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BCL Legal is proud to be sponsoring the 2016 LFS Conveyancing Awards for the 4th year running.

It’s been an interesting year for conveyancing. We saw a bustling first quarter following the STDL changes causing house purchases to be brought forward. And then there was Brexit. A short period of uncertainty later and the annual LFS Conveyancing Awards means we enter the final quarter of the year. Most firms seem to be on the same page when it comes to events over the past year. A frontloaded year due to STDL changes, the usual summer slow down and mild uncertainty post referendum means September will be a telling month on the property front.

From my own experience, I was fortunate to sell an investment property very quickly post referendum; something I had planed to do early in the year. Thankfully the property was on the market for less than 24 hours. The BBC reported today that whilst the property market is not moving at the same pace it was this time last year, sales remain steady. First-time buyers hoping that a slowdown in the market, falling house prices and lower interest rates might give them a better chance of purchasing a home could be disappointed.

So as we move into late summer, the market is moving at a steady pace. The looming LFS Conveyancing Awards is definitely an event to look forward to. We can’t wait to celebrate the years’ successes and see firms from across England come together to recognise the hard work and challenges that has made 2016 such an interesting year. It makes us proud as a business to be afforded the opportunity to work with some of the best firms across the country..

So if you’re in attendance at this years’ Awards, come and say ‘hi’. You’ll mostly find us on the dance floor or at the bar!!

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