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The benefits of choosing one recruiter

The legal market is specialised and finite and there are limited opportunities for candidates, hence it is important to be represented by a consultant who is respectful and acts with integrity, privacy and professionalism. In addition, given that law is such a specialist field, it is wise to find a recruiter that also specialises in recruiting in that industry to ensure the advice about the job market will be particularly valid.

In addition to the specialisation of the agency, good recruitment consultants are well connected and will be in a position to provide job seekers with plenty of information as they continue through the screening process. If there is ever a question that they don’t have the answer to, they will make every effort to find out.

Given the fact that there are a finite number of firms and job opportunities available, it is best to avoid registering with multiple agencies. You will become the subject of ‘spam’ calls and e mails with jobs you are not suited to by recruiters who are not specialised. In addition, jobs are commonly published on websites and accessible to recruiters who are not well acquainted with the employer and may not be a preferred supplier.

Apart from the obvious danger that agencies will be working to fill the same positions, unfortunately, some less scrupulous recruitment agencies will make an application on a candidates’ behalf without consent thereby leaving candidates open to their applications becoming invalid or employers becoming annoyed and less interested in the candidates if they receive more than one application from them.

As a recruiter who has seen this many times, I can reassure prospective candidates that this only serves to muddy the water, cause confusion and irritate the employer who becomes potentially susceptible to receiving two invoices for the same candidate.

In conclusion, sob seekers can join as many agencies as they like, but avoid registering for the sake of it. Choosing to work with a small, select number or, ideally one specialised recruiter to avoid the pitfalls of choosing unwisely and ensure that job seekers are matched appropriately with a company or firm that befits their culture and goals in the shortage period.

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