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BCL Legal is delighted to once again be sponsoring the AGM and Election night for the new BTSS committee. For the uninitiated, the BTSS is the Birmingham Trainee Solicitor’s Society. This a group aimed at paralegals, trainee and NQ solicitors in the Birmingham and West Midlands area. They arrange a number of social occasions each year including an annual ball, seminars and sports events. The events present a unique opportunity for NQ, trainee solicitors and paralegals to network not only with members of other firms but also a variety of businesses that sponsor events.

The committee plays an integral part in the BTSS, playing the primary role in organising all of the events. As such the trainee and NQ solicitors that take roles on the committee gain a unique opportunity to not only develop their networking skills but also their commercial acumen. Committee membership can be stressful and time consuming but nearly everyone who undertakes it finds the experience to be rewarding. It certainly gives you something that differentiates you from the crowd when trying to secure that all important NQ position. Interestingly many past committee members have gone on to secure positions on committees for other Birmingham solicitor’s groups and more broad reaching professional groups. Clearly the experience cannot be too off putting.

The BTSS is an important part of the Birmingham legal market place giving members the opportunity to meet people working at other firms, who they would not usually network with. This is massively beneficial in helping to develop relationships at an early stage that will benefit you as you move through your career. The events also help participants to continue their learning and to develop the softer skills that are so important in building a career in law.

At BCL Legal we are proud to have sponsored the BTSS for a number of years. We enjoy the opportunity to engage with NQ and trainee solicitors throughout the year at various events. This year we hosted our 5th annual NQ seminar with BTSS and other socials including the new intake drinks in September and much more. On each occasion we’re proud to be able to provide a welcoming  and enjoyable occasion and a chance for you to interrogate us for our market expertise, whether you’re a paralegal, trainee or NQ.

It’s fun, it’s challenging, it’s valuable; I would encourage all junior solicitors in the Midlands area to consider getting involved with the BTSS, certainly those that are part of it value the networking opportunities it brings very highly.

If you are still considering whether or not to try to secure a position on the committee in 2016/ 2017, I would encourage  you to go for. People seldom regret the experience and ultimately most feel that they are enriched by it.

Thank you to the 2015/2016 committee it has been a pleasure to work with you. We are looking forward to working with the 2016/2017 committee over the next twelve months.

For more information please contact BCL Legal or call us on 0845 241 0933.

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