improving Market

5 seminars at 5 firms in Manchester, in 140 characters or less…

Why working in Professional Indemnity Insurance is the best place to be…

New Year, New Job?

The Recruitment Process – the personal touch

The advantages of using a Legal Recruitment Consultant

Is it too soon for a blog about solicitor jobs in 2013?

Making your mind up… before you engage a recruiter

So you have had your legal interview and legal job offer - what happens next?

What not to do in an interview!

The Pitfalls of a Strong Online Presence

Residential Property Jobs are on the Increase

Writing a great CV

The gender gap – what ambitious female in-housers can do to push their career on

How to handle a counter offer

The Daily Commute

Why are you looking for a new Job?

Why lying on a CV could leave you searching for a new job

Purple bricks and mortar

Are you a residential property lawyer looking for a different career path?

Jackson Reforms – Implementation

Confronting First Day Fears

Rise of the Machines

Do you have the X-Factor?

Culture eats strategy for breakfast… and key to culture is recruitment!

One sore nipple but feeling very happy

Moving firms when qualifying as a solicitor..

Insurance Trend Update for the Midlands/South West

Commonly Asked Interview Questions

The Holy Grail of partnership – Still worth it?

Birmingham Newly Qualified Solicitor Market Update – What is hot and what is not?

Interview Preparation – should past experiences influence how you prepare?

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Vicky Clark shares her top tips for attending law fairs

Residential conveyancing jobs in the Home Counties

Multiple job offers

Lack of communication leads to frustration... at home and at work!

The Use of Personality Profiling in Building a Successful Legal Team

Recruitment is hard!

Legal recruitment jargon explained – what is contingency recruitment?

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Legal Recruitment Market in the North of England

Competency Interviews

LPC Graduates

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The Chartered Institute of Legal Executives

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Honesty is the Best Policy

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BCL Legal’s Birmingham NQ Seminar March 2012

MTSG Summer Ball – Thurs 12th July 2012

Is bigger always better when it comes to choosing a law firm to work in?

The Secret to Interview Success

Beware the Olympics 2012 (and the Cookie Monster)

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What a legal professional should never say during an interview

Career advice for in-house lawyers - How do you move from junior counsel to general counsel?

Commercial Acumen and the NQ Solicitor

The office Secret Santa Dilemma

A Legal Recruitment Consultant at BCL Legal – What we do and how we can help you?

Solicitors… why choose Newcastle?

If Carlsberg did In-house lawyers

The eve of a new era? Has your legal career suffered under the coalition government…

The Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group celebrate their Christmas Ball at Gorton Monastery

Our final in house seminar of 2011 to complete a busy year!

The 2012 seminar season begins…

How to prepare for an interview

BCL NQ seminar and why it isn’t ‘too soon’ to make an in-house move

Finding a New Career - New Year, New Job?

Yet another acronym…

Free CPD seminars in the Midlands

When is the right time to leave London and relocate to Leeds?

From Paralegal to Solicitor

NQ’s CVs Making the Best of yours.

What to do to prepare for an Interview

Are the Government incentives creating a “push” in the market?

Don’t sign your job search away….

Are you hiring? Understanding the candidate interview "experience"

Cameron and Clarkson: The new anti fraud poster boys?

Opportunities in far off locations

Newly Qualified Season Gets Off To a Positive Start

Why do so many new hires fail within the first 18 months of starting a job?

Three questions you will always be asked at interview

The return of Construction Solicitors

Why Recruitment Processes Can Be Fatally Flawed

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Seminar Season

BCL Legal Midlands Expands with New Appointment

What not to do when looking for a new job

How important is maintaining a healthy work/life balance and more importantly- how can this be improved?

CV Accuracy

How best to prepare for a job interview.

Inspirational In-house lawyers

In-house - the better place for females

Legal recruitment in Merseyside and Cheshire gets busier and busier….

Why should I use a legal recruitment consultant?

The rise of the legal inbetweeners

How to write a good CV

Bank Holidays

Calling all Commercial Solicitors

Interviews – Fail to prepare, prepare to fail

Business development- how important an element is it in a lawyer’s job?

Newly qualified 1st, 2nd or 3rd choice – how selective should/can I be?

I am looking for a new job, can BCL Legal help me?

NQ Salaries – higher or lower?

BTSS Election Night

CV advice for NQ Solicitors

2013 Careers Talk - Don't Miss Out!

Time for a change?

BCL Legal Sponsors the Leeds JLD Summer Ball

Interview advice for Legal Jobs in London

Seven Points to note about Telephone Interviews

Are any law firm’s hiring in Manchester?

If at first you don't succeed, try try again!

Don't be Conservative about your conveyancing move!

Why Are You Looking For A New Job?

NQ Interviews – What to consider

A Guide To Becoming A Law Firm Partner

How To Deal With A Job Offer Rejection

Job Search Control

that is... Brand-in-a-Box

Dedicated to all you residential property lawyers out there!

West Midlands is UK's leading employment hotspot

5 Tips To A More Effective Cover Letter

MJLD Race Night

Paralegals seeking a training contract – is there an alternative route to qualification?

Life's not a race, it's a marathon

Black Ties & Bratwurst – making the most of networking opportunities

Why use a legal recruiter

Pinsent Masons Charity Ride Featuring Tom 'Wiggnot' Fleet

Solicitor to recruitment consultant – why I made the move…

Better job or more money? What is your real priority?

95% government backed mortgages….. are they going to save the day?

Working in Insurance Fraud – 3 Frequently Asked Questions

Interview Preparation: Why you should listen to your recruitment consultant

Is a move to Saudi Arabia on the cards?

Positioning yourself for an NQ role

Paternity Leave and the Gender Pay Gap

To be retained or not to be retained? That is the question

How to stay motivated during your job search

Salary reviews – any change?

Why you should use a recruitment agency?

A Day in the life of a London Team Administrator

Working (or not working) habits

Substance rather than polish

The rise of Disease Claims

North West In-house Legal Awards 2012

Why you shouldn’t put your job search on hold because Christmas is around the corner……….

Proposed ban on referral fees in personal injury cases – How will effect personal injury recruitment?

Forget Interviews; Hire Anyone

How much procrastinating is too much?

I’m a commercial litigation lawyer…get me out of here!

North West In-house Legal Awards 2012

I hate my job! Should I quit now or wait until I’ve found a new one?

A closer look at the Sheffield legal scene

So you have accepted the job…. What happens if you get cold feet?

Mergers and Acquisitions set to increase as we move into 2013

Keeping in touch with your legal recruiter

What are the benefits of working in a conveyancing role?

NQ Interviews – how confident should you be of your ability to do the job?

The 10 exit interview questions you must ask if you’re losing staff

The top reasons why job offers were turned down by lawyers in 2018

Looking back: working as an in-house legal recruiter in 2018

Is 2019 the year for the career change you've been looking for?

How to stay positive about your new job whilst working your notice period

Are you truly happy in your legal career or is it time to start looking for a new job?

Thinking of making your next legal career move? Here’s how to hit the ground running

What are the most important things to consider at the beginning of a job search

A new job or job longevity - what's better for my CV?

Why I chose to work in a new recruitment sector

Ultimate career direction: what you need to do to get to where you want

Job-hunting? If you know what you want, is it OK to ask for it?

Should you interview candidates who don't match your criteria?

The benefits of updating your legal recruiter, even if you’re not looking!

How do you know if it's the right time to move jobs?

Why it's so hard to fill 2-4 year PQE* lawyer roles, and how are other businesses finding a solution to the problem?

Should I stop looking for a job during the Christmas period?

'Moneyball' and recruitment: the search for undervalued talent

As a lawyer candidate, do you have the ‘X-Factor’?

Trust your instincts and question ulterior motives: thoughts on the ‘buyback’

Can I reapply for a job at a firm I was previously rejected from?

Why a good legal recruitment agency should operate with specialist teams

The demand for in-house commercial lawyers: changing conversations, business profiles

How to pinpoint, attract and acquire the right leaders for your legal business

The importance of working with industry-specific recruitment agencies

I don’t qualify until March – when should I start exploring my options?

The 10 exit interview questions you must ask if you’re losing staff

How to tackle the ‘I don’t know what I’m doing’ phase at your new job

The fine line between arrogance and confidence during an interview

Searching for your dream legal job - something out of a musical?

What are the most important things to do before you hand in your resignation?

Five things to be wary of if you change your mind after accepting a job offer

Recruitment and the rise of AI: a benefit or hindrance to candidates, hiring managers and recruiters?

The ultimate pre-interview checklist: don't overlook these details

Self-improvement during the ups and downs of a career in recruitment

Why you should instruct a dedicated in-house legal recruiter

Five of the most annoying office words and phrases

As a business, are you paying your in-house lawyers enough?

Recruiters: are you a lone wolf or a team player?

What does my (legal) recruiter actually do?

Do you feel desperate to secure a new legal job?

The appeal: flexible working and a career as an interim London lawyer

Ghosting – a worrying trend that’s hitting the legal job market

The traditional legal career – are times changing?

As a lawyer, what would you say to your 25-year-old self?

The questions you must ask yourself if you’re nearing qualification

A discussion of 2019’s global/EU law changes

All in a year… a round-up from BCL Legal’s conveyancing team

Data breaches after GDPR: a briefing from our recent in-house legal seminar

Are you a solicitor who's stuck on the ‘partnership ladder’?

Thinking about a move from legal practice into legal recruitment?

Stress as a solicitor: how to manage it to avoid burnout

Olivia Colman and a lesson for all of us

Brexit and your legal job search: what to do and when

Legal job searching and the importance of objectivity

When working as your legal recruiter, do you trust me?

Legal job interviews: how to make a good first impression

Locum solicitor jobs: how to transition from a perm role

Conveyancing jobs: what's the earning potential?

NQ solicitor jobs: all your questions answered

Event round-up: International Women’s Day: An Audience with Edwina Currie

Is it time to quit your in-house legal job?

Should I limit my legal job search to London?

Why I work as a recruitment consultant

8 simple rules for conducting a constructive interview process

Women act more like men when they have to ask women for money

Law firm jobs: top tips for the interview process

How many legal job applications should I make?

“We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”

Will AI take over legal jobs and the legal profession?

I've handed in my notice but I don't have another legal job lined up, what do I do?

Legal recruitment agencies: why we're not the bad guys

Solicitor jobs: should I stay or should I go?

Hiring managers: your legal recruiter needs you to help them to help you!

NQ solicitor jobs in Birmingham: how do I secure one?

The Great Fee Squeeze of 2019!

Becoming a document review lawyer in 2019

Where did it all go wrong? Why people leave within 6 months of starting a new legal job

How is Game of Thrones relatable to NQ season?

Is procrastination stalling your legal career?

Legal recruitment agency: friend or foe?

Don't rely on your in-house recruiter: instruct a legal recruiter and see 200% success

In-house solicitor vs private practice: an age-old debate

NQ season: guarding against qualifying into the wrong discipline

Landing NQ solicitor jobs: an interview refresher

Social media and securing a new legal job: help or hindrance?

The impact of delay in the recruitment process, and what hiring managers can do to manage this

I’ve got a final interview for my dream legal job… should I cancel the others?

5 tips for newly qualified solicitors

Working with a legal recruitment agency or not, every lawyer benefits from a pre-interview pep talk

When is it OK to cancel or rearrange an interview?

Working with legal recruitment agencies and the art of awkward conversation

Changing conveyancing jobs - moving with the times?

Recruiting clients: the importance of a thorough client brief (with the right stakeholders)

Is there a correct approach when pulling out of the interview process?

How to (best) answer the salary question at an interview

Is returning to legal recruitment after maternity leave like starting a new job?

