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BCL Graduates Talks to Students at Leeds Beckett University Law School, Thursday 11 February 2016

BCL Legal Co-Founder Vicky Clark, started her UK 2016 tour today by speaking at Leeds Beckett University. She was invited to speak to the law school students about how to stand out from the crowd when applying for jobs including paralegal opportunities, vacation placements and training contracts. She presented to the students about what is currently happening within the legal sector and what may be happening in the future. Although it’s difficult to predict which areas of law are going to be in high demand in 2018 there are always indicators to give some hints. The Yorkshire market is hugely buoyant at the moment and BCL has a team of eight consultants working for clients across the Yorkshire and North East areas who are extremely busy across a wide range of disciplines. She mentioned that the areas of law that are currently in demand are; Corporate, Commercial, Real Estate, Construction and Conveyancing. These areas are mostly driven by investment in infrastructure, a booming real estate market and an increase in house sales.

The talk with the students was followed by a questions and answer session. Questions included those relating to social media, how important it is to gain work experience, which are the best electives to take as well as what students can do to show their “commercial acumen” and “well-roundedness”.

“The message I tried to put across was that good grades are essential, hobbies and interests should never be underestimated and don’t miss a deadline but essentially the most important thing to do when applying to work for a law firm is research research research…. They want to know that you want to work for them and that they are making a good investment in you. The students were a pleasure to be with and I feel privileged to have a small part in their journey”.

Vicky will next be speaking at the BPP law school in Manchester in March.

If you are a law graduate seeking a job or a legal employer seeking graduates or paralegals then please get in touch for more information on BCL Graduates. Alternatively please contact Vicky Clark or Clara Rogers at BCL Legal on 0161 819 7475 or

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