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A solid, credible business plan is essential if you want to make a move and take your client portfolio with you.

It’s highly likely we’ll possess inside knowledge of your prospective firm, and because we evaluate business plans every day, we’ll ensure your presentation is compelling and relevant.

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Keep it simple and credible

A good plan consists of a concise analysis of:

  • Clients
  • Services provided
  • Fees generated

It’s important to provide details on client migration and its management; it’s suitability for integration with the prospective firm’s portfolio, and how it’ll contribute to business development.


Present your content in four clear sections:

  • Base – a description of your current situation
  • Objective – reasons for moving practice and how it’ll benefit the recruiting firm
  • Method – this is where you detail how you’ll migrate your clients
  • Measurement – fee predictions presented as projected turnover


  • Be in command of all the facts, presented in a positive and realistic manner
  • Be confident – avoid qualifying facts and figures with caveats
  • Be clear and definite in you proposals
  • Demonstrate how you’ve considered your portfolio integration

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