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Autumn is here…

I love this time of year! The days are getting shorter but the sun gets brighter as it breaks through the icy cold clouds of Autumn and Winter. There’s a crisp chill in the air and a myriad of colourful leaves falling to the ground. The clocks are going to go back and soon enough it’ll be Christmas. I think the next three months are always my favourite of the year, which is peculiar in some ways because I’m a Spring baby and when the summer rolls around I am all over it! Flip flops and board shorts are my essential attire, sunglasses that are too big for my face and undercooked sausages on a disposable BBQ, what’s not to love?

As a legal recruiter I always find this time of year to be very interesting. We’re busy all year round, there’s no such thing as quiet period in legal recruitment; firms are always looking to grow, looking to bolster their offerings to clients. As such, there is always an opportunity on the horizon for aspiring and ambitious lawyers to sink their teeth into, regardless of your level of PQE there is almost always something out there for you. What I find most interesting about this time of year though is the mix of newly qualified solicitors still looking for the right opportunity and those approaching qualification in March getting ahead of the curve and finding an NQ role as early as possible.

You might be a recent qualifier and you might still be looking for the right opportunity. Perhaps your preferred specialism wasn’t available where you trained, perhaps the location wasn’t right; perhaps you just wanted something new. None of these are bad reasons to be looking for a new job, but it’s vitally important to have in mind what the most important factor is to you. Once you know this the rest becomes much simpler. Whatever the reason, get in touch and have a chat with one of our specialist legal recruiters for an impartial and confidential conversation about options available to you.

Conversely, you might be approaching qualification in months to come. The same applies; understanding what is most important to you makes the rest of the decision making process a lot easier. It might be that your first choice is going to be a difficult role to find therefore you would likely need to be flexible on locations, or it might be that your preferred choice will be highly contested and again you may need to be flexible in order to secure a new role. Whatever the situation, BCL Legal’s specialist consultants can help guide you through the process from start to finish.

For more information contact Gishan Abeyratne at BCL Legal.

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