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Back to BCL Legal, the right role?

I first encountered BCL Legal in 2004 when I entrusted them with my next career move. As it happens that career move ended up being with BCL Legal as their first employee!

I did move on from BCL Legal and went back into practice but often wondered whether that was the right move. Over the years I have closely followed the progress of BCL Legal. Our paths have crossed at many legal events and I, like many other lawyers, received my regular edition of The Brief.

I find myself now some 10 years later, back at BCL Legal and writing this blog to include in the next edition of The Brief!

What was it that persuaded me out of private practice and back into the world of legal recruitment? Well secretly I wished I’d never left! On the whole I’ve enjoyed my time in private practice, there have been ups and downs as with any job but there was definitely something missing and over the years I would often end up thinking what if I’d stayed with BCL Legal how different would my career look now.

In that 10 years, well I’m certainly a lot older if not a little wiser, I’ve progressed as a lawyer and I think have a much better understanding of the legal world and the people who worth within it. I’m hoping these are all positive attributes to bring with me to world of legal recruitment and which, in turn, will make me a better recruitment consultant. I am now part of a growing team of experienced legal recruiters who thoroughly understand the market and can bring a wealth of knowledge to finding lawyers the right career move for them.

On reflection, what was the right role for me? I think at the end of the day it was with BCL Legal back in 2004 and some ten years later well I feel I’m back where I belong.

Rachel Darlington handles the recruitment of qualified and non-qualified lawyers into commercial practice areas in Yorkshire. Please contact her on 08456470124 or visit our website BCL Legal.

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