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Been there…. Done that….

In the words of Oscar Wilde ‘experience is simply the name we give to our mistakes’, with this is in mind I have recently joined the team here at BCL Legal and having come from a recruitment background I am all too familiar with making mistakes when looking for a new role.

From that initial feeling of realisation and anxiety that change may well be on the horizon, to endeavouring to anticipate what path your decision to look elsewhere will take you down. Soon enough, inexperience seeps in and recommends you adopt a tactic of ‘covering all bases’ culminating a frantic panic to send out as many CVs as possible, in a naive attempt to have a ‘back up plan’ in place. Inevitably, this results in the stacking up of a towering list of applications and thus upon hearing the phone ring, you find yourself implementing a panicky Jenga-like struggle to carefully distinguish and select the right ‘CV submission’, so as to make sure the tower doesn’t come tumbling down! After going through this mental struggle for a week or two, naturally, a despondent and glum outlook on your job search ensues and your left thinking ‘God, let there be an easier more effective way’ to get myself back out there again.

If this situation rings any bells and feels at all relatable to your current situation, try not to worry too much as we’ve all ‘been there and done that’ and thankfully there is an easier way! BCL covers the UK via specialist, niche discipline specific teams. Our consultants know the local legal landscape, firms and departments in depth, and understand the needs of clients and prospective employees. We don’t just match experience and qualifications to vacancies; we align organisations and personalities for a mutually beneficial cultural fit. The result is one of the country’s most effective and trusted legal recruitment services.

So take it from someone who’s been there…done that and let not the same mistakes of others become your experiences too!

For an in-depth chat on your next career move in Personal Injury or Commercial Insurance, please contact BCL Legal on 0121 230 1022.

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