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Back to School

September; a new academic year, a new start.

Some of you could be getting children ready for a new school term, you may have friends who are teachers and they are getting ready to go back to work and meet their new classes.

My nephew, at the sweet age of five, is starting at ‘big school’ next week! He has his new school uniform, shoes, stationary and he is very excited to meet his new classmates and teacher. Since starting at nursery a year ago, he has made some lovely first friendships and now they are going to be split across three classes. As a five year old – how does this comprehend?! For him, this change is mandatory, yet exciting!

How do you prepare for going back to work after a summer holiday? Do you have that feeling of back to school dread? If so, why do you stay? Who does your work whilst you are away?

Do you fear leaving your current role because you feel comfortable within your team? You know everybody, everybody gets on well, so why upset the apple cart?! Is this sustainable for the long term? How does this balance against the lack of job satisfaction?

As adults, we are much more likely to stay where it is nice and cosy, because we have that choice. I find that people would rather remain in the status quo, despite it being at their own detriment. My nephew and his friends don’t have a choice. I am really looking forward to seeing him develop into his new social circle and how he much he learns from the new faces around him.

New surroundings, new people and new situations can only be a good thing. You can learn from fresh experience and see the world through a different set of eyes. I can imagine, things get a little stagnant from being in the same negative place for too long.

If you don’t like your job, get out there and find something that you want to do. If our little ones can do it, so can you!

We are starting to see movement in the job market; the roles are starting to flood in. Dust off that CV and give me a call so that we are able to talk through your options and develop your career in the way that you want to go. Whether this means a change in firm, a change in discipline – I am here to talk this through with you! Take some action today!

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