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Are you happy?

Many of us lawyers have had a pretty tough and bumpy 'career' road and are definitely not shy of hard work but what if the final destination does not get any easier?

Firstly, we strive for the best grades to make it to university and than we have to deny ourselves numerous parties and socials in favour of studying...anyone remember the exciting Constitutional & Administrative Law module?

Fast forward three years, it is graduation day and double celebration for those who have already secured a training contract but in reality, the vast majority of aspiring lawyers are still in pursuit of the holy grail aka 'the training contract'.

Those who are yet to secure a training contract often embark on living the 'paralegal dream' for one, two sometimes even three years in hope of either proving themselves or bettering their chances of a successful TC application...some do succeed as persistence and hard work is key in the legal profession!

Just as many trainees thought they could have a sigh of relief after securing a training contract, they soon realise that their working day does not end at 5.30 pm but are required to work very long hours to meet the ever demanding billable hours. However, it will get easier upon qualifying right? Wrong!

A vast majority of lawyers whatever area of specialism work incredibly hard, long and often anti-social hours just to meet the demands of the job. Having practiced criminal defence for a number of years, I clearly recall the 1am police station attendances followed by court in the morning. I was often asked 'why did you choose a career that requires so much of your time and commitment'...well, the answer is the same for most, all lawyers share a passion and interest in the intellectual stimulation that 'law' offers them.

There is no doubt that qualified lawyers have made a huge commitment to their career often at the expense of their own time, money (law school is very expensive!) and sadly, sometimes their own health. So, if you are often home late, overly stressed and your whole life revolves around work, ask yourself 'am I happy?'

If you are content that's great but for those who feel that their commitment and hard work is overlooked and not remunerated accordingly.

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