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Katherine Scarff
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Another year another dollar

Wow, I can’t believe how fast the last year has gone it really has flown by. I joined BCL Legal on July 6th 2015 and entered the world of legal recruitment which was something completely new to me. It was a scary move as I had worked in a completely different sector focusing on IT sales and was with my previous employer for over four years. I was very comfortable but knew I wanted a challenge knew something better was out there.

Looking back over the last year I have learnt so much, not only about the legal market and how it works but about myself as a recruiter and what it takes to be successful. It really has been an eye opener, initially going through the “BCL bootcamp” and learning the “BCL Way” which involves trust and openness, willingness to engage, having full individual commitment, holding each other accountable and attention to team results. Working in such a way and adhering to these values has taught me not only to work in a more productive way but to be more considered when dealing with both my clients and candidates. One of the best things about working at BCL is the way we work together and if I do need any support or guidance which sometimes we all do, then having the assurance that help is on hand as we are all working towards the same goal.

Don’t get me wrong, there have been ups and downs and I wouldn’t say it has been as easy ride as I have had to adapt to a new culture, working within a new team and learn about a new market. The question is, was it the right move for me? Absolutely! I really feel that I know my market well, yes there are lots more things to learn and relationships to build, but I know if I keep doing the do I will get there.

If you are considering a new career or keen to move to a rewarding recruitment business and you would like to know more about how BCL operates and what it could offer you, then don’t hesitate to get in touch with me or our internal recruiter Amy Jeffrey on 0113 323 4904.

For more information contact Katherine Scarff at BCL Legal.


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