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A Guide to Using Social Media

Finding a new role using social media

The rise of social media has revolutionised many aspects of modern life and none more so than the job search market. The 2014 Social Recruiting Survey conducted by Jobsite suggests that the process of sourcing candidates and seeking mutual connections through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter is now an integral part of the recruitment process.

For employees, the ability to showcase their achievements, aspirations and personalities across a multitude of platforms, with the added ability to search for and be notified of vacancies with a heightened level of convenience, has combined to create a competitive market in which skilled lawyers are highly sought after and in a position of great power. Similarly, employers are able to learn more about a potential employee.

Read our guide to understand how you can use social media to help you in your search for a new position or the talent that could move your business forward.

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Attracting experienced and qualified potential employees is essential to any business. BCL Legal consistently devotes time, effort and expertise to attracting the right candidates to firms and large organisations. This means that they are able to deliver relevant candidate shortlists that have been selected from a wider talent pool, in order to achieve a higher all round success rate. BCL Legal’s innovative use of technology, market leading jobs board and huge investment in education and marketing initiatives means that legal professionals come to us first when looking for new and exciting opportunities.

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