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A View of the Midlands In House Interim Scene

In the in house market in the Midlands, there has been a significant increase in companies looking for lawyers to work on an interim basis.

Whereas historically companies relied more on law firms and outsourced the work to them or requested a secondee during peaks in their workload or periods of absence, we at BCL Legal have found that as in house legal departments become more prominent, there is a requirement to resource interim lawyers, who preferably have prior in house experience and can hit the ground running.

The main reasons that a company looks to recruit an interim lawyer is to cover maternity leave of a member of the team, to provide support during peak times for the business or in order to focus on a specific project. It can be important for a business to ensure that the legal work is done without increasing the permanent headcount of the team.

Whilst previously the main pool of interim lawyers came from the older generation who found that the interim scene nicely supplemented their pension income, there is now a wide range of individuals in the market who for different reasons have decided that “interim” is the way forward.

Some individuals feel that working on an interim basis improves their work life balance. Others wish to have time to pursue a hobby. Additionally, I have spoken to lawyers who are currently working in private practice and appreciate that it can be difficult to move in house and would be prepared to take on an interim assignment to get that experience especially where there may not be as many openings in their field of expertise.

Sometimes an interim assignment can lead to a permanent role, where both the individual and the company have been able to “try” before they commit.

Therefore, should you be interested in discussing the interim market in more detail, whether on behalf of your company or as a lawyer keen to understand the opportunities in the market, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

BCL Legal focuses on assisting businesses and law firms nationally with the appointment of interim resource.

For more information please contact Joanne McKernan or visit our website BCL Legal.


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