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9 Months In Legal Recruitment – Similar to 9 months of pregnancy - The trials and tribulations!

I do not have children of my own but have been fortunate enough to be a part of a miraculous and amazing journey with some of my closest friends’ pregnancies for 9 months. In some weird and wonderful way I couldn’t think of a better comparison of my 9 months at BCL Legal.

I started off in legal recruitment to specialise in defendant insurance and personal injury recruitment across the West Midlands and the South West and like a seed I was planted and ready to grow. With no recruitment knowledge or experience of working in legal recruitment, having been a practicing solicitor previously, I was awaiting a whole new life ahead of me. I would say that my first trimester in legal recruitment was consistent with that of feeling sick, nauseous and nervous all because I was developing in my new surroundings anxious to get started, make a good impression and do a good job! With that came great nurturing and support from my manager and team to assist my initial growth, they supplied with me knowledge, processes, market intel, established client contacts, all important factors that would assist in what is probably the most testing first few months.

Then came the second trimester, so now the morning sickness and anxiety had passed and I was ready for the next challenge. I knew that this would be the most exciting time, I would be able to feel the affects of the initial 3 months where I had been fed information, guidance, market knowledge of how the insurance market including clinical negligence/professional indemnity/property damage markets were developing and evolving and how there was a surge in the personal injury market, particularly in defendant practice combined with a fantastic portfolio of candidates and clients to work with I was now excited about my future as a legal recruitment consultant at BCL Legal. Similar to the feeling of a baby kick for the first time, the joy and elation of movement is a sentiment that I cannot emulate but can comprehend as that’s probably not far off from what I felt when I made my first placement! Having been given all the right nutrients and support by my manager and team it yielded a great result and an overriding feeling of reward for all the hard work invested not only by me but my support network at BCL Legal.

Final trimester now complete I know that the fruits of my labour will borne an ambitious, focused and knowledgeable legal recruitment consultant and similarly to my friends who will cherish their newborns until the end of time, I too will relish my gift from BCL Legal.

So the clock starts now and going forward I am keen to assist solicitors/paralegals who are ready to make their next career move in insurance litigation, defendant and claimant personal injury roles across the West Midlands and South West. If you would like to discuss new defendant insurance and personal injury opportunities with top tier firms please contact BCL Legal or call 0161 819 7475.

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