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Birmingham Newly Qualified Solicitor Market Update – What is hot and what is not?

Birmingham Newly Qualified Solicitor Market Update – What is hot and what is not?

It's safe to say the jobs market for newly qualified solicitors across the Midlands isn’t as good as 2007 but nor is it as bad as 2009! It would appear that as predicted most firms were able to offer their own trainees a newly qualified job of some description which is good news. However, not all of these jobs have been accepted and we are seeing some firms having to look externally for additional staff. So what disciplines of law are hot and what are not?

Certainly on the hot list is defendant personal injury, defendant professional indemnity, commercial property and banking. Areas not on the hot list include employment, commercial litigation, corporate, commercial and all areas of private client (family, probate, crime etc).

The concerning thing for those still looking for a position is that pretty much all firms have completed their newly qualified recruitment process and so if your preferred area of law is not on the hot list now (it’s the 8 July as I write this), and you are still looking for a role, you might want to reconsider your chosen area of practice and/or widen the geographical area of your search (perhaps look at where you grew up, where you went to University or where you have relatives based).

If you are still searching for a newly qualified solicitor position, consider the following points:

1) Focusing on alternative area(s) of law; think about which other seat or seats did you enjoy?
2) Widening your geographical search, where could you/would you relocate to if push came to shove?
3) Speak to your recruitment agent and get some honest feedback on the market and ask whether your aspirations are achievable?
4) Don’t rule out a paralegal position if a) the area of law is your number 1 choice b) the location works and c) the firm’s profile won’t close doors to your longer term aspirations
5) If you haven’t already registered with BCL Legal, do so today or speak to one of our consultants now

The good news is there are newly qualified positions out there. But you’ll need a good legal recruitment agency who knows what you will or won’t consider, who knows the market and will keep you updated on new roles as they arise.


James Brewster, Manager - BCL Legal Birmingham

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