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A closer look at the Sheffield legal scene

A closer look at the Sheffield legal scene

Budding law graduates or those wanting a fresh start in their career don’t need to head to London to maximise their job prospects. Boasting an extremely active and energetic legal scene, Sheffield offers the opportunities you need to get your career on the right track, and legal jobs in Sheffield are just as fulfilling, financially rewarding and progressive as those based in London, Manchester or Birmingham.

Sheffield is a District Registry of the High Court and also has a strong law Society that supports the local legal community. There are also good links to the local business and commercial sectors.

Anna Dean, the President of Sheffield & District Law Society is currently on a mission to promote the local law profession, despite the challenging times facing it with the introduction of the ABS and public funding. As a city, Sheffield aims to set an example of a local law society that “represents its members on a national and social level”. (The Legal, Sheffield & district Law Society, May 2012).

A wealth of opportunities

Law jobs in Sheffield are currently thriving, with plenty of opportunities at all levels within the profession, whether you are interested in secretarial roles, Paralegal or Lawyer roles. Legal recruitment in Sheffield has opened up a wealth of opportunities for this specialised market, and you can establish and maintain your career within the legal sector and achieve great success at all levels. There are a host of specialist legal recruitment Sheffield agencies in and around the city that pride themselves on maintaining strong partnerships with legal firms and prospective employees. These specialist agencies really understand the needs of both clients and job hunters and offer a great deal of expertise and advice to both candidates and prospective employers.

Years ago, the legal profession was associated with lawyers and solicitors only. However, an ever-increasing number of law firms means that there are other career options as well. Paralegal jobs in Sheffield are on the increase with future prospects for those interested in this specific area very promising. It is a highly competitive line of work, but in Sheffield it’s not only law firms that are recruiting Paralegals but also banks, insurance firms and corporations across all sectors.

Paralegal is not the only area that has seen an increase in popularity within the legal scene. Family law jobs in Sheffield are also on the increase as well. Divorce in Sheffield currently matches national levels, and there are legal processes that need to be tackled ranging from financial issues, savings, investments and child custody disputes. Family lawyers are needed to help these couples take the right course of action.
The best of both worlds!

Sheffield is a great place to relocate to for a legal job. Aside from the obvious business opportunities, Sheffield has the ‘best of both worlds’ with a vibrant and bustling urban centre and a wider area that still maintains a rural feel (with 61% green space). In recent years it has undergone extensive redevelopment and Sheffield has seen a great burst of new businesses and culture that is drawing more and more people in, making it an ideal destination for anyone who wants both a good quality of life, and a thriving legal career.

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