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Are you done with your legal career?

I know, it's a little ironic to hear a legal recruitment consultant ask you if you’re done with your legal career. I’m not one to encourage people to walk away from their profession, but have you got to the point where, for whatever reason, you’re just not motivated when you get up in the morning? Does the thought of heading into the office to pick up that client file fill you with dread?

If so, have you ever considered working in legal recruitment?

I can hear you drone; hear you question why on earth you’d walk away from something you’ve spent years training for, and poured blood, sweat, tears and thousands of pounds into achieving (despite experiencing the Monday dread outlined above).  

Well, let me try and convince you to have a chat with us at BCL Legal!

BCL Legal is the biggest legal recruitment agency in the UK. We work with clients from Scotland down to Southampton. We’ve been listed in the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to work for three times in a row – this is based on surveys from employees. We’re market leading in the legal recruitment field. Ultimately, if you’re considering a career change, why on earth would you consider anything less than the best? The ever-increasing demand for lawyers and our ever-growing client base means we need to recruit, and Birmingham is where it’s at! We need to find ambitious and driven people to work with us, so that we can continue to deliver shortlists quicker and more efficiently than our competitors.

We invest a lot of money in innovative technology so we’re at the forefront of the fluctuating world of recruitment. We continuously offer training and bespoke development plans to all our legal recruitment consultants so that at each step of your career you continue to feel challenged and motivated. We work collectively and collaboratively and we invest in our people to ensure the platform from where you stand enables you to perform – and there are no “ifs” or “buts” here, if you are the right person you will perform.

"No one will understand my grumbles." Think again. Over 60% of BCL employees are ex-lawyers. We actively recruit from this pool of people as it means we have a genuine understanding of our candidates. Your legal career will not go wasted.

You get total autonomy; you are not ring fenced and told to do something in a certain way; you are given the tools to start your journey, and then the freedom to make this your own. BCL Legal is not a dictatorship, it’s a meritocracy.

Notwithstanding the fact that this is a pretty good place to work, you will earn a very healthy living too! You get out what you put in, and those consultants working hard are earning well in excess of a great deal of the lawyers we are securing roles for. Yes, you will have targets, and yes, they are pretty punchy; but why should we set the bar low? We want to breed a culture of ambitious over-performers so the expectations are high. Like I said before, who wants to be anything less than the best?

Maybe I’m brainwashed as I haven’t worked in recruitment anywhere else but on this point, I genuinely think: why would I? In just over four years of service, I’ve been promoted three times, increased my income by over 400% and been praised for my success. And just to make life even sweeter – I’ve dined out – all expenses paid – at Michelin star restaurants, been on a speedboat down the Thames, drank champagne on the terrace at the W hotel in Barcelona and whipped a go-kart around a track at Manchester Arena!

This is BCL Legal in a nutshell; give me a call to hear more!

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