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2014, the year of the Conveyancer.

2014 has been the year when the conveyancing market really took off again. We live in a world where consumers are continually demanding a more efficient service and with so much choice out there, Law firms have really had to up their game. Overall better communication, quicker transactions and more regular updates have been the order of the day.

Over the last 12 months the focus has shifted from maintaining the standards set prior to the downturn in market conditions, but the quality of service clients want now. Customers want updates yesterday and chase more frequently as they want their transaction completed more quickly. One market leader suggested that it is essential that innovation in the legal sector is benchmarked against the online customer experience of leading retail outlets and who could argue with that, after all retailers have been perfecting the art of online customer services for some time. Most of the bigger players in the market now have training academies to ensure that everybody within the firm has the support they need to become top quality conveyancers, with the opportunity to continue your development and progress through the ranks.

With property prices continuing to increase month on month throughout the year, up by approx. 7% in the North West and with new government reforms like the help to buy scheme it is likely that things will continue apace into the early part of 2015.

There has never been a better time to be considering your next move within a sector that is looking to continue in the slip stream of the recent property boom. With firms more competitive than ever in their hiring of quality conveyancers at all levels, opportunities are aplenty.

If you are considering your next move, looking for a change within the sector or would like to have an informal chat about the market in general then feel free to contact me, Nick Carrollor visit our website BCL Legal.

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