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Mark Levine
Managing Director: In-house

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BCL Legal will be celebrating our 11th year in business next month. Whenever you start a business, especially a service led one, the hardest part in growing that business is finding people who believe in the same standards of service and care as you do. A recent 4 hour round trip with my colleague Victoria Moore whose focus is in-house legal recruitment across The Midlands proved that the high levels of candidate and client care is as high on the agenda now as it was when the business was first started.

On the journey to meet a new client Victoria took a call from one of The Midlands largest and most successful businesses - an amazing brand as well! Unfortunately for BCL Legal the procurement team decide which recruitment consultancies can be used... And to date that does not include BCL Legal.

One of the senior lawyers was looking for salary advice for the team and called upon Victoria's knowledge and expertise. When it comes to salaries there are so many factors that have an effect on what the 'right' number is or should be for current team members or potential recruits. Come to the market with the wrong figure and the whole campaign can be a waste if time. Hearing Victoria spend 45 minutes informing the lawyer of these factors made me realise how in depth our knowledge and experience has become and is something that can only be developed over numerous years working in a specific location.

The call ended and our expectation is that the procurement function will hold fast and still not allow us on their list of suppliers. We hope this will change but if not and the company needs further 'insights' we will happily give it. We are big believers in what goes around comes around!!

Mark Levine is the proud director of in- house legal recruitment at BCL Legal. With consultants focused on locations across the UK if you wish to tap in to our expertise from Newcastle to London please make contact - a team member will be happy to help.

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