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I speak with lots of people each week who think they want to find a new job.

Unfortunately when speaking to some of them it becomes apparent that they haven’t really thought about what they want and why they want it.

If you cannot articulate to your ambassador in the market place the above, how can they represent you effectively to any prospective employer?

More importantly how can you give a good account of yourself in an interview?

Remember when applying for jobs you have one shot. It has to count. You have to know what you want.

1. Be honest. Be honest with yourself and your recruitment consultant. If you are then you can & will get your career to where you want it. 2. What is it you want? Have you tried to get this where you are? If not, why not? 3. What specifically do you want to change? 4. If you move jobs will this change? 5. Do you want to make a ‘step up’ in your career or do you want a lateral move? 6. If you leave will your current firm try offer you the earth to stay? (See why accepting a counter offer is a bad idea) Are you going to do this?

Finding a new job takes time. Lots and lots of time. It takes time out of you working day, out of your evenings, out of your lunchtime….you get the idea.

Are you going to take time off to attend interviews? If you are not prepared to be flexible to attend interviews guess what? The person who does will get the job. It is that simple.

Is your CV up to date? If not, get it done. Remember, you may need to tailor it for specific positions.

Are all of your social media accounts employer friendly? I know of 3 people in the last 6 months who did not get a job because of content they posted online. Don’t be one of them. There is no coming back from this, you won’t get a chance to correct it after the event. If you get offered the job will you accept it?

Do not waste anyones’ time. Have no doubt if you waste someone’s time it will be a long time before they forget it.

You should know this when you leave the final interview. What does your gut tell you?

If the job isn’t right, it isn’t right. That’s fine, really no one will mind… that is what the interview process is for! If it isn’t the job for you and this is handled in the right way the door can always be left open.

If you have been honest throughout the recruitment process everyone will know where they stand (you included!) and will have done from the moment your prospective employer heard your name. Everyone involved in your job search will have been working towards the same goal, helping you find a career defining opportunity .

For more information, please contact James Hitti and BCL Legal.

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