BCL Legal Manchester continues work with the Booth Centre

The pitfalls of a newly qualified solicitor jobs search

Legal jobs: navigating your probationary period

How to make the interview process work for your law firm

Are you being paid your worth? 5 top tips on how to achieve a pay rise

Celebrating Volunteers Week with the Booth Centre

Legal jobs and flexible working

Legal recruiters are like personal trainers

I’m facing redundancy, what do I do?

Get out of town! A new direction for NQ lawyers?

How to make any interview interesting, engaging and effective for both you and the interviewer

NQ hiring trends: free legal jobs and careers advice

How to turn job rejection to your advantage

Legal recruitment agencies and consent

15 ways to turn off your interviewer

Conveyancing jobs and flexible working arrangements

What should I tell my legal recruitment consultant? Everything!

Work from home legal jobs - are they for everyone?

Promotion but no pay rise - an increasingly common dilemma

Legal recruitment agencies and USPs

Nottingham JLD & BCL Legal Careers Seminar

How long does it take to secure a document review role?

Legal recruitment agencies and training and development: intensive versus extensive

Are you taking the necessary steps to progress your career?

How to resist persuasion tactics throughout the recruitment process

To continue to be the best legal recruitment agency, we must gather and listen to feedback

Legal jobs Bristol: why you should live and work in this great city!

Paralegal jobs: how to gain experience as a law grad

Document review – a smart move?

Legal jobs: top 10 interview questions

Legal recruitment agencies: how to choose a good one

Solicitor jobs and work-life balance

The newly qualified jobs bottleneck

Law firm jobs: should I update my LinkedIn profile before I attend an interview?

Don't lose sight of the positives during offer-stage salary negotiations

A case of the Monday blues or is it time to look for a new job?

Five reasons why I find legal recruitment more fulfilling than legal practice

Enthusiasm: its importance as a leadership characteristic

Is it OK to talk about Love Island at a job interview?

Legal jobs Manchester and Liverpool: changing NW landscape

Conveyancing jobs and relocating: tips for job seekers

Over 40: is it too late to change career?

Managing a counteroffer after resignation

My first year in legal recruitment

Legal jobs and the ever-changing world of flexible working

Law firms and communication touchpoints

How will the 2020 Personal Injury reforms influence my employment prospects?

Conveyancing jobs: high street or large specialist firm?

I’m a newly qualified solicitor, how do I answer the question: where do I see myself in 5 years?

Legal jobs and applications: should your uni grade classification matter?

The damage you can do if you don't attend that interview!

Cardiff legal jobs - the perks of working in the capital of Wales

NQ solicitor jobs Leeds: season still going strong!

What challenges do you face in your new job?

What to do if you’ve fallen out of love with corporate law

Is your 'holiday' really a holiday?

I qualify in September; do I stay at my training firm or move on?

“I don’t like recruitment agencies…”

Factors to consider before you attend an interview

Make the right NQ jobs move

Conveyancing jobs: what flexible working should look like

Unconventional interview techniques – designed to put you off?

Getting fired doesn’t mean the end of your career

Legal jobs: how do you know when it’s time to move on?

Legal jobs: forms of recognition

Legal jobs and relocation: questions you’re likely to be asked at an interview

Brexit and buying a house

Recruiting partners: a little ingenuity can solve everything

How to talk less (and say more) in an interview

Generalise or specialise? Why focussing too early can be a 'bad' thing

A day in the life of a new legal recruiter

Should I apply for legal jobs directly or through a legal recruitment agency?

How to become a good networker in the legal world

Challenge or comfort – what type of lawyer are you?

How do you know when it’s the right time to move jobs?

Three frank tips for a better work-life balance

The Rugby World Cup Final 2019 and team buy-in

I haven't interviewed in ages, how should I prepare?

Working hours: lawyers are rewriting the rules

Does your socio-economic background have an impact on your legal career?

How to build more resilience at work

Trading forecast: factors affecting confidence in Manchester’s legal market

Money talks: salary negotiations

4 reasons why you shouldn’t ghost your recruiter

I’m a March 2020 qualifier – how soon do I need to start looking for an NQ job?

Conveyancing legal jobs: how to open the floodgates for the perfect hire

Is your legal CV showcasing the best version of you?

Your career: what needs to change in 2020?

For the sake of your career, don’t believe everything you hear

Are you done with your legal career?

The changing face of legal recruitment – what do you think?

The long-term impact if you fail to attend a scheduled interview

An interview with one of our 2019-appointed Associates and non-practising solicitor

Using the right process in your legal jobs search

FTSE 250 recruitment agency versus a specialist legal recruitment agency

Legal jobs: relocating to Manchester

Law graduate jobs: interview tips

Setting New Year resolutions that have legs

Why use a legal recruiter and what do we need from you?

What discipline should I quality into as a March NQ solicitor?

Two clients, similar advice, two different responses...

Tips for Antipodean lawyers moving to the UK

Why does my recruiter ask questions about other interviews?

Coronavirus pushes legal interviews online: tips on how to nail a video interview

Making dreams reality

Flexible Working: Is It For Me?

What to do when you’re losing motivation at work (specifically in a target driven environment)?

Assessing a Law Firm's Culture

What does a Legal Recruiter in London actually do?

Why I enjoy working in recruitment, and why you could too

Passing your probation – what you need to know

Tips for NQs

The importance of transferable skills

Are you getting the training and support you need as a junior solicitor?

What do Judges do and why is the Judiciary so important?

Your legal CV - top tips on content, style and structure

Finding a good balance with home working - the now and the future

How to prepare for an online interview

Is the new age of remote working opening up more opportunities for lawyers?

Finding a good cultural fit in the age of Zoom

Why should you consider the North West for your first qualified legal role?

Flexible working in 2021: what does the future hold?

How has Covid-19 impacted the NQ market?

How to answer the all-encompassing ‘tell us about you’ question

What are the benefits of using a legal recruiter in the current climate?

Good habits - working together to stay engaged & motivated

Challenges facing legal recruitment in 2022

BCL Legal Graduates - how does it work?

I’m a newly qualified solicitor – how can I make sure I secure the right job for me?

What is the future of remote working for lawyers?

Discussing: The PI Market and Reforms

How to answer the all-important ‘what are your strengths and weaknesses?’ question…

Has Covid 19 created a work place Utopia?

2021 is shaping up to be a busy year for NQ recruitment

Remote Working: Will it continue… Should it?

Applying for Fixed Term Contract Roles

Super League or Bust?

The Vital Importance of Face to Face Meetings in Post-Covid Legal Recruitment

So what do you want to be when you grow up...?

Counteroffers: should I stay or should I go?

How to make use of a legal recruiter

How do I tackle my interview virtual interview?

How do you know if an agency is reputable, and how do you decide which agency to work with?

Document Review: a declining market?

How do you feel in work as we move out of lockdown measures?

The importance of keeping an open mind when searching for a new conveyancing role

Coming out of lockdown...

Don't underestimate your internal network

Which area of law should I qualify into?

Will there be an NQ season in 2021?

Interview tips for law graduates

Is it time for a new legal opportunity?

Junior Lawyers - How to start 2022 with your best foot forward...

How are things looking for Irish Law Firms in 2022?

Job hunting a competitive market - top tips

Should I consider London and other far flung opportunities that aren’t commutable on a daily basis?

How to handle a counter-offer

Why use a legal recruitment agency?

What do you think will happen to the housing market in 2021?

Let’s hear it for everyone qualifying as a solicitor in 2021!

Should you accept a counter offer?

Lockdown and New Beginnings…

The stamp duty deadline

The ‘Leap of Faith’ - from Lawyer to Recruitment Consultant

2021 NQs... We’re here to help!

The Great Resignation! What can law firms do to retain their lawyers?

Working from home – good or bad for your mental health?

How do you find the right role in a job rich market?

We talk to Angharad Warren about her career journey - from qualified Solicitor to BCL Director...

Making a move in the post-COVID climate... What should you be considering?

What’s going on with the 2021 NQ market…?

A Snapshot of the Legal Recruitment Market for Interim Lawyers

Is working from home actually more productive?

A social scene guide - what does Leeds have to offer?

Restrictions are largely over and masks are no longer compulsory - the only way is up.

Lawyers - have you considered the Dublin legal market?

My experience as a lawyer, retraining as a new Consultant with BCL Legal

Why use a recruiter to assist you with your job search?

Five reasons why I enjoy working in recruitment at BCL Legal

What questions should I ask at a legal job interview?

Considering a move? Why you should consider small and medium sized law firms

Lawyers - when is it time to look for new job?

Top tips from a legal recruiter - how to perform well at interview

How to keep motivated during your legal job search

Is the face-to-face meeting dead?

Are you motivated for a return to the office?

The top 3 benefits of using a legal recruitment agency

Property market update from a legal recruitment perspective

Key advice for junior lawyers - how to take control of your career!

Starting your legal job search - what should you consider?

What will happen after the SDLT holiday ends?

My move from private practice into Legal Recruitment - two years in!

How to keep probation period jitters at bay

Useful tips for candidates in the age of the virtual interview

Transitioning from Law to Legal Recruitment with BCL Legal

What to consider if you’re thinking of a move to London

Solicitor interview questions – our top 10 to prepare for...

Flexibility - for better or for worse?

BCL Legal is hiring and here’s why we’re different…

What will I get if I refer a friend to a recruiter?

Lawyers - is now a good time to move jobs?

Trust in the recruitment process

How best to approach your job search for a new legal role

Insights - the challenges of Legal Recruitment

My BCL journey to date - from Support Team to Recruitment Senior Associate...

London private practice review - 2021

In-house legal review - 2021

London interim review - 2021

North West private practice review - 2021

Midlands private practice review - 2021

Yorkshire private practice review - 2021

Insurance market review - 2021

Top 5 interview tips...

My experience retraining with BCL - from the legal sector to Legal Recruiter

Will networking help my legal career?

What should you consider before you start your legal job search?

Inclusion & Diversity in the legal sector

What's in store for the legal market in 2022?

How to identify if the grass is greener elsewhere when thinking about a move...

Why should you use a legal recruiter instead of applying through a friend?

Should I look for a new legal job?

What are the Whiplash Reforms?

Demand for Real Estate Solicitors at an all time high! What does this mean for jobseekers?

4 day working week?

Unlimited holiday allowance

The Hybrid Model

How to write your CV...

Is it ever a good idea to accept an offer to stay put at your current firm?

The benefits of using a specialist legal recruitment agency

We’re here to help! – The importance of transparency throughout your job search

Nothing but continued growth of opportunities for lawyers in Dublin

The Power of LinkedIn

Belfast private practice legal salary review - 2022

Dublin private practice legal salary review - 2022

Scotland private practice legal salary review – 2022

North East private practice legal salary review – 2022

North West private practice legal salary review – 2022

Yorkshire private practice legal salary review – 2022

Birmingham private practice legal salary review - 2022

East Midlands, East Anglia and Milton Keynes private practice salary review – 2022

Bristol private practice legal salary review – 2022

London private practice legal salary review - 2022

In-house legal salary review - 2022

The Brief


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The Future of Law – The Society for Computers and the Law

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Technology and infidelity

Mental health and wellbeing in the workplace

The Edge in 2017: The legal industry in the year ahead

Hazel discusses the recent Southern Rail strikes and family breakdown

Sharing his expectations for the legal sector in 2017

High Court’s ruling that Parliamentary Approval is required to invoke Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union

Video-games for legal recruitment: Gimmick or game-changer?

On his passions outside work, travel and what events have inspired him to succeed in life

On why we are still in the “phoney war” phase of Brexit

Discusses how he packs up and gets away from the stresses of his legal life

On looking to the future

Brexit – all change. Not yet

From the office to the Alps

On his career, why he’s now heading up this new challenger brand and how it will play its part in the market

On how his pride in the profession campaign plays into key areas of work for the year

Asks: Is Brexit shining a light on law firm communication strategies?

