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Beat the January blues by kick-starting your career

Most of us start the New Year with the best of intentions having made various resolutions to be healthier, to exercise more, coupled with the inevitable post-Xmas detox and ensuing alcohol ban for dry January (which seemed like a good idea at the time!) So whilst we are no doubt feeling all virtuous in our personal lives with this squeaky clean living, can the same be said about our professional lives?

Yesterday was Blue Monday…the most depressing day of the year reportedly. Add into the mix the dreary wet weather, Trump’s inauguration on Friday and further Brexit fears ahead of Theresa May’s speech, it could be the gloomiest yet!

The good news is that despite the tabloid doom and gloom, we remain exceptionally busy on the residential conveyancing side across the West and East Midlands with new vacancies with all types of law firm, big and small.

If you’re already committed to making a career change then call us and speak to a highly experienced consultant. Here at BCL Legal there over 40 of us, each a fountain of knowledge in their specific market and on hand to help you consider all the options available to you. So whilst it might be too late to save your January, don’t waste the rest of the year in a job you hate.

But if you’re on the fence and the thought of going back to work after the Xmas break filled you with dread and you now find yourself clock watching your day away and/or you’ve just learnt that the promised promotion/salary increase is never going to materialise or maybe you cannot face another year of the same commute, perhaps its time to reassess your options? Seize the day and make a change for the good in 2017!!

If you are looking to make a move within the Midlands and would like a confidential discussion with a market expert, contact Joanne Lack at BCL Legal on 0121 237 5610 /07891 691 742 or email

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