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Are you a trainee solicitor still looking for an NQ job?

Are you a trainee solicitor still looking for an NQ job?

If so do not despair and do not give up. We have a range of roles still available across Birmingham and Nottingham at top tier commercial law firms and several Legal 500 practices.

Practice areas that we are still recruiting for include:

• Banking
• Commercial Litigation
• Corporate
• Commercial Property
• Professional Indemnity
• Employment
• Clinical Negligence
• Insurance Fraud
• Defendant Personal Injury

If you are open to more than one practice area we would suggest that you have several versions of your CV which emphasise the seats that you would like to qualify into. A trainee CV should span no more than two pages with extra case detail on the seats that you are looking to highlight.

It might be that you have been holding out for the last few months for your ideal role in employment to come up and now it nears to qualification date you are willing to be more flexible. It would be a good idea to discuss with your recruitment consultant what your “A” plan is and they will be able to advise at what point you want to start looking into your back up options. I would say if you are qualifying this September and you are still yet to secure something, the start of August is the time to start being more flexible.

It might be that if you are looking for a litigious role that there could be some interesting options within insurance litigation to look at - If you have your heart set on a commercial litigation role we find there is a lot of cross over between that area and a sector like professional indemnity.

To discuss the NQ market in more detail and to have a discussion about current newly qualified solicitor options please visit our website BCL Legal.

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