Discusses how one life changing & tragic event made him rethink what success really means

Talks about grabbing career opportunities and taking inspiration from who you work with

On Brexit and confidence

On the project and the journey of women in the legal profession

Asks: Brexit or bust – a brave new world?

Discuss how Brexit might impact Financial Services

On the firm and how her family inspires her and drives her approach to work

Suzanne Rab – barrister in EU and Competition Law at Serle Court Chambers: European Commission blocks Hutchison/Telefónica tie-up

Ify Okpalugo - resourcing consultant at Clyde & Co’s Dubai office – on working in the Middle East, the region’s challenges and what opportunities exist for lawyers thinking of relocating.

Nick Fear – manager at BCL Legal’s Midlands team – discusses the improvements in the corporate market in Birmingham and across the West Midlands

Helen Clayton, corporate services partner at PM+M – a leading chartered accountancy, business advisory and wealth management group - on mergers and acquisitions in the legal profession.

Mizan Rouf - inward investment manager working for Invest Sheffield, part of Creative Sheffield - the economic development arm of Sheffield City Council: North Shoring – The Sheffield Offer

Charlie Bell – senior associate at Vardags – on why it chose to open in Manchester

Mark Weston - partner - head of Information Technology, Intellectual Property & Commercial (London) at Hill Dickinson LLP: Growth in the Capital - and Capital growth

Stewart Wilkinson – managing partner & head of commercial litigation at Royds: A Competent Profession

Mark Wilson, partner at Richard Nelson LLP, HMRC: A Year in Review.

What Does 2016 Hold for Engineering and Construction from a Legal Perspective? Asks David Chinn – construction lawyer at Hill Dickinson.

Brenna Conroy - barrister at Hardwicke Chambers: The Crack Down on Contractor’s Payment Applications: Are Pay Less Notices Next?

Responding to recent insight that claims 75 per cent of the current UK’s top-200 firms may disappear in the next five years, David Beech, CEO of Knights Professionals Services shares his views on why the landscape of the legal world is changing more than ever.

Daniel Hickey – operations director at PLS Solicitors – asks: A Big Firm Approach to a Small Law Firm?

Mary Nowell – manager at BCL Legal – shares her thoughts on the North West legal marketplace

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Paul Warburton – managing associate at BCL Legal’s London office – discusses the trends and his expectations of the legal market in the Capital and South East

Nicholas Fear – manager at BCL Legal – comments on the trends driving the legal recruitment market across the Midlands

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Claire Perry - owner of Emplaw Online – on how to survive the new CPD regime & her tips for solicitors

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Leo Skinner – partner at Freeths LLP - provides a team focus on the Drinks, Hospitality and Leisure department at the firm, its development over the last 30 years and prospects for the future

Alan Lewis, head of employment at Linder Myers Solicitors, says new cap on backdated holiday pay claims is good news for SMEs

Alaw Owen - associate in Hill Dickinson’s Health Litigation Team (London) – discusses: Litigant In Person – Ensuring Fair Representation

Trevor Colebourne, director of criminal law at Vincents Solicitors – on the national Legal Aid protests

Catherine Henry – manager of the Yorkshire & North East team at BCL Legal – discusses market trends, demand and growth areas across the region.

Alan Chalmers – partner at DLA Piper – asks: Whistleblowing - Is it in the public interest?

Laurence Besemer, CEO of FOIL – on the organisation, its aims and how it adds value to its members

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Juliet Young, Director of MCC Ltd (solicitor, non practising): CLINICAL NEGLIGENCE ON THE RISE – don’t let medical records slow you down

Robert Russell, partner at DLA Piper – discusses Supply Chain Disruption: The Risk of Key Supplier Insolvency

John Gould - senior partner of Russell-Cooke LLP & author of The Law of Legal Services – on the news the government is considering more reforms to the legal services sector

Marie Dancer, managing partner at Richard Nelson LLP – on helping healthcare clients to protect their right to practise

Sean Upson, partner of Stewarts Law- outlines the rising trend in shareholder litigation

Nigel Wright - founder and managing director of ConvergeTS - explains what all the fuss is about cloud computing.

Claire Perry of emplaw online on making employment law accessible

Ayesha Vardag, president of Vardags, on the firm, its history & next chapter

Richard Collins, GC & company secretary – Norcros plc, shares his ‘golden rules’ of working as an in-house lawyer

Steven Zdolyny - director of legal services at Riverview Law – on the legal sector, his firm’s growth and its evolution

Helen Frankland – associate solicitor in the employment team at Slater Heelis – asks: Is obesity a disability?

Antonia Love - partner and head of family at Farleys Solicitors – discusses ‘Divorce Month’

Bill Gilliam – partner at Addleshaw Goddard - on New Year Dispute Resolutions

Sam Barr – legal counsel at ODEON Cinemas – on why lawyers need to know their WANs from their LANs

Craig Wilson: 2014 In-house Legal Update

Nick Rowles-Davies - managing director of Burford Capital (UK) – on exploring finance models.

Steve Roberts, partner at Richard Nelson LLP: Fifty years of Drink Drive awareness shows that behaviour won’t be changed through legislation alone

Mark Levine – head of BCL Legal’s in-house team – gives an overview

Stuart Whitwell - joint managing director at Intangible Business: Less laughter from businesses under new parody laws.

"Energy - Security of Supply, Security of Pricing - What can we do today?" asks Darren Walsh, energy partner at DLA Piper.

Nisha Srivastava – Pilates & Yoga teacher at The Yoga Lounge – shares her six principles for health & vitality.

Niall Baker, chief executive of Irwin Mitchell’s Business Legal Services division, explains the key reasons of how the firm has started to establish its reputation as a commercial legal practice.

Hans Albers - senior director and associate general counsel EMEA at Juniper Networks International BV– on the challenges and pitfalls of doing business in Russia.

Will common sense be applied to Relief from Sanctions and will fair play prevail in the litigation world? Asks Peter Kaye, head of commercial litigation at Linder Myers Solicitors.

Tough at the Top – when business owners fall out of love with each other. Heather Stanford - associate and solicitor at Nelsons.

Eddie Ross – CEO of QualitySolicitors – discusses the organisation, its evolution and what it stands for today.

Mark Heptinstall, partner and head of Family at Slater Heelis, says the government needs to listen to the voices of family lawyers and take urgent action to resolve the inequalities for those cohabiting together in a relationship, whatever form that takes.

Zoe Holland, managing director & solicitor at Zebra Legal Consulting on why she established the business and what the future holds

Simon Bradbury, head of Life Sciences at Appleyard Lees on, the importance of supporting high-growth SMEs in chemistry and life sciences and securing patent protection

Wendy Rainbow – partner at Shoosmiths – on why the firm is leading the way in recoveries

Stuart Whitwell, joint managing director at Intangible Business, asks: Samsung v Apple – never-ending litigation?

Still a way to go for mobile payments? Asks Emma Wright - partner specialising in telecommunications and technology at Bond Dickinson in London

David Gorton, partner at PM+M - The strange case of the disappearing Accounts Rule Report

New scene….new story: Jim Clifford OBE talks about his recent move, after over 30 years in the accounting profession to law firm Bates Wells Braithwaite, one of the latest to move to ABS status

“Life is a String of Changes Which You Will Do Well to Embrace” says Gergana Avramova - assistant general counsel at AppSense.

Alan Lewis, head of employment at Linder Myers Solicitors, on what employers need to know about the forthcoming changes to flexible working rights

Nick Verardi, director at Vannin Capital and Bramden Investments

Jawaid Rehman, partner in the Employment Team at Weightmans LLP, on the legal issues currently facing Local Government in regards to equal pay

Fraud Alert: Harold Brako, partner and head of Receivables Finance & Banking Litigation at Shoosmiths, believes that as we begin to emerge from recession into recovery, fraud levels will remain high

Andy Raynor, chief client officer at Shakespeares, shares his views on how lawyers could be winning more business.

David Pliener, barrister at Hardwicke Chambers: Better Together? Construction Projects, BIM and Insurance...

Does Crime Pay? Asks Rachel Adamson, partner and department manager of the Regulatory team, Stephensons Solicitors LLP...

David Pester, the recently re-elected managing partner at TLT LLP, shares his views on competitiveness, growth & what’s next for the firm...

Louise Dillon – Founder of Armadillo Social – shares her top tips on effectively managing your social media presence...

Sally-Ann James, GC at Metro Bank discusses how banking is really retailing and why the legal services function plays an integral part in making the bank great...

Sue Nash - founder of Litigation Costs Services and Omnia Legal Services (a costs budgeting software solution) - asks ... Costs budgeting to be extended?...

Simon Stephen, associate in the employment team at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co: Whistleblowing: Top Tips...

Stuart Whitwell - joint managing director at Intangible Business: Cadbury’s lose claim to the colour purple...

Bill Gilliam, partner at Addleshaw Goddard: Privilege - navigating the minefield...

Kieran Toal, partner at Shoosmiths Manchester, on why it’s so important to find the right firm for you and what the future holds for his team...

Francesca Yeoman – general counsel & company secretary at UK Coal: Beware of what you wish for…

Nina Barakzai, group head of data protection & privacy at Sky and chair, corporate governance committee at Commerce & Industry Group, discusses the work of The C&I Group and how it benefits in-house lawyers...

Nick Rowles-Davies, consultant at Vannin Capital – the specialist litigation funding company – on litigation funding and the criticism from the US Chamber...

Sonio Singh - partner in the corporate & commercial team at Davis Blank Furniss - discusses the importance of cross-selling between departments within regional law firms....

Tim Livesley, risk analysis and research manager at the SRA, discusses the organisation and in-house work...

Roger Wiltshire, deputy European legal director of Northrop Grumman, on the challenges he faces in his role...

Julian Danobeitia from DownTheCorridor – the coaching, consultancy and experiential learning company…

Dr Vanessa Davies - director of the Bar Standards Board – discusses the new BSB Handbook...

Mark Levine – head of BCL Legal’s in-house team – on why the firm’s free CPD seminar programme for in-house lawyers is so important...

Insights in to successful female GCs - their past, present and future thoughts on the challenge of being a female GC.... by Victoria Moore – senior associate in the BCL Legal Midlands in-house team...

Andrew Elsden - head of professional connections development and chartered financial planner at Clarion Wealth Planning discusses Strategic Financial Planning and the Legal Profession...

Steve Kuncewicz - head of IP & Media & associate at Bermans: Content Warning – Social Media, Ethics and The Law...

Nick Freeman on his passions for cars, dogs, the South of France and helping people get access to justice

What is it like to work at BCL Legal? Paul Warbuton, senior associate, tells it like it is...

Carolyn Roberson – director of CRC Consulting – asks: Clients – Our first priority … or do they see it differently?...

London 2030 – Securing the Future Growth of the Capital: Marnix Elsenaar – partner & head of planning at Addleshaw Goddard LLP...

Gishan Abeyratne – consultant in BCL Legal’s private practice division – asks: “I wonder who writes the scripts at the SRA?”...

Thayne Forbes - joint managing director at Intangible Business – on the branding issues of cross-border mergers

Clare Sellars, partner in the Corporate Team at Weightmans London on the Proposed New EU General Data Protection Regulation...

The decision not to regulate wills is a negligence time bomb, says Stephen Hill - partner and professional negligence lawyer at Bolt Burdon Kemp...

Real Estate The New Reality: by Jonathan Lewis, head of Real Estate at Olswang....

Child protection is unreliable without mandatory reporting says Peter Garsden - senior partner at QualitySolicitors Abney Garsden...

From the weakest necks to the weakest fortitude ….. ? Don Clarke, Partner at Keoghs...

Manchester Law Society Personal Injury Conference: A Summary…. by Karen Jackson, director of Roberts Jackson…

Philip Barden, a partner at Devonshire, asks: LIBOR scandal – much ado about nothing?...

