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BCL Legal – What it’s like on the inside…

My name is Joe Blackburn and I’m a geography student in my final year at Newcastle Uni. At some point in the last year I decided I was going to take a brave punt and attempt to enter the recruitment industry. With a spare week on my ‘busy’ student schedule, I decided to gain myself some experience, managing to secure myself (with the help of my mother) a week at BCL Legal in Manchester. I assume you know a small amount about BCL as you are currently reading their blog, but I’m here to give you the insiders scoop from an outsider’s point of view.

Admittedly, I entered with limited knowledge of what recruitment offices were like. I anticipated people shouting over each other on the phone, competing with each other and at the end of a job, one worker being ecstatic with many competing colleagues down in the dumps. I had an idea that it was all about sending clients as many vaguely suitable candidates and pushing them to take one of them, even when none of them were entirely suitable.

What I found was very different. While it was my first experience in a recruitment firm, and so I can not speak for other agencies, it isn’t at all like I expected. The recruitment consultants I have come across this week seem to help each other, rather than seek to beat each other. They seem to care for the needs of not just the clients who are paying them, but the candidates they are helping also. Rather than rushing off as many CVs as possible in a mad attempt to win the job, they seem to put the time in, in an attempt to really find the right fit for both parties. Finally and perhaps most surprisingly, here at BCL they have boiling hot water on tap! Coffee making isn’t easier at any other agency.

All in all, I’m fairly sure this isn’t a front put on just for four days while I’m in the office and it’s like this all year round, and so one thing I have learnt is that if I’m ever asked by a lawyer where they can find a new job, I know where I’ll send them…

For more information about BCL Legal please contact us on 0845 241 0933 or visit our website.

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