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Law firm struggling to hire? How offering flexibility helps you stay competitive

Within my first few weeks in recruitment, one thing became very clear. Competition for talent is rife, and finding and retaining skilled solicitors is difficult.

Not being able to attract and retain talent can impact a firm in so many ways. As a start, a shortage of solicitors can create increased pressure on existing staff, which often results in low morale and widespread stress. So, when it comes to making an offer for new talent, you must ensure it's a competitive one.

Staying competitive by offering flexible working

When considering a move in this modern market, solicitors think about much more than salary alone. Other major motivators can include: challenging and exciting work; better training and development opportunities; a shorter commute; and the one I tend to hear most often, FLEXIBILITY!

In 2014, the UK government introduced flexible working legislation, which gives all employees the legal right to ask for flexibility where and when they work. In theory, this should have brought about significant change in attracting talent by offering prospective employees the opportunity to better balance their professional and personal lives. Unfortunately, in reality, many firms continue to resist requests on flexibility.

With competition for skilled staff increasing, and a a rise in digital technologies, which are creating opportunities for more favourable working patterns and locations, law firms need to realise that the powers are shifting. By disregarding flexibility alongside your current offering, you're at risk of losing the battle for top talent.

Some firms offer complete autonomy; employees work from home 5 days a week. Is your offering as inviting?

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