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A marathon or a sprint?

Finally spring has arrived! Lighter mornings and longer days and blessed relief for all those people training for the fast approaching London or other spring marathons. No more nights of high viz jackets, hats, gloves and generally miserable runs in the dark and damp cold!

So as you may have guessed I am one of those crazy kids who has signed up for their first marathon this year and will be taking part in the Edinburgh Marathon in May (eekkkkkk).

Like many people who sign up for such challenges, you soon realise that training for a marathon somehow takes over your life. Your daily routine becomes a bit more fixated around all things running; when to run, where to run, what to eat, what gear to wear, what energy gels to use.

But as my family and friends remind me on increasingly frequent basis – if it was easy everyone would do it…and the reality is that yes, some of the evening runs midweek are more about getting round than enjoying it, but overall its about playing the long game. The awesome feeling of completing a 12 miler on a sunny morning and the knowledge that come May I will be joining an elite group of people who can say they have run a marathon.

That’s not to say I’m going to turn into Eddie Izzard overnight and decide to run 27 of them (absolute kudos to Eddie for amazing efforts) but the reality is that if Eddie can achieve what he has, through shear determination, mental strength and the motivation of a fantastic cause.

So what does all of this have to do with working in the legal profession? I can distinctly remember the first day of my LPC (back in the day) and being told that the key to getting through the LPC was treating it like a marathon not a sprint(!) and the reward at the end would be that you had the qualification to practice law. This has always stuck with me.

During everyone’s legal career there will be key milestones; securing a training contract, qualifying, seeking a promotion, perhaps relocating or seeking partnership. As specialist legal recruiters, BCL understand the importance of these milestones and are on hand to offer impartial and informed advice to ensure you make the right decision for you. Unlike other agencies, we will be with you throughout the process and are happy to play the long game to make sure you achieve your career goals.

I specialise in placing lawyers into Birmingham's leading commercial firms. Please feel free to call me on 0121 237 5611 or email me to discuss new roles.

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