Dahren Naidoo, managing associate at Addleshaw Goddard LLP’s City of London & Leeds offices: A changed legal market…

The post-Mitchell era and its impact on construction litigation: Sri Carmichael - barrister, Hardwicke Chambers

2014 for lawyers: regulating the playing field... Mike Grant, head of the Legal Services team at Weightmans LLP, warns that 2014 will be the year where regulatory compliance takes centre stage in the legal sector....

LLP tax changes shake up UK firms - With less than two months before the tax changes bite, George Bull, chair of the Professional Practices Group at accountants Baker Tilly, highlights the key issues which firms should be addressing…

Lewis Cohen - partner in the Intellectual Property Group at Mishcon de Reya... International Expansion: An alternative to going it alone...

Real estate sector set to gather pace: Adrian Bland, head of real estate at international law firm Wragge & Co, looks at the opportunities and challenges for the sector in 2014...

Niche Law Firms - Dealing with the Recovery... Avi Barr, partner at Read Roper and Read...

David Watkins, head of real estate, and Bruce Dear, head of London real estate, at Eversheds LLP discuss the inward investor boom & the UK market...

Stuart Cartwright - partner & head of the ‘Lawshare’ referral scheme operated by JMW - comments on the use of legal networks to combat the threats to high street firms and the recession...

Time is running out for Legal Aid says Don Bird - partner and head of the Family Department – at Atherton Godfrey

Andrea Cropley, partner at Irwin Mitchell on Mergers & Acquisitions: The challenges, deal trends and their impact on the legal process...

Saimo Chahal, Joint Head of Public Law and Human Rights team at Bindmans LLP & solicitor for Paul Lamb: Euthanasia - A Physician-assisted Death...

James Batt – managing director at BCL Legal - Private Practice: 2012 Review

Mark Levine – head of In-house at BCL Legal: From Bust to Boom – 2012 a Year in Review

JACKSON: A CULTURAL SHIFT... argues David Mohyuddin, a barrister at Exchange Chambers

Mike Elston, chief counsel Combat Air at BAE Systems, on winning international business and why reputation counts

Nick Fear – consultant in our Birmingham office – on the secret to securing a newly qualified position

Ed Fletcher, chief executive of Fletchers Solicitors, on why Duty of Candour is only the beginning

Chris Sutton, partner in the Personal Injury team at JMW

VICKY CLARK TALKS TO.... Jane Cotton – employment lawyer and legal director at DLA Piper UK LLP about social media in recruitment and the workplace

Mark Levine – director of BCL Legal and head of the in-house department - discusses the pros and cons of the flat fee scheme after attending DLA’s WIN seminar....

Before the Event Insurance: Where are we now? Asks Nicola Maher, senior associate at Edwin Coe LLP...

Paul Warburton – consultant in BCL Legal’s North West team – on why your people and the process of getting them must be the best...

Claire Smith, director at QualitySolicitors, on her new role & why law firms need to evolve or suffer…

Paul Warbuton, consultant at BCL Legal, discusses proliferation of UK law firms

Neil Kinsella, CEO of Russell Jones & Walker discusses why his firm has joined forces with the world’s first listed law firm...

Sally Holdway - a solicitor and consultant - runs Legal Edge Consulting. She delivers CPD training seminars and works with law firms and ABSs on developing 21st century strategic and operational development plans. Here, she discusses - The ABS Big Bang

Louisa Hill – senior associate in the North West – talks about her patch...

David Carr – senior associate – on the insurance sector

James Brewster - associate director – summarises 2011 in the West Midlands & the insurance market in the South

James Batt – director of BCL Legal – on how 2011 has been to the firm....

Mike Edge, head of Property at Pinsent Masons, on MIPIM, finance & ‘Slotting’

Richard Scorer, partner and head of Injury and Negligence Division at Pannone discusses claims under the Human Rights Act where police have failed to investigate properly

Ann Prax, head of marketing at Davis Blank Furniss, on why businesses need to be brand savvy...

Kirsten Bennett – solicitor at Lund Bennett – discusses... Presumption of Death: The Pitfalls

Elaine Heywood, partner in the Defamation and Privacy Team at Blake Lapthorn, on The Press, privacy and public figures

Simon Wharton, managing director at PushON, talks Digital & SEO in the Legal Sector

Trevor Ward, head of clinical negligence at Linder Myers solicitors, talks to us about the forthcoming changes to the LASPO Act and the impact this will have both on the legal sector and claimants

Jason Hadden MBE, barrister at St. Ives Chambers, on his work with the Barefoot Lawyer campaign

Claire Smith – partner at Connect2Law discusses their services & what the benefits are for law firms around the UK…

Allie Johns, director of branding consultancy that is – and partner of the new BCL Legal ‘Brand in a Box’ service for law firms - on why your brand should be at the heart of your business development strategy...

Catherine Hughes – manager of the Yorkshire & North East team – on her region...

Jenny Afia - Partner and head of talent at Schillings – discusses the law & social media

Craig Holt - Chief Executive of Quality Solicitors - asks why brands are the future of the legal market

James Batt – managing director of BCL Legal - on the launch of BCL Graduates...

Chris Harris editor of Today’s Conveyancer and consultant with Practical Vision explores the practical implications of the changes in the conveyancing market…

Chris Buckley takes digital marketing for law firms back to basics

George Wilkinson asks: Is New Year the time for law firms to turn over a new leaf?

Jeffrey Catanzaro on why young lawyers need to be smarter when it comes to lawtech

Oury Clark’s Simon Walsh on why clients are the winners in a “holistic” approach to professional services

Level’s George Williamson and Katie Alexiou on no fault divorce becoming law

PM+M’s Helen Clayton on why it’s important for ambitious lawyers to really understand their firm’s finances, structure and more

Mark Beesley – Chair of Lime Solicitors and Corclaim - discusses the pace of change in law and why firms need to be ahead of the curve

Sam Jardine – Partner at Fieldfisher – discusses why he does the job he does and how you can make the workplace somewhere to grow and thrive

Nottingham Law School’s Helen Hall discusses Clashing Rights: Religious Freedom and Inclusive Education

Keith Oliver: How It Takes One Plus 27 to Tango

Jonathan Wright discusses the growing renewable energy sector

Level’s George Williamson and Katie Alexiou on the rise of ‘silver splitters’

Lawyer and prolific media commentator Steve Kuncewicz revisits the thorny issue of data just over a year on since the Data Protection Act came into effect

Dan Reed – Founder of UnitedLex - asks if the proliferation of legal tech is helping or hindering lawyers’ mental health

Aman Johal, the lawyer representing claimants in the much publicised BA data breach case, shares his insight and views on the airline’s latest round of turbulence

BCL Director and co-founder, Vicky Clark, details the Manchester Sleepout 2019

‘Clients or lawyers? Who is driving business model changes in the legal sector?’

'The crisis in the criminal justice system has become an unprecedented emergency.'

Managing Partner of multi-award winning Thrive Law talks to us about how leaders must be alive to the mental health challenges faced by their teams during this third lockdown.

The Head of Glaisyers’ Legal 500-listed Litigation practice predicts a future driven by technology, Brexit and the unwinding of government coronavirus measures.

Lorna Jack, chief executive of the Law Society of Scotland, explains how her organisation has adapted through the pandemic to shape policy and support the nation’s legal sector.

James Cook, partner and head of planning at Leeds-headquartered Blacks Solicitors, shares his thoughts on how recent planning changes will impact on our towns and cities as we begin to ease out of lockdown and move to a post-Covid world.

After attempts to amend the Fire Safety Bill failed, and the bill passed into law, liability for remedial work on apartment buildings with unsafe cladding remains with leaseholders. Daniel Stern proposes a possible solution.

Alastair Frew, Partner in the Real Estate practice at Lodders Solicitors, reviews the background to Right to Roam, its impact on landowners and countryside walkers, and what changes the government may have in its sights.

Rachel Sharp, who specialises in serious clinical negligence and catastrophic injury cases, explains importance of taking a client-centric approach to holistic care for those involved in personal injury cases.

Barrister turned coach and trainer Catherine Brown identifies the areas in which lawyers commonly fail to communicate clearly, and suggests a number of ways they can avoid confusing their clients.

Will Kintish is leading UK authority on effective and confident networking, both face-to-face and online. He sets out his tips for successful networking in the year ahead.

Antonio Guillen and Claudia Font, both of whom are dual-qualified Spanish lawyers and English solicitors, operate gunnercooke’s Spanish Desk. They explain the impact of Brexit, and its associated red tape, on their practice.

Rebecca Morrison is a lawyer turned executive happiness coach and the author of the best-selling book The Happiness Recipe: A Powerful Guide to Living What Matters. She identifies three common myths surrounding work-related happiness.

Colum Smith is a legal entrepreneur, high-profile litigator and Chief Vision Officer at Taylor Rose MW, which has just been short-listed as Legal Firm Of The Year. He gives his view on the labour shortages facing the profession.

Rachel Tunnicliffe is the senior partner and head of trusts, wills and estates at Harrogate-based Raworths. She explains why legal firms should value, and foster, emotional intelligence in lawyers.

Nick Dyson, partner, head of commercial real estate and head of the specialist holiday and home parks team at Blacks Solicitors, discusses what it is like working with this sector, and the areas of interest in a parks transaction.

What impact will the latest AI sensation have on the legal sector? Alex Smith, senior director at document management platform iManage, asks whether ChatGPT will be the biggest thing to happen to knowledge management in 2023.

The end of the billable hour: what does it mean for law firms? - From Dylan Brown, content and thought leadership lead at LexisNexis UK

Gunnercooke founder Darryl Cooke explains why he established a bookshop to combat loneliness

There’s no reason why customer experience can’t improve in conveyancing, according to Lexis Nexis Enterprise Solutions’ commercial director, Simon Farthing.

AI is finding its way into many aspects of employment and HR practices. Fudia Smartt, employment partner at Spencer West, explores the potential legal pitfalls.

The role of lawyers is changing, according to the founder of Mayfair-based commercial firm Barnes Law, who explains the importance of understanding business needs for today’s practitioners to deliver impactful results.

The London firm Lawrence Stephens has established an initiative to encourage stronger female representation in the field of real estate finance. Senior associate Rachel Coulthard explains its scope and ambitions.

A day in the life of

Kate Linge shares a day in her life

Adrian Denson gives us a snap shot into his working day

Richard Nelson gives us a snap shot into his working day

Mark Farrell shares a day in his life

Anthony Hulse is in this month’s Day in the Life column

Swati Paul is in this month’s Day in the Life column

Jane Armitage shares a day in her life

Andrew Cotton is in this month’s Day in the Life column

Chris Owen is in this month’s Day in the Life column

Martin Hasyn from Progeny Private Law shares a day in his working life

Clare Woolley shares an average working day in her life

Tom shares a typical day in his working life

James Cox talks about his day to day at Talk Talk

Lucie Grant, shares an average day at Thermo Fisher Scientific

Freyja Handy, explains there is no 'standard day' at SMG Europe

James Langford talks us through an average day at Endress + Hauser

Paolo Palmigiano tells us how travel is a big part of his role at Sumitomo Electric

Mike Owen, speaks to us about counting pies at Compass Group UK

James Thompson talks about his day to day at BAE Systems

Catherine Thomas, senior director at Vardags

Doug Crawford – Chief Executive Officer of MyHomeMove

Stephen Morris, managing partner of Cassell Moore...

Sarah Ward – GC, UK Power Reserve...

Amanda Baxendale - legal and compliance counsel at Hilti...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Chantal Thomas – legal counsel at Autoglass®... Real Estate: The life of an in-house lawyer.

