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Bigger Isn’t Always Better

I am coming towards the end of my first month at BCL Legal. It’s been a month quite different to any other month in my professional career to date. Prior to joining BCL Legal I worked in recruitment at one of the largest international recruitment businesses in the world. There are too many differences to list between working in a business with 6,000 employees to working within a business of 60 so I will focus purely on how the change has affected me personally.

The main and obvious difference that has come with moving to a smaller business is the ability to know everyone I work with. It obviously is a cliché but at a larger business you can definitely feel like “just another number”. It is easy for anyone to feel demotivated when they are only judged by their end results and not how they have gone about getting to that result. At BCL, everything is centred around the methods rather than the results.

This leads me on to the next benefit I have seen, namely an improvement to the service I can offer. At BCL we really focus on the service we offer to both candidates and clients. Again, I am using clichés that are common place in the recruitment industry and so I will give examples. A smaller firm, like BCL offers more to our candidates than just a pool of available jobs. We regularly send out valuable industry specific updates through the brief ( For those of you that don’t know, it’s a monthly update on the industry through the eyes of some of the industry's leaders. From my experience working at a multi-national, it’s hard to have that level of collaboration in every industry the multi-nationals take on.

BCL is made up of consultants whom have either a long history of recruitment experience, or have come from working within law. This means an understanding of how legal recruitment works best that is unfound in larger businesses. Sitting in my office, I have access to experts in both the legal, and recruitment fields which has massively helped with the transition into a new industry.

Finally, the ability to effectively market to candidates and clients makes my job an easier job. The 15 years of building contacts, coupled with the sponsoring of events and the effective digital marketing strategies mean we have candidate generation second to none. That level of industry specific marketing and candidate generation is hard to have in a much larger business.

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