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Best companies to work for – why not join BCL Legal?

As the Birmingham office of BCL Legal again looks to recruit highly motivated people to join the regions biggest and most successful legal recruitment team I find myself revisiting a blog I wrote in 2014. The startling thing is very little has changed in the last three years! BCL Legal continues to set the pace in the legal recruitment market and continues to expand nationally, whilst our competitors are either standing still or contracting. In fact the only thing that has changed is that we’ve entered the Sunday Times Best Small Companies to work for competition twice now – and made the list twice.

Growth remains a necessity in order for us to continue to try and offer an outstanding service to our clients. Given an improving market for recruitment we need more consultants to work the jobs that our clients are giving us and to talk to candidates that register with us. So how is it that BCL out performs its competitors and why should someone seeking employment as a legal recruiter want to work here?

Values that promote the importance of the team

We have a genuine belief that teams that work together achieves more. This means that we help colleagues work shortlists, we cover for each other when on annual leave and we celebrate everyone’s successes. We genuinely appreciate the hard work that everyone puts in and we understand that a win for the business is a win for all of us.

An outstanding platform

People who have the right attitude and sufficient aptitude will always make money in recruitment. Many businesses are content to leave their consultants to fend for themselves, find all their own work and use LinkedIn to headhunt all their candidates. At BCL we have a much more sophisticated model, which combines the interlinking of sources, accurate tracking and innovative use of technology to create a candidate generation model that is absolutely second to none. There is a platform that facilitates your performance. Yes, you still need to work hard and have the right skills but the business will actively help you.

Technical training

Prior to joining BCL I worked for two other recruitment businesses. One an independent and one a major name in the industry. I received different types of training at both but I can honestly say that none of it touches the training at BCL Legal. This is a combination of detailed catch up’s with managers (focussed on helping you to succeed) and classroom based sessions exploring a wide range of topics. People who work for BCL and embrace the businesses approach almost inevitably become much better recruiters for the experience.

Understanding the long game

The aim at BCL Legal is to build the biggest and best legal recruitment business in the UK (and perhaps beyond). This means building relationships with clients (not just chasing fees), it means training and developing our people (not getting rid of them because they have a couple of bad month) it means taking the long term view in everything we do.

Is there a catch?

Of course there is. To work at BCL Legal you have to be motivated, hard working and open to constructive improvement. You have to embrace the opportunities that exist here and make the most of them. There is nothing to hide behind; you have to make sure that everything you do is of excellent quality. The financial targets are high but a large proportion of people in our business are making them look laughably easy to achieve. You have to view that as inspirational and celebrate everyone’s success. Everyone else will celebrate yours.

If this sounds better than where you work at the moment, particularly if you have professional recruitment experience then why not get in touch? What have you got to lose?

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