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A celebration of hard work – Manchester TSG Committee Handover

We have been fortunate over the years to work closely with the Manchester Trainee Solicitors Group (@mcrtsg for those on Twitter) and have had the pleasure of each year organising the coming together of the old and new committee members as they transition into their new roles post-election.

Last night’s rendezvous took place at Dutton’s on Albert Square and was not just well attended but a resounding success (in my opinion).

It was a true testament to the quality and commitment of the old committee with whom it has been a pleasure to work with as well as highlighting what a fantastic group the new committee is – it should prove to be an excellent year ahead and we are very much looking forward to working with them all.

As the market improves competition for roles on qualification will undoubtedly become fierce both on internal retention as well as external applications. Leaving aside the immense value that the each of the committee provide to their members, it also demonstrates the clear desire to take on responsibility and shows the attributes that firms are seeking from their junior lawyers as they move through the ranks.

It should never be underestimated the level of work that these posts can represent all of which are done within the confines of still performing their day to day function as a trainee lawyer – my hat goes off to them all.

It can sometimes be the extra-curricular aspects of what trainees do that can separate them from their counterparts and is to be positively encouraged – in most instances law firms from big to small will support that and so it is down to the individual to seek out those opportunities.

To the old committee for 2013/2014 – we thank you for your hard work and commitment, it has truly been a pleasure.

To the new committee – we look forward to another great year.

For more information please contact Paul Warburton

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