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What lawyers want: the top 5 changing needs of lawyers in 2019

Millennials are the driving force here. My own personal experience of this well-educated and well-informed generation is that they’re not afraid to challenge convention and bring about change, which has certainly rubbed off on the more experienced and senior generations!

We live in a new age where individuals strive for a good work-life balance no matter their age, but it appears to me that in looking for a new legal job role, the ‘millennial’ lawyer already has key prerequisites in the forefront of their mind that ultimately influence their decision. These can include anything from travel, flexibility, ethical/reputable law firm and good culture.

Law firms are more in tune to ensure they attract and retain new talent, which now includes the ‘millennial’ lawyer. The logic is, if you invest in the new generation, the firm makes a profit from the investment. So, I've mentioned what might influence lawyers of today in considering their next move and here are the top five changing needs of lawyers in 2019...


The commute should be as short as possible or the prospective employer should be able to offer some kind of concession towards travel expenses if travelling to the office by public transport.


Agile working and flexible working arrangements are much higher on the agenda when negotiating the final package. A lot of law firms embrace flexible working and are starting to move away from the traditional 9 a.m. - 5 p.m., Monday to Friday in the office.

Not just ‘millennial’ lawyers but a lot of individuals have family/social commitments outside of work and instead of burning the candle at both ends, ensuring a better work-life balance allows them to perform and exceed in both their work and personal life. There has to be a win-win for the employer and employee.

Reputable law firm

The ‘millennial’ lawyer who’s clued up on the who’s who of the industry is keen to work for market leaders in their chosen practice area. It’s not enough to work for just any law firm. This probably resonates more with those young lawyers that have strong academic records, have trained in the City at Legal 500 firms and are keen to specialise in their respective fields with leading firms.


‘Millennial’ lawyers are very much about working in a positive, collaborative, progressive setting. There should be new and innovative technology being used where all members of staff are trained to use it and ongoing training and development provided.

Social change

This applies to most lawyers but more so with ‘millennial’ lawyers - they’re keen to make sure the work they’re doing is making a difference in the outside world. They want an environment where their work is acknowledged and particularly where it’s left a positive impact on individual clients or for commercial/corporate clients.

I’m pleased to say that many of the national and international law firms I recruit embrace these shifts and are keen to recruit top talent who are invested in these changes.

If you would like to hear about opportunities with these law firms, please contact Bhavisha Duggal at BCL Legal for a private and confidential conversation.

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