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Should I accept my job offer?

Are you stressed? Stress is single-handedly the main culprit for our peaceful and content existence to become oh not so peaceful.

All humans like routine. Even those who claim to be wholly free spirited do follow a routine. I would argue that we as a species can be very adverse to change.

We humans beings, Homo sapiens, beneath the clothes and the makeup, despite our creature comforts, as simply as possible are animals. If you have ever owned a dog you may have noticed that your dog lives rather contently in a routine. They like to be walked at a particular time of day, which is usually learned behaviour given that their human will walk them at a particular time of day. The dog gets used to this and comes to expect it. They like to be fed at a particular time, or at least expect to be fed at a particular time (see walkies above), and they tend to nap in their favourite spot throughout the day.

Your much loved dog lives by this and depends on this routine. If this routine gets broken or disturbed they may start to behave differently, or in an unusual or uncharacteristic manner. This is because your dog is actually confused and stressed out. You may find yourself wondering, what can my dog be stressed about, they have an easy life, right? The most probable conclusion is because their routine has been broken. Human beings behave in exactly the same way. This routine is habitual; dogs like their humans are creatures of habit.

When you are in that fantastic position with several job offers on the table, this should be a fabulous moment to reflect and decide which opportunity to accept. I would have already day dreamed about what holiday I fancied booking with the extra salary. I would have fantasized about a new work wardrobe I will be going shopping for… but then the realisation hits you. You are now faced with making a decision; you are faced with the realism that things are going to change. Usually you have the added pressure of a counter offer from your employer, a caring hand over your shoulder, your colleagues don’t want to see you go, you feel compelled to stay put.

Starting a new job, whilst bringing extreme joy and happiness (which is a good thing) is also a stressful decision making process for most people. You may be reading this thinking, well, why? It’s a happy time! This is the case for the most part but a change of job often brings about a change in routine. Like the animals we are, anything that breaks our routine causes chaos in our lives and ultimately stress. This can lead to you to feeling overwhelmed and unable to make the decision you know is the right one.

‘Change’ starts with the first step, and as we all know – the first step is always the most challenging and ultimately requires the most courage.

Don’t let the fear of change stop you fulfilling your career ambitions and making that first step – you’ve done the hard bit. It is also very frustrating for all parties involved as it can become a process of wasted time when time is often of the essence.

Animals depend up on their instinct, we are animals, your instinct and gut feel will often lead you down the right path. If that path means change, then embrace the fear. If you would like to see how a change in your residential conveyancing career could begin please get in touch with Grace at BCL Legal who specialises in residential property placements across Central Birmingham and the wider West Midlands.

For more information contact Grace Homer at BCL Legal.

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