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Rachel Clark, senior counsel at BAE Systems, Military Air & Information...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Jim Richards, partner in the litigation and regulatory department of Pinsent Masons LLP...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Paul Mann, partner in the corporate strategy and finance practice at Squire Sanders...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Bill Broughton, Commercial Litigation Partner, at Pinsent Masons…

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: David Salisbury, partner at Teacher Stern...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Kevin Smith, director of operations at myhomemove...

THE BRIEF DAY IN THE LIFE OF... Fiona Sutherland – co-founder and co-owner of MSA Law

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Simon Leighton, Managing Partner at Croftons...

DAY IN THE LIFE OF.... Andrew Winterton – head of legal and compliance at easyJet

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF - Mark Lewis: Media law, libel, privacy, reputation management, confidentiality and intellectual property solicitor at Taylor Hampton

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF.... Mark Hovell – managing partner at George Davies...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF.... Radd Seiger – partner at Kennedys, Birmingham...

THE BRIEF A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... Sara de Tute – Legal & compliance director at Lowell Group...

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF: Andrew Greaves, head of Addleshaw Goddard Dubai

A DAY IN THE LIFE OF... Robin Saphra, general counsel to the Colt Group

Aziz Rahman takes the time to explain his working day.

Kingsley Hayes is the latest senior lawyer to share a day in his life

Stephanie qualified in 2002 and spent the first five years of her career in private practice, first with Pinsent Masons then with Eversheds. Prior to joining JLA she spent nine years in-house at the home retail giant N Brown.

After ten years at NGN, Alex O'Connell stepped up to Legal Director and Company Secretary. What's it been like?

Michael Astle heads the legal team at Quotient Sciences, a company that provides a unique set of services to the global pharmaceutical industry. He shares a day in his life.

Candy Johnson is Head of Intellectual Property at the Shaneel Group, a family-owned Watford-headquartered business that, under licence, produces, markets and sells an extensive range of perfume and cosmetic brands.

A day in the life of Stephen Halloran, co-founder of Lawtons Solicitors, a leading criminal defence firm, ranked as a national leader in criminal defence work by Chambers & Partners.

A day in the life of Emma Thayre, Commercial Legal Director at Benefex Limited, a global employee experience provider.

A Day in the Life of Richard Abbott, Senior Counsel at Post Office Ltd.

The Chief Legal Officer at Fletchers Solicitors, a Top 100 law firm that specialises in personal injury and clinical negligence work. It employs 500 people and has offices in Southport and Manchester.

Mei Lian joined global law firm Paul Hastings as Partner in 2020. She is recommended by the Legal 500 and has been recognised as the Best Lawyer in Insolvency & Restructuring at the Euromoney Europe Women in Business Law Awards.

Jo worked as a private practice lawyer (as have over 60% of the BCL Legal team) before making the move into legal recruitment in 2007. With over 15 years of experience, who better to discuss what the role looks like day-to-day and what it takes to make a good legal recruitment consultant.

Manjinder Kang established Kang & Co Solicitors in 2016 as a specialist motoring defence firm. Now in the Legal 500 and top ranked in the UK’s Chambers and Partners, he tells The Brief about a typical day in his life as director and principal solicitor at a practice that deals with clients from all over the country who are accused of complex and serious driving offences.

Juliette Shaw is a founding partner at The Wells Group, a holistic fixed-fee practice headquartered in Kent that provides separating couples with access to mediation, legal advice, independent financial advice, therapy and expert parenting advice. She tells The Brief about a typical day in her life.

Kathleen Harris is managing partner at Arnold & Porter, London, and co-chair of the multinational law firm’s anti-corruption practice. She shares her daily routine with The Brief.

Natasha Lewis is the co-founder and joint managing partner of legal sector disruptor Lewis Denley, based in Horsham, West Sussex. She shares a typical day in her working life with The Brief.

Laura Keatley is a partner in the property finance team at Thomson Snell & Passmore, the Kent firm which holds the Guinness World Record for being the oldest continually operating law firm still in existence. She shares her daily routine with The Brief.

As business development and marketing director at criminal defence specialist Olliers Solicitors, Ruth Peters plays a key role advising individuals who have been arrested and released under investigation or on pre-charge bail, as well as sitting on the firm’s board, and was named “Solicitor of the Year” at the 2021 Manchester Legal Awards. She shares a day in her life with The Brief.

Ashley Mott is Legal Services Director at the fast-growing national firm Harper James. He explains how the firm works and tells The Brief how he spends his days.

Teresa Payne is managing partner of Parfitt Cresswell, a regional law firm with offices across the South East of England which also trades using the names Max Barford; Colemans; Jevons, Riley and Pope; Charles Coleman and Co; Copley Clark and Keene Marsland. She shares a day in her life with The Brief

James Morris is the founder of the boutique insurance practice Indemnity Legal, a firm which acts solely for policyholders to resolve complex, high-value or high-stakes disputes with their insurers. He shares a day in his life with The Brief.

Colin Witcher, barrister at Church Court Chambers, is one of just 13 juniors ranked Tier One in Crime by the Legal 500. He shares a day in his life, explaining how he works closely with instructing solicitors to achieve the best outcomes for clients.

20 Questions

Alex McCready answers this month’s 20 Questions

Richard Hamilton answers this month’s 20 Questions

Zoe Round answers this month’s 20 Questions

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Amanda McAlister answers our 20 Questions

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Blue Energy’s Simon Foy is in this month’s 20 Questions hot-seat

Ian answers our probing 20 Questions

Keri Devine GC and company secretary at

Brian Cullen CEO of The Jackson Lees Group

Varinder Rehal, group head of legal and company secretary at International Procurement & Logistics Limited

Kasia Findley, Company Lawyer at ANS Group

JMW’s Joy Kingsley is in the 20 Questions hot-seat

Emma Judge answers this month’s 20 Questions

James Maxey answers this month’s 20 Questions

Frances Coulson answers this month’s 20 Questions

Lee Adams and Catherine Thomas answer this month’s 20 Questions

McAlister Family Law’s Nicola Wilburn-Shaw gives us an insight into her world, passions and life in the latest 20 Questions

Alison Beech from Percy Hughes & Roberts Solicitors answers this month’s 20 Questions

The Link App’s Lauren Riley answers this month’s 20 Questions

We grill Toby Harper for this month’s 20 Questions who shares with us an insight into his passions and interests

We grill Darryl Cooke for this month’s 20 Questions who shares with us an insight into his passions and interests

Barrister and founder of Women in the Law UK Sally Penni shares her passions and interests in this month’s 20 questions

The former law firm marketing director, who founded marketing consultancy Find Get Grow in 2016 and The Law Firm Marketing Club in 2020, shares her passions and interests

The founder of Beyond, a North West-based group of specialist law firms, shares his passions and interests with The Brief

The Managing Partner of Brabners, Nik White, shares his passions and interests with The Brief

20 questions with Paul Tucker, Head of Chambers and head of planning department at Kings Chambers

Barrister turned coach and trainer Catherine Brown shares her passions and interests with The Brief in this month's 20 Questions

Katherine Rayden, the founder and Senior Partner of family law specialists Rayden Solicitors shares her passions and interests with The Brief.

Stuart Snape, Managing Partner of Manchester-based Graham Coffey & Co Solicitors, shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Business author, motivational trainer and coach, Ann Page, shares her passions and interests with The Brief...

Matthew Claughton, the managing director of criminal defence specialists Olliers Solicitors shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Chris Bishop, the managing partner at the 250-year-old firm Slater Heelis shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Andrew Macmillan, head of Gateley Legal’s Employment, Pensions and Private Client Group shares his passions and interests.

The senior partner at international law firm Spencer West shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Huw Miles became managing partner at Southampton and Winchester firm Paris Smith earlier this year. He shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Jonathan Grigg Managing Partner Boyes Turner

John Abbott, managing partner at City of London-based Laytons ETL, shares his passions and interests with The Brief

Colin Secomb, joint managing partner at West Sussex firm Lewis Denley, shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Andy Booth, partner and joint head of the Stockport office at Cheshire firm SAS Daniels, shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Jonathan Beech, managing director of immigration law specialists Migrate UK, shares his passions and interests with The Brief.

Karen Bexley, co-founder of Bexley Beaumont, shares her passions and interests with The Brief.

Donna McGrath specialises in helping in-house lawyers build fulfilling careers. She shares her passions and interests with The Brief.

Daniela Korn, co-owner and head of employment at London media and entertainment specialist Tan Ward, shares her passions and interests.

The co-founder of crypto and investment scam recovery specialist Wealth Recovery Solicitors (WRS ETL) shares his passions and interests.

The partner and head of children law at the family law specialist Dawson Cornwell shares her passions and interests

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The Brief talks to

We speak to Ryan Hawley – Corporate Partner at Mills and Reeve

We speak to Denise Sexton about her career

We talk to Jayne Burrell – Sinclair Pharmaceutical’s GGC and Company Secretary

We speak to Aman Johal about the latest developments in data breach law

We speak to Gabi Olson-Welsh

We speak to Premex Group’s Fiona Walker

We speak to Stephen McColgan - Partner in the Transactional Real Estate team at Michelmores

Fourth’s Karen Vethakan discusses her role at one of the world’s leading hospitality operations platforms

We speak to Clough & Willis’s new Managing Partner

Gazprom Energy’s Grace Rothery discusses her new role at the B2B energy firm

We speak to Malcolm Dickinson about his career and why he’s decided to step down as managing partner

We talk to our in-house team’s newest recruit

We have an exclusive chat with Sharon Needle

Rob Elvin talks growth, new hires, the firm’s recent office move and much more

We catch up with experienced in-house lawyer James Hulsken

We talk to PwC’s Dean Chauhan

Jonathan Bingham discusses the growing legal costs sector

We have an exclusive chat with Shefali Talukdar about her imminent retirement

Ever wondered what it’s like to work at the cutting edge of the UK’s military industry?

We speak to Jeremy Raj on his role at Irwin Mitchell, his aims & ambitions

We speak to Sintons’ recently elected managing partner

This month we speak to Kate Oldfield about her passion for fashion

We speak to Wright Hassall’s Sarah Perry

We speak to Barcan+Kirby’s Bill Willcocks

BCL Legal’s Mark Levine discusses the in-house market

The Law Society’s Richard Miller on why it reached out to the legal community following the terrorist attacks in London

We speak to Hay & Kilner’s Jonathan Waters

This month’s in-house interview is with Nicola Walsh from Velcro Companies

Alison Loveday – Chief Executive at berg – discusses why it’s so important to support young lawyers

We speak to Keith Oliver about his passions outside work

Vicky Clark discusses why she switched from a career in law to legal recruitment, what it takes to be a first class recruiter and she dispels some of the myths that surround the profession

We speak to Chris Brooks about how and why law firms should consider building a corporate art collection

Jamie Parkinson discusses his career, the firm’s focus, working in London and more

Lauren on Lord Sugar, being an entrepreneur and the launch of her business, The Link App

Iain discusses his leadership style, juggling his client work and firm duties, agile working and much more.

Rob on being named one of the world’s 'Star Lawyers'

What makes a good GC, why in-house lawyers add value and what drives her.

The Brief talks to one of the North West’s most well known lawyers

In this interview, Nic talks about an intense 2016, leadership, overseas expansion and more

Ever thought what it might be like to move in-house?

Gerald Cooke one of the UK’s leading lawyers shares his insights.

