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Manchester Sleepout

On Friday 10th November 2017, our team at BCL Legal will be sleeping rough on the streets of Manchester in support of the fantastic, locally based Booth Centre charity in an attempt to raise money for Manchester's homeless.

Walking to work every morning through our city, it's hard not to stumble upon someone sleeping in a doorway, on a bench or on the side of the road. Homelessness and rough sleeping is on the increase again and still more spending and welfare cuts are to come. As of 2017, the number of people sleeping rough in Manchester has risen dramatically- a 41% increase in the last year alone.

Breaking the cycle of homelessness is extremely difficult.

The Booth Centre has been operating for 20 years with its main aim to provide support and opportunities to homeless people by helping them overcome the issues which have led to their life on the streets. The team helps people move on to employment, education, training or voluntary work in the community when they are ready. The centre provides healthy and nutritious meals, a safe and friendly environment and the opportunity for people to volunteer in the kitchen and gain practical work-based skills. Other skills gained at the centre include photography, creative writing, music and drama.

We are all fortunate enough to have an enjoyable job within a fantastic business. We have family, friends and work hard to enjoy the finer things in life. Sleeping outside the cathedral, on a cardboard box with no shelter on a Friday night is an alien concept. But we're doing it.

It's going to be cold. VERY cold. But if we can raise a £1500 at the very least, we can help give the 3200 people who are homeless across the region a chance. If you can sponsor us, any amount, no matter how small, we'll be eternally grateful. The money raised will helped the Booth Centre do some pretty special things.

Here’s our link if you would like to help us

Thank you for taking the time to read.

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