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Should I apply for a new job?

There are various factors to take into account when deciding to apply for a new role but with the market being as competitive as it is, bear in mind, prospective employers are now more likely to be inclusive rather than exclusive when considering applications for jobs. The reality of the current market means they cannot afford to hold out for a candidate who fits the mould exactly and on this basis we are now seeing employers taking more risks with candidates who might be slightly outside of the box.

I am a firm believer of aiming high and live by the rule “nothing ventured, nothing gained”. If you are going to make the application for a job which you don’t fit into 100% then maybe consider the following:

  • Do you have a strong enough set of skills which can be transferred? There’s nothing to say that a non-contentious lawyer can’t move into a contentious role, but when making the applications think about how this would work. There is very little point in sending over an application which highlights all of the fantastic experience in commercial contracts you have if it is not relevant to the job you are applying for! Tailor your CV to each role, look at the job specification and pull out what you can do and highlight it in your CV
  • Think about why you want the job. Do you understand what will be required and expected of you in the new role? Do you understand what the change of role might mean to you, and how much support you will need from the employer? Can you safely sit in front of that prospective employer and tell them why this role is of interest to you?
  • Face things you can’t do head on. Have the confidence to say what you can and can’t do. Being self-aware and recognising your limitations are very important, especially if you are applying for a role of which you are a square peg trying into a round hole! But caveat it all by saying you are really keen to learn!

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