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Katherine Scarff
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Beat the rush

Where has the year gone? It’s nearly December and all the Christmas shoppers are out scurrying around buying last minute deals and with the big freeze on, those commutes to work just seem to be getting longer and longer which can often take a toll on people’s well being.

The question is do you think it is the right time to look for a new job? It’s an interesting topic as I often find many candidates wind down at this time of year as when they get home want to relax, rather than spend their evening searching for a new opportunity, which let’s be honest can take time not only out of our evenings but also time out of our day as how on earth can we attend an interview when we have little annual leave left.

What many people do not realise is that actually December can be one of the most lucrative times of year to secure a new role as clients are keener than ever to get people on board to start in the New Year. With Christmas around the corner, people are that little bit merrier should we say and sometimes think you know what, let’s give them a go. My advice is don’t put your job search on hold until January because by then most firms have recruited and the job has been and gone. Think of your competition, many other candidates will be looking in the New Year so don’t wait, be ahead of the game and secure a fantastic opportunity before the Festive period begins. Wouldn’t it be a lovely Christmas present to think you can relax and then start a fresh in a new and exciting firm in January? I know that I would personally prefer that than having to worry about returning to work to a job that I disliked.

If you are worried about having the time to search for a new role then look no further, at BCL Legal we have the jobs and it’s just down to you to attend the interviews. If you would like some further details on residential property vacancies that are available to you now then please feel free to get in touch with Katherine Scarff on 0113 323 4904.

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