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BCL NQ seminar and why it isn’t ‘too soon’ to make an in-house move

BCL Legal recently held our annual NQ Careers Seminar for lawyers based in Birmingham. We were fortunate enough to have a fantastic turnout and some truly wonderful speakers including Victoria Ball and Sarah Williams from Trowers and Hamlin, as well as BCL’s own, Chloe Jones and Angharad Warren.

Victoria explained her career trajectory to date, having worked both in-house and in private practice, and gave really insightful views as to the motivations behind making the moves she had made. Sarah is responsible for the recruitment of lawyers for Trowers for their regional offices and described the types of things that recruiting manager’s lookout for at interview stage which everyone found very interesting. Chloe and Angharad followed up with a fantastic market overview and answered some of the pressing questions that individuals have in relation to the effect Brexit and Donald Trump will have on the recruitment market.

Whenever we speak with newly qualified solicitors, we find that their primary ambition is to move into their favourite discipline from their training contract and the majority of roles that arise are in private practice. However, as an NQ, an in-house move might be able to offer you exactly what you are looking for at this stage of your career.

Generally, companies are growing and developing their internal legal teams. This expansion means that junior lawyers are getting excellent support within their teams and also dealing directly with their client (the business!). Moreover, the work is often quite broad. Whilst it is generally commercial, it may also encompass other areas such as corporate, IP, IT, regulatory, employment and occasionally some contentious matters. Depending on the business it might also involve sector specific work (construction, technology etc.) which creates a highly interesting workload for a junior lawyer.

In-house lawyers work hard and get their work done effectively and efficiently but it is not a case of having to be the last person in the office to prove your worth to the business. Family life is appreciated, which in turn creates a much more sustainable work/life balance and environment for lawyers starting their careers. Linked to this as well, the salary that you earn in-house is very similar as it would be in a law firm.

If you are a junior lawyer and surveying your options ahead of your pending qualification and wish to have a discussion of how an in-house position might suit you, then please feel free to get in touch with any of our in-house team here at BCL Legal.

For more information contact Liam Digan at BCL Legal.

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