Interim and document review

Working as a document review lawyer

Usually performed by lawyers and paralegals with extensive and specific litigation experience, document review is great way to get ‘a foot in the door’ at some of the world’s most prestigious firms, including many US, Magic and Silver Circle firms, and smaller boutique practices.

A busy strand of BCL’s recruitment services (with ‘high end’ London firms in particular), document review work is lucrative.


  • Litigation experience (including paralegal)
  • Registered to work in the UK
  • Able to commence work at short notice

Sometimes experience of working in several jurisdictions is essential, and bi- or multi-lingual skills can be a real advantage.

Registration process

  1. Complete the BCL Legal registration form
  2. Attend a face-to-face interview at our London office
  3. Provide two references
  4. Prove your eligibility to work in the UK
  5. Show relevant qualification certification

Is overtime compulsory when working as a document review lawyer?

This is a frequently asked question and there isn’t a clear yes or no answer. The answer depends on the individual project and work streams, the needs of the client, and project timelines.

Generally, overtime is optional unless a client’s instructed otherwise, and a good legal recruiter will always notify you of the client’s expectation before you commit to a project.

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I want to work overtime

If you’re able to work overtime hours: late into the evening, overnight and over the weekend and bank holidays, you’ll be financially rewarded for it. This is because time-and-a-half and double-time multipliers kick in after the minimum required hours per day/week (at the standard hourly rate) are worked.

I don’t want to work overtime

For those unable to work the overtime hours, the standard working week is 39 or 40 hours (Monday to Friday); so there’s a good work/life balance while earning a decent hourly rate and you get to enjoy the flexibility of working as an interim lawyer.

At BCL Legal we have an experienced team specialising in placing lawyers and paralegals into temporary document review roles: with law firms and outsourcing companies. If you’re a candidate seeking this type of role please get in touch to discuss the options available to you.

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