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How do I attract better quality candidates to my law firm?

We all know that recruiting staff is getting tougher and tougher. We are living in a nation of more and more retirees, with less and less Gen-Xers to take their place. The upshot? A war for the limited resource left. As companies try to up the pace with their training of Millennials, you’ll still have to get serious when it comes to attracting the best talent in the market. If you’re planning on recruiting new employees you have to understand job seekers, just like we do here at BCL Legal.

Today’s job seeker will tactically approach their search. It is most likely to have changed and evolved dramatically over the last few years. What are they looking for and where do they look?

#Social Media

Most active candidates will find and follow companies that they are looking to work for on social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook and more recently, Instagram.

By the end of next year, there is likely to be over 100 million Instagram accounts in the U.S. A good number of those will be for actual people, lots of those will be brands and lots of those will be companies. In addition to a normal twitter account, a number of companies are now utilising an account for tweeting its employment opportunities. We are also now finding that companies are turning to Instagram to promote their cultures and their job posts. In order to appeal to these job seekers, you need to be visible on these channels. The more content, blogs and images you can update, the more likely they are able to identify with the brand. Consistency is key!

What makes you different to your competitors and how are you going to stand out? It may be images of your latest work trip, information on your recent awards or simply a business update as to your recent growth/new hires.


A study by LinkedIn shows that 70% of followers of your company on LinkedIn will have an interest in working for you….does that indicate that trend may run across all your social media platforms? If so, 70% is a big reach!

#Can you increase the number of candidates referred to the business

Job seekers have always turned to friends and colleagues to seek introductions, the old – who you know not what you know…? There is an unwritten rule that people know similar minded people and referrals can be hugely successful. Especially as there is no agency cost associated with hiring a referral….however, this does not reduce the amount of time you would need to dedicate to “sifting” through the troves and troves of CVs (we do that for you remember)

#Recruiters brand

Any sensible person would want to know more about the company recruiting and culture, more than ever, is hugely important to the prospective employee. Companies MUST therefore start to build their company brands and talent attraction through social media. This is a great way for a job seeker to experience what working there may be like.


If you aren’t building a way to attract candidates, your ability to find and retain talent may suffer. It could be the case of you being branded wrongly and, if you aren’t keeping up to date with latest trends, you maybe considered obsolete or even worse, they could go to your competitors! Some advice would be to establish your presences across all social media, ensuring the platforms are up to date. Long term? The strategy would be to work towards consistent daily publishing to build your reach.

If you do need help with your recruitment needs or advice on attracting candidates ensure you talk to a reputable recruitment agency and we can help you build your team for the long-term!

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