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Always "follow through"

Well I bet that tagline made you look huh? I'm here to talk about following through. Not in the toilet sense (you'll be pleased to hear) I mean in the business sense.

You may have seen in the news recently a female US athlete at the Beijing World Athletics Championships has been all over YouTube for a classic "following through" mishap. Molly Huddle was in the final straight of the gruelling 10,000 metre race, when she took a quick glance behind to see she was close to bringing home the bronze medal. She raises her arms in victory before crossing the finish line, slowing down her pace as she runs. This premature victory was scuppered as fellow American Emily Infeld speedily ran past Huddle at the last second, narrowly stealing the bronze from her team mate.

A slightly tenuous link there, but my point is, this type of scenario can apply to literally any aspect of life – especially business. When you are inches away from closing a deal, securing a new client, or getting a new job - celebrating early, or coming across ‘cocky’, is just a bad idea all round (even if you do it under your breath). We have all seen the office big shot loudly celebrating a ‘not quite there’ deal, which lets face it, just winds everyone else up. Sometimes doing a dance in front of everyone just isn’t the way forward. I will always remember an English teacher at my primary school writing in my final year report “discretion is the better part of valour” – not quite sure where that one came from – I was quite the wall flower at school (!).

Lesson – don’t celebrate your accomplishments too early until you’re 100% sure you have accomplished them. ‘Follow through’ (in the business sense of the word), and run past the finish line. That way your achievements can be celebrated with confidence and with dignity.

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