Discusses his forthcoming retirement, his drivers and his predictions for the future

On being a market leader in the entertainment, media and creative sectors, the opening of the firm’s new LA office and more

On the institute’s work, its focus, apprenticeships, diversity and more

We talk to one of the UK’s leading media and entertainment law firms

On establishing the business and why it’s important to never be star struck when representing the likes of Maria Sharapova

The recent merger with B D Laddie & the future

On his role and how the practice has evolved

Having a vision and why you don’t need an overseas office to drive international work

Talks about her career, the company's IPO and why brand protection is such a huge part of her job

Discusses taking over the firm, its culture, working in the North East and being named ‘Regional Team of the Year’

Discusses his career, the challenges of making up a third of the firm’s business, growth and more

Discusses running a multiple office firm, current challenges and aiming for £100m turnover

Discusses the firm, juggling her duties and the launch of Irwin Mitchell Private Wealth

Discusses her role, trends in the market and where it’s heading

Helen Lowe – business manager in Legal – at the Co-op – discusses how the legal team has played its part in the company’s challenges, moving forward & more

Ian Jeffrey – chief executive of Lewis Silkin – on his career, how the firm has changed under his leadership, the market and the future

Talks mergers, multi office collaboration & growth

Victoria Barratt - legal manager and solicitor at Riverview – on the firm’s evolution and the launch of its Virtual Assistants

On running the UK’s leading practice for the pensions and retirement savings industry as it enters its 50th year

Vishal Puri – legal director (United Kingdom) at CEMEX – on the challenges of working in-house, driving team progression and having the support of a Board

Nicholas Perry - head of the London office at international law firm Bird & Bird – on his career, the firm’s imminent move, growth & more

David Fennell, CEO of Gowling WLG, on the newly combined firm

Karen Caswell – head of export control – MAI –at BAE Systems (Operations) Limited Military Air & Information – discusses her career & what it’s like to train as an in-house lawyer

Jan Heuvels – international senior partner at Ince & Co – on the firm’s London relocation, its culture, working practices & challenges

Simon Holdsworth – managing partner of Thrings – on London, international work, the firm’s growth, expansion and talent retention

Jim McDonnell - IP & Technology lawyer at DLA Piper - on the challenges of intellectual property

Khalid Mahmood – partner at Kennedys – talks Jackson and his market predictions

Mike Parker – managing partner at Wilsons – discusses mergers & acquisitions, collaborative working between his firm’s offices, market challenges and more

Keith Oliver – senior partner at Peters & Peters – on why the Maxwell case was so central to his career, international working, the future of the firm & more...

Susan Dennehy – head of legal at Swinton Insurance – discusses her career, how she keeps her team motivated & how the business has reacted after being fined for mis-selling

James Batt – director at BCL Legal – on the importance of trainees and why we will be hosting our National Road Show for Trainee Solicitors.

Jeremy Mutter, GC – Construction - at Carillion plc, on his career, moving in-house and what’s next for the construction sector

Mark Levine – head of BCL Legal’s in-house team – gives an overview of what’s happening around the UK within the in-house market

Janet McWhinney - head of Health Disputes London at Hill Dickinson – discusses the firm’s health practice, training clients & future plans

On his legal career, moving in-house and setting up his own fitness brands

Lucie Thornton – interim HR director at My Home Move – discusses the firm, the future of the conveyancing sector and what’s next for the business

Steven Webb - company secretary and GC at Premier Farnell plc – on the business, international working and moving in-house

Andrew Chalkley – CEO and partner of Boyes Turner – on his career, being different, mergers, innovation and more

Mike Brown – senior partner at BLM – talks about the firm’s record financial results, its future direction & gender equality in the legal sector

Caroline Stevens – head of resourcing at Squire Patton Boggs – discusses the firm, its resourcing strategy and what law firms can do better when it comes to talent attraction

Sandra Wallace - DLA Piper country managing partner – on her new role, career and the UK’s place in the firm’s global business

Tim Halstead – managing partner of Shulmans – on his career, building the firm and being one of the UK’s longest standing managing partners

Jonathan Bourne – managing director of Damar Training – on why apprenticeships are so vital to the legal sector

Julie Gingell - partner and director of marketing and business development at St Albans and Mayfair based SA Law - on the firm, being one of the UK’s first non-lawyer partners and what guides her professional life

Mark Watts – joint managing partner of Bristows – on juggling fee earning & management, the firm’s revenues & its future

DWF’s James Neale on his Britain’s Got Talent Journey

David Watson – partner at Geldards LLP, on his career, what’s in store for the property market in the East Midlands and multi-office collaboration

Nicola Tobin - legal director at Marshall Commercial Development Projects Limited – on the challenges and benefits of working in-house

Clive Read, real estate partner at Veale Wasbrough Vizards – on his career, the property market and his recent move from SGH Martineau

Paul Warburton, managing associate at BCL Legal’s London office – discusses the trends and his expectations of the legal market in the Capital and South East

Mark Gay, partner at Hamlins – on his new role and making the move from Burgess Salmon

Mark Haywood, partner and head of the Nabarro Manchester office – about his career, his life and what makes him a good lawyer

Andrew Robertson, general counsel & group company secretary at Hargreaves Services PLC

William Boss, managing partner of KWM – discusses his recent appointment, international collaboration & the firm’s expansion plans

Mike Blood, JMW’s new head of corporate – on his move, growth and the speculation that he’ll be launching sector groups

Jamie Singer, founder of Onside Law, on establishing the firm, its future and Naomi Campbell

James Hanratty, head of legal at Trainline, on his role, technology and the reality of working in-house

Phillip Gilmore – managing partner at Vincents – on his career, growth & future investment

Andrew Grech, group managing director of Slater and Gordon, on growth, acquisitions and the future direction of the firm

Stephen Jagusch, global chair of Quinn Emanuel's International Arbitration Practice, discusses his working life at the largest law firm in the world devoted solely to business litigation and arbitration

The Brief catches up with Mishcon de Reya’s three-strong & all-female partner promotions round for this year

Jeremy Hunt, partner & head of office at Trowers & Hamlins- Birmingham, on the firm’s growth in the Midlands

Paul Maddock from DWF on diversity, inclusion & being named in The Telegraph’s 50 LGBT Out at Work Executives List

Andrew Caplen, president of The Law Society, on its campaign against the introduction of increased civil court fees

Jennifer Tucker, senior lawyer at Balfour Beatty Construction Services UK, on her role, moving in-house & being named Young In House Lawyer of the Year 2014

Mark O’Conor, UK managing partner of DLA Piper, on the firm, its future & why he believes 'producer / manager lawyers’ are the way forward

John Cleaveley – partner at Weightmans LLP – on making the move from in-house into private practice

Mary Nowell, managing associate in the North West private practice team

Matthew Porter, manager, on the London interim market

Nick Fear, manager in BCL Legal’s Midlands team

Catherine Henry, manager of BCL Legal’s Yorkshire & North East private practice team

Georgina Inson, senior associate in the South West

James Brewster, associate director, on trends in the insurance & PI sectors

Tom Fleet – senior associate in the Yorkshire/ North East in-house team

Victoria Moore – senior associate in the Midlands in-house team

Craig Wilson, senior associate in the Central & South in-house team

Rachael North, director, on the London in-house market

Ruth Taylor – managing associate in the North West in-house team

Duncan Ralph from Foot Anstey.

Richard Bate, head of real estate at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co, discusses the firm’s recent merger, where it’s heading and the wider real estate sector.

Kevin Gold, managing partner at Mishcon de Reya, discusses trainees, flexible working, the firm’s relocation and its future.

Matt Barnes - legal and governance manager at British Cycling – talks about his role, the popularity of the sport and making the move in-house.

Sara Maccallum, Boodle Hatfield’s recently announced new senior partner, discusses her career, her new post and her plans for the future.

Mark Brandwood - managing partner at Brabners - talks mergers, branching out from legal services and changes at the firm.

Law Firm Services (LFS) Conveyancing Awards Round Up

Tom Bridge, Managing Partner at Stephensons - London & South East Conveyancing Firm of 2014

Mark Hobbs, managing director of Howells - Wales & West Midlands Regional Conveyancing Firm of 2014

Mark Jeffries – senior partner at Mills & Reeve – talks his career, the firm’s growth, mergers & its new deal with FIDAL.

Tristan Lewis, business development manager at Howells Solicitors - Wales & West Midlands Region Winners

Emily Eldridge, Associate Property Lawyer at Conveyancing Direct - Young Conveyancer 2014

Karen James, Partner at Ramsdens - Overall Conveyancer of the Year & Yorkshire and North East Region winners

Lloyd Davies, managing of director ConveyLaw - Direct Conveyancer Firm of 2014

Karen Middleton, head of conveyancing- Brethertons - East Midlands Regional Conveyancing Firm of 2014

Michael Brazier from myhomemove

John White, head of BL Claims, on the firm, its future and ambitions.

Matthew Smerdon, chief executive of The Legal Education Foundation, discusses the organisation, its work and how it adds value.

Emma Simcox-Oliver, head of industrial disease at Asons Solicitors.

Ken Woffenden, managing partner at Stevens & Bolton, discusses his career, why he left Simmons & Simmons and how he’s helped to grow Stevens & Bolton.

Joanne Price, head of legal at Aston Villa FC

Barry Gross, partner at Berwin Leighton Paisner LLP, on the firm’s expansion and the state of the wider legal market.

David Fennell, chief executive at Wragge Lawrence Graham & Co

Charlotte Local, head of conveyancing at enact

Tim Aspinall, managing partner of DMH Stallard

Vicky Clark – director of BCL Legal & BCL Graduates

Alan Greenough, partner at Hogan Lovells in London on the opening of the firm’s new base in Birmingham

Chris Kenny, chief executive of the Legal Services Board

Peter Jackson, managing partner of Hill Dickinson

Karlyn Hinchliffe, commercial solicitor at ODEON

Sue Albion, chief legal officer at Molson Coors Europe

Emma Holt, head of Pannone, part of Slater & Gordon

David Thompson – managing partner at Langleys

Crispin Passmore, SRA executive director for Policy

Charlie Mahoney, MSB Solicitors...

Louise Fishwick, general counsel & company secretary at

Linda Jones, Partner in the Employment practice at Pinsent Masons, discusses the launch of ‘Project Sky’...

Helen Trott, head of legal (Funding, UKMU Legal) Bupa...

Paul Jonson – managing partner at Pannone Corporate...

Lindsay Beardsell – general counsel at Supergroup...

Andrew Newbury, Pannone part of Slater & Gordon

Paul Chamberlain, Head of Employment - Manchester, Brabners LLP

Christopher Saul, senior partner at Slaughter & May...

Bill Jones, chairman of JMW Solicitors...

Marion Cail - legal counsel, Ramsay Health Care UK...

Richard Scorer, National Serious Injury Manager, Slater & Gordon

Paul Boyle – general counsel at Airwave...

Anja IJlstra, general counsel EMEA, CBRE Global Investors…

Emma Langford, head of legal at Thomas Cook Group Airlines...

George Rosenberg - director of Exarchou & Rosenberg International Ltd...

Tom Ferguson, senior counsel at TalkTalk...

Elliott Vigar - head of regulation at the Law Society – on the launch of Chancery Pii...

Christopher McKenzie - partner (trusts & estates/ private client) at O’Neal Webster...

Steven Zdolyny, head of legal at Riverview Solicitors...

Sonia Van Gilder Cooke & Natalia Naish, the team behind Barrister Hottie – the website which shot to fame this summer with its rankings of the hottest male & female barristers in London...

Graham Huntley – founding partner of Signature Litigation...

Paul van Reesch - vice president, legal and company secretary for Coca-Cola Enterprises (CCE) in Great Britain...

Alan Collins, partner and abuse case specialist, Pannone Solicitors...

Coby Benson from Bott & Co. on the rise of in flight compensation...

Andrew Fordham, legal director (EMEA) at The Sherwin-Williams Company...

Neal Mellor, associate director at Law By Design...

Maura McGowan QC, Chairman of the Bar...

James O’Connell, head of policy at The Institute of Paralegals...

In this in-depth interview Nancy discusses switching from private practice, the growth plans for the business and more

Daniel Herman, partner in the personal injury department at Stewarts Law LLP and head of the Leeds office...

