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5 Tips To A More Effective Cover Letter

5 Tips To A More Effective Cover Letter

If it is your CV that will land you a dream job then your cover lettering is a short advertisement to help sell your CV. It is a vital component to the application process and, when done well, it can help to greatly improve your chances of landing a highly prized legal job in London for example.

Follow these tips to help ensure your cover letter is as good as it can be.

1 Write A Covering Letter Not A CV

You should write a brief covering letter that includes your strongest qualities and the greatest reasons to employ you for any legal jobs London. However, your letter should not be a complete rewrite of your CV.

2 Add Keywords

Make sure you include certain keywords within your covering letter. These will include specific skills that a recruiter is looking for as well as desirable attributes that you possess and wish to show off. By including these in your covering letter it means that those reading your letter will be more inclined to seek an interview.

3 Talk About The Company

Your covering letter should, of course, be personalised to you and you should create a different covering letter for every application. Research the company to which you are applying and the position that you hope to fill, Provide details of how your skills are not only ideal for the position that you are applying for but how they match the company ethos and mission too.

4 Brevity

A covering letter should be brief. It should extol your virtues and sing your praises without being overly verbose and without containing useless or irrelevant information. You need to get your message across but without having to use too many words to get there. Aim for a page at the very most when crafting your letter.

5 Presentation Matters

Presentation is absolutely critical especially when applying for legal jobs London. The recruiter will want to see an ordered and structured mind; one that get the message across in a suitable space and in a neat and orderly fashion. Your cover letter is your first opportunity to show that you are the ideal candidate.

There are several stages to any application process and the cover letter is the face of your application. Even before viewing your CV, a recruiter will read your cover letter and this means that your letter should be direct and to the point while selling your virtues and your benefits.

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