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Why BCL Legal over another recruitment agency?

From the outset I am going to say that I am very biased. In my opinion, the team at BCL Legal are fantastic – we get on well both in the office and out for drinks… well as at team building events like rock climbing and escape rooms. When we work with candidates we are genuinely trying to achieve the best result for all involved – and as a company that really value team fit (there is definitely a “BCL personality”) we do our best to make sure that when you secure your new role it offers you the right culture and environment as much as career progression, salary etc.

We know that we have a number of competitors. The thing that I think that sets us apart is that we will tell you what we can (and can’t do) to help you. From the outset of your career we do our best to give you a really good understanding of what the career opportunities are within your practice area and at your level. We can then discuss how these play in to your long term career aspirations – for example, we have had candidates from boutique firms in London that have gone on to secure roles with national (and international) firms in locations such as Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds and Bristol. We have also recently worked with a number of experienced candidates from these cities or other regional offices who want to make the move to London – and have been able to assist them in securing their first roles in the City.

Ultimately, our reach is nationwide. We are the largest legal recruiter in the UK and we do our best to give you a full insight in to what your career options are. If you are considering your next step please do get in touch with us at BCL Legal and we will do our best to assist you.

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