Nicola Bridge, partner in the Litigation & Dispute Team at SJ Berwin....

Joy Kingsley, senior partner at JMW, discusses the firm’s recent acquisitions of Goodman Harvey...

Linda Woolley, managing partner at Kingsley Napley...

Rupert talks about his recent arrival at Serle Court, his work in the Middle East and some of his most high profile cases

Richard Norman on his career, his involvement in the firm’s WIN initiative, Brexit and more

Mark Levine – director & head of BCL Legal’s in-house team...

Ben Scott, head of legal at Nisa...

Keith Miles – managing associate – on the insurance and PI sectors...

James Brewster - business manager at BCL Legal – on the Midlands market...

Matthew Porter – manager in BCL Legal’s London office...

Catherine Henry, manager in BCL Legal’s Yorkshire & North West team...

LFS Conveyancing Award winner Kathryn Simpson

Louisa Hill – manager in BCL Legal’s North West team...

Anthony Barnfather, Head of Regulatory - Regulatory Team of the Year Winner

Maurice Watkins, Head of Sports Brabners Chaffe Street - Lifetime Achievement Award Winner

Rosanne Greaves, Associate Eversheds - Pro Bono/Community Initiative of the Year Winner

Manchester Legal Awards 2013 Special

Leila Bridgett, Solicitor Roberts Jackson - Trainee Solicitor of the Year Winner

George Bisnought, founder and managing director of Excello Law, on why he set the firm up and what his growth plans are

Richard Scorer - Partner Pannone - Personal Injury/Clinical Negligence Team of the Year Winner

Mark Hovell, Managing Partner George Davies Solicitors LLP - Partner of the Year Winner

Laura Hadzik, Solicitor JMW - Associate of the Year Winner

Peter Garsden - Principal and Managing Partner of QualitySolicitors Abney Garsden - Legal Aid and Small Firm of the Year Winner

Alan Lewis, head of employment at Linder Myers advises on the changes to employment law and the impact this will have on businesses

Michael Leadbeater, director of group legal services at William Hill, on his role, working internationally & what’s in-store for the gaming sector

Adrian Bland, partner and head of commercial real estate at Shakespeares, discusses his much publicised move from Wragge, the challenges he’s facing & the ‘North/ South divide’

Andrew Tucker, chief executive of Irwin Mitchell, on growth, the north/south divide, the role of digital marketing and what the future might hold

Jonathan Ross – chairman of The Property Litigation Association & Partner at Forsters LLP...

Christopher Stanton, head of the professional and financial risks team at Hill Dickinson

Alison Roberts, Professional Services Director (Conveyancing Services) at Countrywide Property Lawyers: Conveyancing - a view from volume business...

Kevin Rousell, head of the Claims Management Unit at The Ministry of Justice...

Antony Townsend – chief executive for the SRA

Louise Daniels, operations manager at myhomemove...

Sarah Parkinson, partner at Browne Jacobson...

Matthew Briggs, CEO of Brilliant Law on his experiences of establishing an ABS and what the future holds for the legal profession...

Naeema Choudry - Partner Eversheds - Employment Team of the Year winner

James Bryce, partner at Square One

Kieran Fielding, senior solicitor at Pearson Fielding

James Batt – managing director of BCL Legal – discusses the company’s London office opening...

David Leviten, Head of Commercial Property at Clough & Willis, who was recently placed by BCL Legal.

PAUL WARBURTON TALKS TO.... Duncan Vaughan, Associate in the Corporate & Commercial Department at DWF in Leeds – about running in the Olympic torch relay

Franklin Sinclair - senior partner at Tuckers Solicitors

Paul Matthews - director in the commercial litigation/dispute resolution group and head of the Regulatory team at Cobbetts in Leeds

Matthew Lewis, head of employment at Squire Sanders (Leeds)

Charlotte John, associate in the employment & pensions group at DAC Beachcroft LLP...

Interview with Soyab Patel, Partner at The Specter Partnership Solicitors


Amanda Maskery, partner at Sintons LLP

Fran Eccles-Bech - Executive Director, Manchester Law Society

Jo Morgan - Group Chief Compliance Officer, IMI PLC

Jonathan Tattersall, Head of Litigation, Addleshaw Goddard - Litigation Team of the Year Winner

THE BRIEF Q&A... Jo Morgan, group chief compliance officer for IMI PLC

Amanda Bailey, Assistant Solicitor, George Davies Solicitors - Trainee of the Year Award Winner

Christine Newton, Hill Dickinson - Asscociate of the Year Winner

Nigel Shepherd, Partner, Mills & Reeve - Private Client Team of the Year Winner

Michael Ball, Partner & Head of Department, Gateley - Employment Team of the Year Winner

James Hulsken – Legal Counsel, De Poel

Amanda Nuttall – business unit director of Keoghs’ Fraud Rings Team...

Daniel Liptrott, Partner, Eversheds - Large Firm of the Year Winner

LIFE AFTER THE LAW: BCL Legal talks to Kate Catherall

Nick Lees of Walker Morris, Leeds

Colin Flanagan, chairman of Freeth Cartwright, on mergers & what the future holds

Interview with Paul Davis, Head of Claims Operations at Hill Dickinson LLP

Chris Saul on life after Slaughter & May

Janet Pickavance, chief executive at Brabners Chaffe Street

THE BRIEF EXCLUSIVE: Richard Scorer, partner & head of the Serious Injury Services Division at Pannone, who is working with the victims of the Rochdale grooming cases

Michael McDonnell of Cohen Cramer...

Ian Cohen, director and head of Medical Negligence at Goodmans Law

Interview with Head of Legal, Andrew Carr of Sellafield whose team won In house legal team of the Year at the Law Society C&I Group North West Annual Dinner and Awards.

Jonathan with Liverpool FC talks about young In House Layer of the year at the Law Society C&I Group North West Annual Dinner and Awards.

Chris Tinsley - European Metal Recycling’s new head of legal

Interview with Mark Shipley, Managing Director at Shipley IP

Interview with Michelle Reilly, Head of MIU at Weightmans

Interview with Ruth Lawrence, Head of Insurance at Hill Dickinson

Interview with Mark Feeny, partner at Brabners Chaffe Street LLP

James Batt - Director of BCL Legal - on the firm's rebrand and what it means for the future

John Flathers – head of real estate at Irwin Mitchell, Leeds

Interview with Jonathan Berkson, partner at Hill Dickinson LLP

Edward Smethurst, Chairman of the Commerce & Industry Group North West

Interview with Kevin Johnson, Partner, John Pickering and Partners LLP

Interview with Stuart Smith, Partner, Weightmans

Interview with Steve Hartley, Director, Compass Costs

Interview with Peter McCormick OBE, Senior Partner, McCormicks Solicitors, Harrogate

Interview with Andrew Evans, Partner, Hill Dickinson, Liverpool

Interview with Paul Rooney from The Paul Rooney Partnership

Interview with Paul Meredith, Partner, Carpenters, Birkenhead

Interview with David Pester, Managing Partner, TLT Solicitors, Bristol

Interview with Gareth McIntegart, Head of Corporate, Liverpool DWF

Another Brief Talks To

Interview with Lyndsey Evans , HR Manager at Carpenters

Interview with Paul Attwood, Commercial and IP Partner at DWF

Interview with Daniel Hall, Head of Corporate Eversheds

Interview with Peter Garsden, Principal at Abney Garsden McDonald

Interview with Joy Kingsley, Senior Partner at JMW Solicitors


Philippa Craven - Partner at Kennedys in Birmingham

David Beech - CEO of Knights plc

Matt Walker - Partner at Gowling WLG

Donna McGrath - Senior Legal Manager for Holland & Barrett

We speak exclusively to Scott Cameron – JMW’s new Head of Banking

Lara Oyesanya talks to us about why she chose a career in-house

We speak to Chris Topping – Director of Broudie Jackson Canter

Read our exclusive interview with barrister Richard Stevens – aka Number 18 in the latest series of Channel 4’s SAS Who Dares Wins

We speak to Imraan Patel about working in-house at EG Group

We sit down with Tapestry Compliance’s Janet Cooper to talk about her career, the firm and what drives her in business

We chat to Emms Gilmore Liberson’s Jon Start

We speak to Roshni Dhunna about working in-house at TNT Express

We catch up with Jonathan Cox to discuss his career and work in the property sector

We speak to Natasha Maddock about working in-house at GBG

We speak to Peter Stewart about some of the legal issues surrounding the alleged off-field criminal behaviour of Australia’s National Rugby League players

In this in-depth interview we chat to Swati Paul about her diverse role at London Luton Airport

We chat to Marie-Louise Hamilton, the newly appointed Managing Partner at Wrigleys, about her career and vision for the firm

We speak exclusively to Vardags’ new Head of Property, James Bunker

We speak to Mina Bhama about working in-house at the world’s leading connected car data marketplace

Stephen Green from Knight plc’s Commercial team discusses his career, why he’s moved back into private practice and his time working at the 2018 football World Cup in Russia

We speak to Jas Kaur about working in-house at the world’s leading retail software and managed solutions providers

We catch up with Jennifer Kafcas about her role at McGuireWoods

We speak to Steve Turner about working in-house at the UK’s largest independent communications supply specialist

Trowers’ Katie Saunders shares her insight into the trends that are driving the construction market, what makes the firm special and much more

We speak to Ben Goodman about working in-house at one of the world’s leading consumer products companies

We chat to Amy Hinks from the Booth Centre about the services it offers to homeless people in Manchester.

Linda Lamb – Director of LSL Family Law – discusses the challenges facing small firms, her career and much more

Julian Acratopulo - Head of the International Commercial Litigation Group at Clifford Chance and President of the London Solicitors Litigation Association – discusses his career, the work of the LSLA and the wider issues in the sector

In this in-depth interview, we chat to Tricia Grace about her new role at IMServ, why she chose a career in-house, how she took a revolutionary approach to the legal function at Cordant and much more.

How a round-the-world trip that took her to Sydney, prompted Clare’s career to becoming one of the foremost experts in international trademark law.

Hugh James partner Emily Powell talks to us about a career that has taken her from representing drug dealers on one of the country’s meanest streets to providing crucial advice on multi-billion-pound public sector procurement projects.

Heading into 2020, what are the three biggest challenges facing law firms?

From Leicester Polytechnic to Tier One of the Legal 500, Irwin Mitchell’s new National Family Law Partner tells The Brief how she rose to the top, and what she does to stay there.

Lewis Silkin's new planning partner, Sara Hanrahan, tells The Brief about the firm’s long-term strategy, the changing face of planning and her route into the law.

One of the country’s foremost authorities in the field of Islamic family law talks to The Brief about a career built upon understanding the complex interplay between religious and secular law.

Managing partner of Slater Heelis; Chris Bishop, spoke to The Brief about how the firm has adapted to home working while maintaining productivity levels and safeguarding employee well-being.

In conversation with Mike Elston, Chief Counsel Europe & International at BAE Systems Air and Mark Levine, Director In-House at BCL Legal, on the impact of the Covid pandemic.

The best of both worlds: The Brief talks to Karen Bexley and Anna Beaumont about the launch of their business in early 2020, and their vision to combine the best elements of fee-share and traditional law firms.

Bal Atwal, Legal Advisor at West Midlands Police & Chair of Birmingham Solicitors' Group, tells The Brief about the opportunities to make a positive contribution that his new role offers, and a career built on pride in his city; Birmingham.

In conversation with Tom Ferguson, General Counsel & Company Secretary at Well Pharmacy and Mark Levine, Director In-House at BCL Legal.

Saleem Fazal from Taylor Wessing talks to The Brief about his legal career, the importance of social mobility, and how Liverpool is a natural fit for a firm that specialises in life sciences and technology.

