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What are the benefits of working in a conveyancing role?

I specialise in legal recruitment across the North West and specifically concentrate on residential conveyancing. Therefore, I spend a lot of my working day talking to conveyancers. Not only that but I used to be a conveyancer, I have conveyancer friends and even my other half is a conveyancer! Because of this, discussions about the job role occur quite a lot: in and outside of work.

At work, because conveyancers who approach me are often unhappy in their current role and looking for a change, it’s commonplace to focus on the negatives. But even during the toughest times, most conveyancers hold the same opinion when it comes to what they love about their job.

So, if you’re contemplating a conveyancing career here, are some of the top reasons you’ll love your job:

Helping people

Client interaction forms a large component of the role. You’ll be on a journey with the people you’re working for: helping them with one of the biggest purchases they’re ever likely to make. As you can imagine, this is a highly rewarding part of the job.

Busy and quick paced workloads

If you like being busy and seeing results in a short period of time, then conveyancing’s a good option for you, and this factor makes conveyancing work distinct from a majority of other legal practice areas.

Good work life balance

The nature of this role often allows for flexible work patterns that allow you to leave the office at a reasonable hour. Don’t get me wrong, there’ll be times where the work builds up and the ‘pressure is on’ but overall, employers are in a position to afford more flexibility when it comes to office hours than other legal roles.

Clear progression paths

A career in conveyancing offers the chance for rapid career progression. Opportunities start at the more junior level: from secretarial and support positions to fee earners, fully qualified solicitors and licensed conveyancers. Unlike most areas of law, qualifications aren’t essential.

When it comes to a career in conveyancing, the more experience you have, the more career paths will be available to you. I commonly work with unqualified conveyancers who are now heading up departments in large regional and national firms.

Conveyancing offers a stimulating and rewarding career. Not only are you in a position where you’re truly helping the people you’re representing, but you've also got the added benefit of dealing with complex and technical legal issues.

If you enjoy a fast paced working environment, helping people, and you've got a keen eye for detail, this is the career for you.

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