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2013 sees a huge increase in demand for solicitors in Leeds and West Yorkshire

2013 sees a huge increase in demand for solicitors in Leeds and West Yorkshire

Wow! The Yorkshire market in 2013 is off to a flying start; business is booming and the good news for solicitors is that there is more demand than supply!

During the recession law firms have recruited cautiously and many solicitors have faced redundancy as workloads have decreased and operations have been streamlined which has meant longer hours and a more challenging working environment for those that have been lucky enough to stay in work throughout these difficult times.

As workloads have increased and more senior solicitors have had sufficient confidence in the market to move on, many departments have found themselves pushed to breaking point. Over the past few years the pattern seems to have been that senior lawyers have been wary of risking a stable job and as such there has been limited movement in the market. Consequently, many departments within Leeds' firms have found themselves with a top heavy structure. Now that many senior solicitors do have the confidence to move on to pastures new, it has opened up a whole raft of opportunities for more junior lawyers.

Throughout the Leeds and wider Yorkshire market demand is strong in most disciplines, particularly for newly qualified to five year qualified solicitors. That is not to say that there isn't demand for those of you that are more senior; quality experience will always be valued, particularly where backed up with a solid client base. Most UK firms are keener than ever to expand through lateral hires, team moves and firm mergers.

For the more junior solicitors, the stand out area in Leeds where there is a huge lack of candidates is commercial property. Firms are (almost literally) crying out for NQ to five year qualified commercial property solicitors. The decline in real estate work during the recession has meant that a very limited number of solicitors qualified into this area, consequently we've been left with a huge gap in the market. If you have quality commercial property experience and are ready for a new challenge you will get snapped up in no time.

Other areas that are also booming include commercial litigation, commercial, construction (both contentious and non-contentious) and finance. There is also a continual demand for good solicitors in planning, pensions and regulatory work.

No matter what your specialism, if you'd like a confidential discussion about your options in the Leeds and Yorkshire market please visit our website BCL Legal.

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