Amal Kaur, Partner & Head of Scottish Real Estate practice at Shakespeare Martineau, tells The Brief about the variety of work involved in commercial property, how the firm plans to grow the practice, and her role as “people champion”.

Elaine Motion, the first female chairman of the Scottish legal firm Balfour + Manson, tells The Brief about some of her biggest cases, including her role in one of the most explosive legal challenges of recent decades.

Nick Roome, the national head of KPMG Law tells the Brief about the opportunities for clients and lawyers alike that come from integrating legal services with other professional disciplines through a client solutions lens.

Every legal career journey is different but one thing from which every aspiring professional can benefit is advice from people who have already made it to the top.

BCL Legal's Mark Levine interviews Simon Swain, Head of Legal at Advanced Medical Solutions. Having spent time in Private Practice with Slaughter and May and DLA, the past 13 years have been spent in-house with a variety of organisations.

Mark Levine interviews Louise Gill. Having spent time at DLA and Gateley, she first moved in-house to Coventry Building Society as Lead Counsel before joining Belmont Finance in March '21 as their Head of Legal (Commercial and Product).

BCL's Mark Levine interviews Robyn Sandilands, Head of Legal at Vets4Pets. Robyn tells us about her legal career to date, what she enjoys most about her job... and what advice she would offer to lawyers considering a move in-house.

Victoria Jones has spent the past 11 years at Manchester Metropolitan University where she covered international activities, brand management, board level support and joint venture. The perfect background for her new role developing the legal function at global e-tailer Beauty Bay.

Dan Taylor qualified with Eversheds in 2009, leaving them in 2014 to move in-house. From a secondment at Manchester Airport to joining Thomas Cook, he is now Legal Director at Awaze – Europe’s leading managed vacation rentals group.

The majority of Chris Fowler's career has been with BT where he has held titles such as Head of Major Deals and Projects and now GC Technology. 23 years with one of the UK’s largest employers certainly gives some great insights to being an in-house lawyer, especially when working in a global role.

Emma Sharman trained and qualified with Pinsents in their restructuring team, moving in-house in 2014 to Best International (an investment business) where she grew the legal team. She now works as in-house counsel across 3 different businesses.

Charlie Strickland spent 4 years in private practice, at 2 years’ PQE he moved in-house to Croda Industrial PLC. After 8 years he joined Arco as their General Counsel and Company Secretary and in 2020 he moved to GlobaData Plc. - He speaks to BCL's Mark Levine...

Knights plc is one of the most talked about, and fastest-growing, legal services businesses in the UK. One of its Client Services Directors, James Sheridan, tells The Brief about the company’s regional growth strategy, its recent acquisitions, and why he believes a corporate structure can lead to longer-term thinking than the traditional partnership model.

Kasia Findley began her legal career with ANS Group as a Paralegal, becoming their Sole In-house Legal Adviser. Her golden nugget of advice: "You must genuinely understand the business, how it works, how it makes money."

Geraint Thomas, Partner & Head of Disputes Team at Laytons ETL Global, tells The Brief about the practice he leads and the potential importance of the tort of abuse of process in holding non-CPS prosecuting authorities accountable for their actions.

BCL's In-house Managing Director, Mark Levine interviews Kevin Athow, Head of Legal & Compliance at BSH, UK & Ireland...

Simon Bruce, partner at Dawson Cornwell, tells The Brief about acting in some of the most high-profile family cases to have come before the English Courts, including the ground-breaking 2010 Radmacher v Granatino matter, and why, despite having six reported Supreme Court cases to his name, he believes mediation is preferable to litigation.

Where have all the lawyers gone? BCL Legal In-house Director, Alison McKee discusses... "The lawyers we speak to are looking for flexibility, high work quality, a great culture and competitive packages."

David Ward was appointed a partner in the employment team at Blacks Solicitors in 2019, aged just 31. He talks to the Brief about developing niche practice areas, winning at the Employment Appeals Tribunal and his career path at one of Yorkshire’s biggest independent firms.

Jersey-based Jason Romer is group managing partner at a leading offshore law firm. He tells The Brief about accessing high quality work, the possibility of working for an offshore firm while living onshore, being a “political hot potato” and creating “an environment where brilliant people are proud to work.”

Andrew Nugent Smith is the managing director of the multi-claimant litigation specialist Keller Postman UK. He tells The Brief about his firm’s strategy, the market for class actions in the UK and the role collective redress plays in providing access to justice.

Emily Ashton and Catherine Harris work in the legal team at the homewares and furnishings retailer Dunelm. They tell The Brief about what inspired them to pursue careers in the law, the key characteristics of successful in-house lawyers and what they enjoy about working for a growing FTSE 250 retail phenomenon.

Google’s former head of legal for emerging markets, Karima Noren went on to co-found the data protection platform Privacy Compliance Hub. She tells the Brief about a career that has included working for the world’s most exciting company at its most exciting time, and why she now believes in the paramount importance of privacy.

Joy Wilkinson is legal and compliance director at IPL International Procurement, part of the Asda family. She tells The Brief what she loves about her role, and what it takes to succeed as an in-house lawyer at one of the largest food processing businesses in the UK.

Mary Nowell, managing director at BCL Legal, talks to The Brief about her career to-date and why she made the move from paralegal to legal recruiter back in June 2005.

Philippa Dempster joined Freeths more than 30 years ago, since when it has grown from a well-respected Nottingham practice to a top-50 national firm with 12 offices and more on the way. She tells The Brief about a journey that has seen her become national senior partner and London managing partner, and the firm’s vision for the future.

Emma Lilley is head of legal, UK and Ireland, at the Payroll, HR and workforce management solutions provider SD Worx, and one of a growing band of “lawfluencers”, with a loyal following in Instagram. She talks to the Brief about her career to-date and why she always found in-house more appealing than private practice.

Emma Reid is group head of legal at Fraser Group. She tells The Brief about the excitement and challenges of working in-house at one of the UK’s biggest retail businesses.

Kate Granville Smith’s career in pensions law spans a period of rapid and sometimes dramatic change for her specialist field. She tells The Brief about a high-stakes practice area with a collaborative ethos.

Lisa Shacklock, client services director at Knights, tells The Brief about the latest additions to the business in the North of England, and its continuing strategy for growth.

The managing partner of Scottish firm Wright, Johnston & Mackenzie LLP (WJM) tells The Brief about the ongoing opportunities advising renewable energy developers, the importance of business skills for lawyers facing an AI-enabled future, and the recent investment made in his firm by Irwin Mitchell.

Britton and Time Solicitors is a fast-growing practice with offices in Brighton and Mayfair. Its founder tells The Brief about his route into the profession, buying a law firm shortly after qualifying and a recent case that has clarified the law on undue influence and coercion.


Salaries for newly qualified solicitors up by 4% in 2019

Zooming in: maintaining workplace values through the pandemic

The Brief in collaboration with Stribe - We want to know: How do you feel your firm understands its employees’ needs and priorities?

Productivity: How are lawyers really getting on with remote working?

Career progression: What does it take to rise to the top in the legal profession?

A recent report painted a mixed picture of the sector’s performance during 2020. What do its findings mean for the profession, and how do they compare to the experience of individual firms?

Health focus: The Brief asks how lawyers have managed to keep in shape and finds out about the importance of good nutrition as we return to more normal ways of working.

The Brief finds out, and hears about the impact of government policy on the financial wellbeing of criminal defence specialists.

After more than a year of predominantly working from home, teams are now beginning to return to office premises in greater numbers. How are legal firms managing this transition and what might the “new normal” look like in the long term? The Brief finds out.

Workplace culture can be a powerful glue that holds teams together. It can also be fragile, and it needs to be nurtured. The Brief finds out how law firms can maintain their values and ensure consistency across their teams.

Building a positive profile in the media can be of benefit to lawyers’ businesses and their careers. Stuart Anderson, director of Alpha Public Relations, sets out a number of tips to help legal professionals engage with journalists effectively.

BCL Legal, in support of The Access To Justice Foundation: How your firm can give access to justice to those most in need

BCL Legal's Alex Carpenter discusses the growth of our Scotland recruitment team and the growth within the Scottish legal market...

The Brief interviews BCL Legal Associate Director, Charlotte Newton, as she reflects on her career in recruitment and her journey to Associate Director with BCL

The pandemic thrust issues of employee mental health and wellbeing into the spotlight. The Brief has spoken to a selection of law firms to find out how they have responded.

LexisNexis recently published its annual Bellwether survey UK SME law firms. The Brief has taken a look at its findings relating to legal talent, and discussed them with law firm leaders.

Whether it be from disgruntled clients or extremists emboldened by intemperate politicians, lawyers in a number of practice areas can find themselves subjected to intimidatory behaviour. The Brief takes a look at the issue.

Inheritance tax and estate planning explained by Compare Wealth Managers

Evelyn Partners Top 50 Law Firms

Technology played an indispensable role in the delivery of legal services during the pandemic. The Brief asks how law firms might capitalise on IT investments as they move on from Covid-19.

The FIRE movement: is retiring early all it's cracked up to be? Insights from Compare Wealth Managers...

Evelyn Partners in conjunction with The Lawyer publish their Annual Law Firm Survey...

The BCL team discuss the North of England private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023.....

Alex Carpenter, Associate Director, discusses the Scotland private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

Sean Cully, Senior Associate, discusses the Dublin private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

Sean Cully, Senior Associate, discusses the Belfast private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

Angharad Warren, Director, discusses the West Midlands private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

The BCL team discuss the East Midlands & East Anglia private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

Kelly-Anne Willis, Senior Associate, discusses the South West private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

The BCL team discuss the London private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

Joanna Marklove, Director, discusses the Insurance & Residential Conveyancing private practice market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

Mark Levine, Managing Director, discusses the In-house market in 2022 and market predictions for 2023...

In the legal sector it can be difficult for firms to build genuinely distinctive identities. However, over the past decade or two firms have seriously begun addressing this, making considerable investments to develop what they hope will be distinctive firm-wide brands and coherent workplace cultures.

Which regions offer the best quality of life for lawyers? We trawled BCL's annual salary survey and examined average house prices in affluent neighbourhoods to discover which locations offer the best (and worst) affordability.

Social media is an indispensable element of many lawyers’ professional as well as personal, lives. The Brief spoke to three senior lawyers to find out how they approach it, and how their practices have benefited as a result.

LexisNexis Bellwether report 2023

Eating healthily can be difficult for busy lawyers, particularly those who have to wine and dine clients regularly. The Brief presents some tips that involve more than salad.

Not every solicitor wants to follow the well-trodden partnership route, which has traditionally been a problem for many more experienced lawyers. Things are changing, though, and The Brief explores the options that are increasingly available.

Mark Levine, Managing Director, discusses the in-house market in 2023

BCL Legal's insurance and conveyancing teams discuss the market in 2023

Angharad Warren, Director, discusses the Midlands private practice market in 2023

Sean Cully, Associate Director, and Sarah Bailey, Senior Associate, discuss the Irish private practice market in 2023

The BCL team discuss the offshore market in 2023, and shares his predictions for the coming year

Alex Carpenter, Associate Director, discusses the Scottish private practice market in 2023

Mary Nowell, Managing Director, discusses the national private practice market in 2023

BCL’s Northern team discuss the private practice market around the North of England in 2023

BCL’s Southern private practice team discuss the market in the South of England in 2023

Will AI prove to be good, bad or indifferent for the legal profession? One thing is for certain, it’s not going away. The Brief investigates.

There can be overwhelming commercial arguments in favour of law firms merging, or of one acquiring another. However, as The Brief discovers, it is vital to communicate clearly with staff throughout the process.

What skills do aspiring lawyers need for a successful career in the mid-21st Century? A selection of our previous “The Brief Talks To” contributors share their insights.

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